Guardian – How Is It?? Black Desert Online

Guardian – How Is It?? Black Desert Online

Okay the Guardian released on Black Desert
online a few days ago, I’ve been playing it, here’s my thoughts. I originally said that this class looked super
interesting to me because of the slow playstyle, the animations are super cool and heavy looking
which feels like at least to me the complete opposite of how most of the current BDO classes
play and feel. I haven’t played all of them up to and after
awakening but just in general I think if you watch the other classes none of them really
look quite as heavy as the Guardian does. And I’m not talking about those thighs because
they are heavier than uranium. Damn she thicc. I feel like you don’t really get a good feeling
on playing a BDO class until you really figure out the rotation of skills which usually takes
me quite a while to get right. I’m not sure how long exactly I’ve been playing
the Guardian but only just as I stopped playing as I hit 57 did I feel like I even remotely
understood the optimal way to grind. I must have swapped my skills out 20 times
before I figured out a few that worked well for the limited skill points I had which is
always the least fun part of rerolling, just not having skill points. First off this is the gear I was using for
the playtime, your mileage may vary depending on what you use. This is what I had to work with and I found
her to be one of the fastest classes to level 50-57 on that I’ve done recently but also
of course the level of buffs and stuff you can use now days is absolutely insane. I forgot how fast it is to level in BDO and
I didn’t even use any of the crazy like 530% scrolls or anything. This was on normal servers, not olvia, no
bell and just usual normal buffs, didn’t even use villa or tent for most of the playtime. So leveling 1-50 was just standard figure
out whatever ability you can 1 shot mobs with the quickest while also being mobile, guardian
was pretty good for this because of the w+f ability with decent AP just killing everything
you walked near and then the fact she has absolutely massive AoEs on almost all her
skills which include I think three different jumps and the long distance w+f. So early leveling she’s super easy to just
spam movement skills and level with. Once you start having to fight things that
actually have health and shields, that’s when you have to figure out your skills to actually
do damage and where I struggled on the guardian initially. As with any new class unless you look up a
guide on how to use the skills efficiently it just feels super weak. To be honest the first few levels after 50
I didn’t really enjoy the Guardian that much, she just felt like the animations were too
slow especially because if you accidently hit the wrong mouse button at the wrong time
or hit a different skill than intended, it feels way more punishing and frustrating than
the other classes due to the slow nature of the class and the animations. So the thing that makes me like the guardian
is also I think the thing that put me off the most early on. It’s always not a great feeling to play a
class in this game that you don’t know for that reason, how easily you can make the class
feel weak and the combat not fun if you’re just messing up the skills and getting stuck
in animations or equally bad, just missing abilities and hitting thin air. So at that point I was like eh maybe the guardian
pre-awakening isn’t for me…Then I actually figured out some of the skills and started
doing damage, missing way less abilities due to understanding the AoEs and placement as
well as making less mistakes. This made the class go from meh to great real
quick. I know a lot of people have been saying they
like the class but feel it’s too slow and I think this might be at least partly the
reason why, it does legitmately just feel really bad when you’re messing skills up,
more so than any class I’ve ever played before. Especially since her left click auto attacks
are like the slowest things in the world and I don’t know any animation cancels yet. I obviously can’t really say how she is in
pvp as that’s not really my thing. I’ve heard she’s capable even pre-awakening,
pre succession of grinding well in high tier spots such as Aakman which is a great sign. I think she’s pretty well rounded from what
I can tell, she has loads of buffs that are easily used in rotation, especially when killing
higher hp mobs, she has a lot of ability to move between packs fast while also dealing
damage and honestly seems to have a lot of tools in the kit from first glance to be good
in large scale pvp. I can imagine Guardian being an actual beast
depending on the next two forms of power in succession and awakening. To be honest with playing the guardian in
the past couple days it has tempted me to return to bdo quite casually and I’m not sure
how long it will last. I’m having fun grinding a new class. They actually made this class release slightly
less painful than others usually are, they’ve given quite a few inventory slots for doing
the early levels and with how weight works now grinding is honestly the least painful
that I’ve ever experienced on a new class release. I remember when Shai dropped and every hour
I had to dump weight or inventory. The entire time I played this class post level
53 I never once had to dump weight or inventory. Which was massively appreciated. While it’s still not ideal , it’s preferable
to what they gave us before at least for me and how I play. I think the worst part of trying out a new
class for me actually scratch everything else is the fact that it’s impossible to get weapons
for it unless you’re prepared which…We never are. Literally never. I manged to force up a few vendor weapons
to duo just to try it out but I’d love to get and try it out with actual real boss items
which is something that I’ll try and get before the awakening releases. One thing I will say, I wish she launched
with a better skin, with BDO you know one of the major complaints is always that boss
armor makes you look like this….Well I wanted to buy a skin and not look like that. Unfortunately the new classes usually only
launch with one skin and honestly it’s just not very appealing to me. I know it fits the theme of the character
but it’s a lot of money to spend on something that you just don’t like the look of. People may ask what skills I found best to
use if they want to level a guardian and I’ll say now that I’m probably doing it wrong but
what worked for me was using shift+lmb as a charger to start out a fight, using the
space bar flow after that hits to get the crit buff from claw reveal and then w+ right
mouse button followed by shift+f and then shift+Q and Q again…By the time you’ve done
all that you’re typically either done with the pack depending on AP and what you’re farming
but if not you can find a filler skill and then repeat the process. I didn’t find any filler skills I liked yet
so maybe someone can let us know what they found. Again, this could be totally wrong, it’s just
what I found worked best. The other one I did for a while was all of
the shift+right click and s plus right click combos but they honestly seemed quite bad
in comparrison. Maybe I was just doing it wrong. There is actually a discord server for Guardians
up and I assume very soon there will be skill guides and stuff in there for everyone to
use so I’ll link the discord in this video description should you wish to check that
out. So while it’s unlikely the guardian being
a class in the game makes anyone more likely to play Black Desert Online if they already
didn’t enjoy or have any interest in playing the game…It does just add to the game for
everyone who does play or is considering playing. One thing I’ll always praise Pearl Abyss on
is that the class design in BDO is generally pretty damn good, aesthetically this class
looks unique, not just in the visuals of the class but the visuals of the abilities. Feel wise, I’ve never played a class in bdo
that felt similar to another class unless those classes were linked you know like striker
mystic, witch wizard…And even then, they typically feel different enough to the point
you can have a preference. The Guardian just is more of the same with
that. It’s still BDO, still has the same problems,
still has the same great things but now you can play as a mega thick amazonian viking
woman with a massive axe and soon a massive polearm. I’ll most likely keep playing, I most likely
will release more bdo content but I can’t promise because I am super busy over the next
few weeks…But the Awakening does release on EU and NA on February 5th…So about 2
weeks from now and I know for a fact I’ll be checking that out as well. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
comment, subscribe, play with my bell. Join discord, follow me on twitter for updates
and news and Shoutout to the membership squad, I’ll have
the new end screen done next week. Love you guys. See you on the next one, PEACE!

