Gunah – Online Dating – Episode 09 | गुनाह – ऑनलाइन डेटिंग | FWFOriginals

Gunah – Online Dating – Episode 09 | गुनाह – ऑनलाइन डेटिंग | FWFOriginals

Hi Sister. You came. Hmm. Sister you know that you are my most loving sister. Right. Don’t butter me up. What is the matter? Tell me straightly. First promise me that you will not say no. No promise. If I think its right then yes otherwise no. What is this? Are you telling me or I should leave. No No. Actually my college friends are planning to go for a movie. Hmm. So now you know that what I want. Anjali you don’t concentrate on your studies. You are having too much fun nowadays. It has become a daily habit of yours. No sister. I promise. Please let me go this time From next time I will do whatever you say. I promise. No. Please sister. Please agree sister please. Ok Ok Ok. But you have to come on time. Yes promise. Thank you sister. Bye sister. Ok dear. Its too late, where is she ? (doorbell) Is this a time to come home? Sorry sister. After watching movie, we planned to go to friends house
so I got late. Sorry. It will not happen next time. Promise I will change and come. Anjali, how many times I told you that keep
the mobile aside on the dining table. Only 2 mins sister. There is a important discussion going
on in the whatsapp group. Eat the dinner fast I will not reheat it again. Ok sister. Only 2 mins. I kept it. What have you cooked for dinner? Can’t you see? My favourite Matar-Paneer. Thank you sister. You take so much care of me. Don’t be too happy, finish it fast. Yes. (mobile notification) Hello. Myself Ujwal Chopra.
Welcome to the new episode of Gunah. This story is based on two sisters Anjali and Priyanka
whose parents were expired in a car accident. After that till now, the elder sister Priyanka had taken the
entire responsibilty of the house. On one side, Anjali was completing her college studies. On other side, Priyanka was doing job and being a elder sister she was taking care of every need & joy of sister Anjali. That’s why Anjali’s attachment with her sister was too deep That she used to make every decision
of her life with her advice. But due to social media, a person called Vaibhav had entered into Priyanka’s Life. Will this online friend Vaibhav will bring
any change in Priyanka’s life ? Or will become a cause of rift between the two sisters ? Gunah. (mobile notification) (mobile notification) Sister. Yesterday your were telling me to not use mobile
on the dining table. And today you are using it. Actually, I got a urgent message from friend that’s why I used. You have the breakfast. (mobile notification) Whose message is this your friends or boyfriend’s message? Anjali are you not acting too smart nowadays. Sorry sister. I was just teasing you. But you feel bad for everything. Ok. I am getting late. Bye Bye. Bye. Today come to the house on time. Yes. Sorry I was busy. Hmm. I thought you are not interested to talk though Nothing like that. Actually I get very little time to use social apps you know … Ohh. Ok. Let’s talk later. I have to go for office. Alright Bye. Take Care. Online Dating Anjali. Sister. What are you doing? I am studying. Wow. Good Girl. How was the day? Ahh. It was hectic but it was good Like lot of focused days. Hey. What’s Up? Tell me . What is going on? Nothing, Today only studies. I will just come in a minute ok. Study properly. Nothing. Just came back home. Ok. So how was your day? Whole day you kept me busy in chatting. Then how it should be. I think. Now I am a habit for you. Oh. Talk Mr. Bhairav. Where do you stay busy madam? Do you know? Me and my phone were waiting for your call. So, now your wait is over. Yes. Hmm. Actually I like your voice. Oh really. Yes really. Its true. You know I also feel good talking with you. Yes you will feel good. Because I tell crappy jokes. Hahaha Hi. You wanted to see me in the video. Then see. You are looking more beautiful in the video. I am thinking when I will meet you in real
then how much beautiful you will look. Now don’t praise me much that I can’t digest. Ok. I am saying that you are looking like an Aunty. What? If you say it again then… What will you do? Then I will strangle you. Ok. If you will strangle me then who will kiss me? That also I will do. Ok. I don’t think that you will kiss me. I don’t think. Why? Its not a big thing. Ok.Then do it. Hmm. Very pretty. (message) Sister. Today is my friend Shital’s birthday. So my friends are waiting over there.
