HEC Paris online Master’s in Innovation & Entrepreneurship on Coursera

HEC Paris online Master’s in Innovation & Entrepreneurship on Coursera

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur,
creating your start-up or leading innovation in your company? Do you want to create new markets
or expand existing ones with truly innovative offers? If so, HEC Paris’ new degree in
Innovation and Entrepreneurship It is your passport to a
world of opportunities! For over a century, HEC Paris’ history
of academic excellence and selectivity has made one of the world’s top
ranked business schools Today, we are allying ourselves with the world leading learning
platform Coursera, to design a pioneering online Master’s
in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It’s self-paced, Flexible,
and you can join from anywhere in the world Whether you are building your start-up
or your career in a company, this program will fit your schedule Our program is taught by top
faculty members from HEC and expert practitioners affiliated
with the school. It has 2 phases:
The first is a recognized, self-contained and self-paced Certificate The Second offers more advanced courses completed by practical,
project-based experiences that are mentored by seasoned
entrepreneurs and HEC’s experts. Participants who successfully complete
all courses and project work obtain the HEC’s Master’s Degree (M.Sc.)
in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This M.Sc. will be the foundation for the rest of your career. It will bring your ideas
international recognition. With your Master’s in your pocket you’ll
also join HEC’s global Alumni network, a sure ticket to success!

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  1. Anyone here did this full paid course? How was it? Can you please share your experience and learnings.

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