hand-drawn holograms

Drawing holograms by hand… In mid-1994 I started drawing much
more complicated holgrams than before. This one’s my first fully three-D object:
a tilted plane. Like a little checkerboard that
actually tilts downwards in space. And here’s my first fully three-D complicated object: a cube! with cross-hatch lines drawn
on it’s surface. This little tetrahedron is the
first object I drew where the lines come through the film plane
and stick out into space. So the tip of the little pyramid goes right through the plastic. Here’s the first object
I drew that’s opaque: a black square with the
letter “B” hidden behind it. Later on I made a transparent
hole in an opaque plane With the numbers “1 2 3” peeking through Here’s a curved surface of a cylinder, made with the trig function square-root of R-squared minus X-squared. (Let’s get a close-up,) and the
little line above it I just drew freehand like a firecracker with a fuse. Here’s a square hole made of stars, with a flashing triangle. The inner part of the triangle turns
on and off as I rotate it. If you experiment with “Hand-drawn
holograms, you’ll find that they look much more realistic if you
lay ’em on the ground in the sun, and then move your head. Don’t tilt the plane itself, tilt your viewing position And if I turn it upside down, we get a “pseudoscopic” image: an inside-out cube that floats in space above the plastic. This cube has a point that
sticks through the plastic, And it also is my first full
words: “secret message” This one’s a test, 4000 DPI copper-etched plate to see what kinds of resolution I could get:
a bunch of letter-“A”s, and some radial stripes.
Some of them stick up and some are slots. And I found it works much better
if you give it a coat of glossy black spray-paint. It fills in all of the rough surfaces, and
makes them shiney.

Danny Hutson

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