Can I go? Yes. You can go. Thank you. (message) What happened? Why are you not talking? Do you know when you are in front then
I feel to see you more than talking. You are flirting more nowadays. You are saying I’m flirting. Honestly when you are in front
my all tensions are over. I feel that I should keep you always
in my front of my eyes. Wow. You are becoming more romantic nowadays. Because you are so beautiful. I feel to be more romantic and .. and.. and what ? And? And I feel to tightly hug you and
love you. I mean. Priyanka. I want to meet you but
I am in a long distance. Actually. I also want to meet you. Listen. I want to say you something. Hope you don’t mind. Yes. Say what you want. First promise me. Yes. Promise. Tell me. I want to see you. What is there to feel bad in it? You are watching me in front. No Priyanka. How should I explain? You understand yourself. Vaibhav. I can’t do this. Please. Only once. Vaibhav. Please. If you love me truly then you will not say no.
.Please Only once. (calling) The person you are calling is not answering. Vaibhav’s sudden entrance into Priyanka’s life, may have become a different reason for Priyanka’s happiness. That she doesn’t wanted to even share with his sister Anjali, Priyanka was so lost in Vaibhav love that
she was ready to obey Vaibhav for anything. But suddenly Vaibhav’s not picking up the call
caused trouble to Priyanka. She was not able to understand that
Vaibhav is intentionally not picking up her call? or he is in some problem. What was the truth? Priyanka who had starting loving him deeply was he wrong? The number you have dialled… What happened sister? You look upset. Nothing. You Sleep. Sister. Sister. Sister. What happened? Why are you sleeping here? Is everything alright? I feel asleep when I came outside. Come. I will prepare breakfast for you. The number you have dialled is currently busy. Bye Sister. Bye. The number you have dialled is currently busy
please try again later. Hi sweet heart. Vaibhav. Vaibhav. What have you send me? What I have sent means? Have you not seen it properly? I have send a beautiful video of yours . Just shut up Vaibhav. You have recorded my video. Baby you are so much beautiful inside
that even you don’t know. Only if I will see this beauty then
its injustice of all other men. What rubbish you are talking Vaibhav? I am not talking rubbish baby its true. The way you video called me same way you have to do it on my website for my clients. What the hell are you are speaking Vaibhav? I love you. How can you think like that about me? Baby. You love me but I don’t love you. Now I will do whatever I want. So listen I don’t have enough time to talk useless. Now you have to whatever that I say. Ok. And if you will do any drama to not do this then the this video which is in my private profile. will not take time to be public. Isn’t it? Vaibhav what wrong I did with you? Please don’t do this to me. Please delete the video, Vaibhav. I really can’t believe that you can do this to me. Sweet heart, I am just like that. But you made a mistake to understand me. Vaibhav. Listen. Whatever time I will give you
you come online at that time No. Vaibhav. Vaibhav, listen to me. Vaibhav. (doorbell) (doorbell) (doorbell) What happened sister ?
Today you came early than me? Sister. What happened? Nothing. You go and change. (message) Don’t call I am busy right now. Come online at 2 pm. Please Vaibhav delete my video.
I can’t do it anymore. Hey Listen.. don’t spoil my mood okay… otherwise
you know what can happen. You are so nice. Hmm. Hmmm. Your body is so hot. Tell me how much will charge to spend one night with me? 1, 2 …. Hahaha. Just shutup you bast#ard crying. (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) Hello sister I will be late.
I am at Shital’s house to collect some notes. Ok. Bye. (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) (phone rings) Hello Madam. Why are you disconnecting my phone. And why are you not online? Vaibhav. I can’t do it anymore. Please delete my video. Why do you want to destroy my life? Now I feel disgusted for me. Baby, If I delete this video easily
then what about my business? I earn my livelihood because of girls like you. Why don’t you try to understand me? I can’t do it anymore. Baby you have wasted tears by crying but
it doesn’t matter to me. If I pity on girls like you then what about my business? Now please stop your emotional drama. And come online. My client is waiting for you. Do you understand? I will not come online. Do whatever you want? I will not come online. Think once again sweet heart. It will not take time to change the video
from private profile to public. Just shut up and leave me alone. She disconnected my call. (crying) (doorbell) (doorbell) What happened sister? I am knocking the door but
you are not opening the door. Sister. What have you done? Sister. Please get up sister. Please get up sister. Sister. Sister.Please get up sister. Please get up sister. Sister. On one side she was not able to tell
the biggest mistake to her sister Anjali. because Anjali used to believe her sister as an ideal. On other hand Vaibhav had trapped Priyanka so badly that Priyanka didn’t had any other option than committing suicide. And it was not a proper solution to deal with this problem. Because After Priyanka this decision, her younger sister Anjali had been alone. Few Months Later. (message) (message) Hey what’s up? Nothing special just busy studying. Ok. It means you are a bookworm. Nothing like that.. Just my exams are near. Well, I saw all your pictures .. You are beautiful. I already know that.. Tell me something new
Otherwise bye. Ok. wait. wait ,wait.. Why are you in such a hurry? Because I don’t have idle time. Oh hello . I am not a cheap guy… I am the special one. Oh. That’s great! Well I am busy right now.
