GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with After Hours

GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with After Hours
Danny Hutson

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  1. We're sorry about the confusion created with the source for the category "Cargo and Shipments". The goods can be accrued by the technician if you have the hangar and not the office/warehouse. That's because the goods are tied to both businesses. Unfortunately we misread one of the in-game tooltip notifications. With that said, the video and tactics explained are still valid considering that the only difference between the cheapest office+warehouse and the cheapest hangar, is a mere 50K.

  2. Promotion missions are bullshit and you have to do way too many of them for it to be worth a measly 10k a day when you can usually make 20k in like 5-10 minutes

  3. Im kinda late but i saw a list somewhere in there that said stuff like $500,000 for every 150 hrs,,is that like in game time? Or real life time?

  4. Hello guys
    Can I join any group so we can help each other in mission cause I m stuck alone
    And by the way nice video

  5. You only really need this business for the terrorbyte, oppressor, and it’s another MOC if you didn’t have one. The BEST business is still import/export hands down

  6. hey thank you very much for the guidance but I have a question my technician wont make any cargo and shipments any suggestions?

  7. I need to get rid of my old club at the docks to move into the best one tell me which club is the best one of all?! So I can shut down my old one please popularity is so hard to do! I need help please ANYBODY?!? I NEED A DELUXO CAR BADLY I’M SICK OF DRIVING ON THE ROAD.

  8. Does my value decrease if i only have the gunrruning and the hangar?

    Like does it still go up to 1.690.000 or way less

  9. Damn, when a videogame becomes THIS much complicated, just to get the most efficient money yet, you have to start to wonder if it’s even fun anymore. Most people have lives outside of GTA and you’re making online too much of a grind for me to just enjoy it simply, on top of dealing with the scrawny ass 14-16 year old tryhards that play this game all day and just fuck up your chill gaming session after a hard day’s work because they’re bored with the game.

  10. Did they updated something because I get 20k a day from the Nightclub with no upgrades and the popularity is not even full

  11. I have a problem with the nightclub warehouse: I have a bunker and I have a tech assigned to the creation of weapons crates but i doesnt produces anything, somebody knows whats happening?

  12. Hi. I got a question. I brought a nightclub. But I can't start producing goods. So what should I buy next? Club house or bunker?

  13. Great video! Just getting back into GTA 5 and this was the most informative and concise video I have seen on the nightclubs! Keep up the good work!

  14. Do upgrades to a specific business increase the profit for the nightclub? Like if I go to my cocaine lockup and buy the equipment upgrade there, would it increase profits from my nightclub?

  15. Yo who's a descent xbox player and wants to do heists for some real money? I know i seem desperate but i actually am pretty desperate. Doing jobs is way to slow and i still have to make 1 million dollara to afford the cheapest import/export warehouse.

  16. You're telling me his bank account is 145 million dollars but he didnt buy anything else besides the name 1:53

  17. Can I please get a respond for this, so you don’t need to supply your bunker for its goods to be put in the nightclub

  18. So, you’re saying that with technicians I can produce my Cocaine, Meth, Cash and Guns from the nightclub and them sell all of them in a guaranteed single vehicle?

  19. Just to make sure I understand, it DOES NOT matter what size warehouse or how many upgrades any of the bussiness have, it’ll all make the same profit and it just depends of the Nighclub’s Hub?

  20. Do I have to be a MC President to make my weed business stock increase?
    Do I have to do supply mission including Cargo and Supply missions to get stock in nightclub?

  21. This latest update was for roleplaying people I'm loosing interest in game an it sucks so bad I've played for 20 years all of them

  22. Ive already bought cocaine lockup with max ubgardes when i buy the night club do i have to pay for the ubgrades again? Or do they move over ?

  23. When you started playing this last week after not been on for 4 years, heard of the passive income from the nightclub and bought it…..ohhh do I regret now since I have not an MC-club and just bought the bunker! 😛

  24. well you forgetting something important : OVERHEAD CHARGES ! Bunker cost $9000 , Nightclub cost $2000, MC Business a whooping $30000 assuming you've got all FIVE (Coke, Meth, Cash, Weed and Doc) business up n running, and your CEO exec $300 for every 2 and a half hour. So tell me how exactly you gonna cover this $43000 per 2 hours in-game time since some of these businesses e.g Bunker and CEO exec. will automatically be deducted from your bank account regardless you retired from CEO or VIP and you went afk in the game ? Do enlighten us. Thanks

  25. Do you need to be in a mc or ceo to accrue goods. So to accrue weed be in a mc and cargo a ceo or will it work being in any.
    For example if I stayed in a ceo would my mc goods accrue too?

  26. So you basically have to have MC Business's just running for "The Hub" to fill up? Do I have to have supplies for the MC Business's or the Technicians do that automatically?

  27. Sick of you modder youtubers. Play the game like it's supposed to play and then see how badass you are and if have 102 12 years olds worshiping you. This is fucking pathetic

  28. So you don’t really make a lot from the night club. 1 million per what 20 hours? I used to sell 4 top range cars, all cocaine product. And about 50% bunker guns for over a million and it took me about 4 hours

  29. Really great video thanks. Very professional, helpful & beautifully edited. I’ve been wondering if I needed to upgrade my businesses when using the nightclub & couldn’t find the answer anywhere, until I watched this. Thanks so much for the information. It’s going to save me allot of time and money 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. You say with the equipment upgrade you get goods in half the time but on the video it reads "with no upgrades" instead of "with upgrades" 16:00

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