Danny Hutson

23 thoughts on “Guardian – How Is It?? Black Desert Online

  1. I feel she performs great with less in pve. she seems great for newer players who don't have a lot to work with, but need a strong grinder.

    Pve classes like Musa are lightning fast, and sorc is sorc, but Guardian is pretty straight forward. Jump in, slap about, Use torso ripper to heal.

  2. Don't forget the free 7 day Old Moon buff, which it looks like is active in your footage, so that helped the leveling speed a bunch too. When you pair it with the free scrolls, she levels insanely fast. Before you figure out her moves and invest in her flows, she is a bit clunky. But once you get the feel for her moves and flows, she can chain them together pretty effectively. Definitely feels different than other classes, which is nice. For new players, hang on to your Elsh axe you get in the beginning, because that's like a budget Kzarka once you get it enhanced up to PRI and higher.

  3. I've been playing guardian since release in Korea, and I can say I agree that it's a lot more punishing when you mess up your skill rotation. She is really fun though once you get into the grove and her awakening made her so good in my opinion. This is of course for pve. I would not recommend her for pvp at all right now. Mobility is terrible….Otherwise, this is the most fun class in BDO in my opinion.

  4. This game looks amazing and beautiful but all I hear is how grindy it is and how much money you'll have to dump into it 🙁 It really seems cool though

  5. Nearly identical experience here. At one point I just stayed on my horse and killed mobs on it lol. I'm 56 now and things got alot better. The satisfaction is when you have a nice combat flow and kill the while mob in 1-3 hits. If you play it right it rewards with awesome flow and damage, if you mess it up it can punish you. I'd like to have seen more variety in the animations, they all are very similar. It is a powerhouse for sure, can't wait for awakening.

  6. Guardian is a test for crimson desert classes they’re trying to get rid of desync in crimson desert because servers can’t keep up with the animations so with slowerish gameplay like guardian I think is foreshadowing how Crimson Desert combat will be

  7. Its interesting watching other people and how they leearn to do pve avtivities. What lvl are you now? I grind completely differently to you.!

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