Bye. Hey. This attitude is not good. Are you there? Waiting for your reply. Ya. Tell me ? Thank god.. I got your reply. By the way what do you do? I have an online business. Online.. but what kind of..? Its related to beauty products. Oh nice. Then you will be having friendship with many girls. No its not like that.
But still searching for a good partner. Can I say something? Your voice is more beautiful than you. Really? You will only this or something else. What should I say? I have forgotten everything since I saw you. I like to keep watching you. Then see who has stopped you from watching? I love you Anjali. I don’t like liars. No its true. I love you. Actually I don’t trust anyone without meeting him personally. So what’s the problem? Let’s catch up. No. I am not in a mood. Whenever I will feel I will meet. So when you will you feel like that? You make me laugh. I am just like that. But first you have started me underestimating me. Ok. Sorry So Anjali. Do you what my heart is saying now? What? That I want to tightly hug you and
don’t allow you to go anywhere. Are trying to be more romantic? I want to tell something. I don’t talk like to talk imaginative things. I am practical girl and believe in living practical life. That’s interesting. So I think now we have to meet. I think you are right so can we meet tomorrow? Thank god. You said yes to meet. Ok. Bye. I have to sleep. Good Night. Bye. See you. Thanks babe. First time I have met a girl who is beautiful
as well as open minded. Cheers. Hmm. Thanks. I don’t like to live boring life like normal girls at all. I like to do what I love. Interesting. So what else do you like to do ? Why are you in a hurry to know ? Wait for some time. I will tell everything but slowly. Sweetheart. I think I will not be able to control myself
after watching your beauty. Come baby. Let’s enjoy. But there is one problem. I don’t like to anything normally. Hmm. Then how do you like? Wait a minute. Really you are a different girl. Your intention is to kill me? Yes. But with so much love you never thought. How much are you giving? My head is spinning. Ohh. Oh. Your head is spinning. I am giving you to drink with love then
your head will surely spin. I forgot to tell one thing. I have mixed poison in your drink. so that you can sleep forever. What rubbish are you talking? I am not talking rubbish I am telling the truth. I have come here to punish your deeds. Who are you? Do you remember girl called Priyanka? whom you trapped online and
compelled to commit suicide. I am her sister. And now I will compel you to die with yearning. I don’t know any Priyanka. Shut up. Mr. Vaibhav Sharma You can fool the world but not me. After sisters death, I found out your truth
from her laptop and mobile phone. And what do you thought that you have send me
the friend request on social media. No dear. It was my plan. I made that plan to trap you. And see I did a great job. Now you will die with yearning the same way my sister died. Please forgive me. Please open it. How can I open like that? All the girls die with yearning
so you should also die the same way. Please forgive me. This is just the beginning baby. Please forgive me. I am feeling suffocated. I don’t want to die. My hand is burning. You will be enjoying isn’t it? Please Anjali. You are having pain. But I am enjoying watching you like this. Please don’t do this. Anjali. Please Please Please. Please forgive me. Anjali. I don’t want to die Anjali. My sister also didn’t want to die, but because of you she died with yearning. Now its your turn. I can give you once chance. Which? Through Injection. It will finish all the poison in your body. I will do whatever you say Anjali. Please. Really. Yes. Ok. You have to confess in front of camera that that whatever mistakes you did with many girls
and with my sister I am ready to confess anywhere. Please save me. So sweet. I Vaibhav Sharma confess in full consciousness that Along with Priyanka I have destroyed the life of 25 more girls. Only I am guilty of it and I am the owner of that website. I am confessing this with full consciousness. If you would have thought at least
before doing this disgusting work then may be my sister would have been alive. See I did whatever you said. Now please please save me please. You will not die once you will die with suffocation. What do you want to say? I have never mixed any poison in your drink. I gave you now and that of HIV. What? Which will keep remind you for punishment of your deeds. And yes the video I took that also I have uploaded. You did wrong to me. Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. You did wrong to me. Anjali. There are many girls like Priyanka who believe
on stranger or unknown people on social media websites. take their life on a way from which they can’t return
even if they want to return. When they don’t find any option, then they adopt the way of committing suicide like Priyanka. But here when Anjali came to know
about the reason of Priyanka’s suicide. Then she took the help of social media website to punish Vaibhav the same way Vaibhav did with her. And she even succeeded in it. But in your point of view
What Anjali did was right? or she had to handover him to the police? It depends on you. We will meet again with a new story of Gunah. Till then take care. Bye.

Danny Hutson

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