GTA 5 Mods – Zombie Apocalypse Online : Military Patrol Ep7

GTA 5 Mods – Zombie Apocalypse Online : Military Patrol Ep7

No survivors today, I guess a dam that horde was horrible last night What’s up ace how you doing busy day today? It’s gonna be very interesting First game three organized around a mmm sun’s out guns out Here’s some of the new trainees let’s get them trained up and ship down. Just hope they live longer than the last sloth Yeah, let’s go. Here we gonna Base 1 this is alpha Bravo permission to the board over. Let me sit for a while. Let’s get out of you Good luck everybody Okay, ready and East Oh Man look at the blood splatter around there. This is a big zombie fight last night. It was tons of zombies around here man Oh, Loads of him it’s a bit of blood Big fire big fire last night really never see so many so Elizabeth Don’t steer this. Yeah, yeah Did you hear that he said something about base three that’s the humane labs ice really yeah we need to get up there Please put your foot down man. We’ve got to get there quick. I’m going I’m going I’m gonna drop those supplies off That’s an emergency as well. So we’ll drop the supplies off first then Hopefully get up to the humane labs. Yeah Suicide seeing all those parties there. No one ever got out alive Keep your eyes peeled we’re entering toxic zone now I’m ready for this is Already shit worst place to be right now Didn’t want to be coming back here Lost answers like it nice and easy mountainous ground zero where it all started Whoa, whoa look in front of us. See this guy run Wait a minute somebody’s killed him that that he’s one of the snipers guaranteed to show that guy 400% Just keep moving Soon be there. Hey, what’s that shit man fire pulling pulling pulling man be on that truck straight away man be on this truck move Do you not see all them trucks man this fucking there’s one two three port at least eight trucks out there man, holy shit what we’re gonna do is this is We’re absolutely pinned down ma’am. I’m gonna have to call this one when I call in a strike Oh, no, wait a minute right get out the vehicle. We don’t have to do we Shaymin this fire Zerbe All right. Let’s chill down here, man The fin of killers so you have to stop firing. We good man. We’re gonna have to call in the strike though Get on the roof done. Okay, let’s get on the roof. You can do this climbing up Movin up is right behind you. Yeah guys on now. Yeah. I still see I can see 1 2 3 4 5 this Approximately 8 trucks they got to smg’s they can’t reach you must have ran out of ammo. That’s why he’s not firing What are we gonna do? Okay, I’m gonna call and strike Bravo receiving heavy fire Pinned down request strike a chord in a Salim ago 303 point zero seven four do you copy over? Oh, I was nice Okay, let’s check if they’re down Okay yep, I See two of them two units two bandits We need to get off this get back in the only All right, they’re moving to him. They’re moving over to him. Do you want to get off this thing or what? Yeah. Yeah, let’s get off this thing, right? I’m gonna get the vehicle ready All right, then we’ve got them lat You ready go go, let’s go go go go go Area Claire just double-check the right areas clear move on working. Laughs Okay near that gunfire Yeah, some bandits definitely still here up in the in the the audience at the top weren’t you going towards careful? Man, yeah a lot of snipers up there You announce yourself on the speaker tell them or military I hear it you hear Military we have safe science and food and water It is the newest late again I say this is military speak again we’ve got water If you camp down It’s not that is the military oh my god, there’s a safe zone the safe zone is up ahead. They’re shooting Okay, Maria. Let’s drop off these supplies Okay, I know hold the vehicle up. I know they’ll get it for us. All right, we’re clear. Let’s get out of it Thanks get in the Ramon Bass free inner self a Bravo. Can you please repeat over my help? Bass 1 this is alpha Bravo, please can you repeat that message over? So we are my UMaine loves We’re not going to take the vehicle for it. I don’t think unless you drive over them cos I’m gonna try it I can try it Look at the chaos that might have always been kicking up Obviously the event something made you happen. Maybe it’s something to do with patient one Yeah You just keep shooting I’ll keep us on track I make best All right, where was gonna Emma she’s looking all those body demo sweats in the gap, right, okay This is carriage and x3. All right, follow me I’m gonna push quietly don’t take out. He’s like aa man you see ass. Whoa. Wait, this car looks pretty cool We got to go though Pace they’re coming from behind us. We gotta push let’s go. Yeah, I’ll cover the rift Come on, let’s go. It’s all good. So good. Let’s go. We gotta move sec one sec Shit oh shit, come on. Oh Shit Backing up shit Thao don’t hold on I mean watch your six you’re clear bill rhenium covering zombie lady Alright That was clean Nice pushing reloading oh shit, man Yeah, it’s good God knows what’s up in there Manuel World War Chairman is ruinous run out There’s a runner back here man – come on my back. I need to reload Damn it, you know ma she’s Ryan coming. Thanks. That was a close one Get for the runners men. We got to go. All right, keep pushing forward Goes with me I got reload. Oh shit you you need to think you reload a little bit differently because we gotta Go why what’s going on? Fuck y’all shit, man. Oh You go first you Point whoopsie we’re better off taking on blades for a while. We’re better off taking them out together We both shoot at the same time. You ready? You can’t that it being ready? Freeze. One two three Reloaded into view useless when you shoot them in the head now, that’s not good Things accommo thing That push professor are you in here? What’s that long cystal you in here me professor O’Dea? Come on, dog. Get out this dog man. Go quick quick quick move. What does that mean ace what the hell’s happening? We’ve gotta move out of a man buildings gonna blow Move, let’s go. You need to follow us. Come on All right We’ll take you out in the middle let’s go All right, we’re gonna save you don’t worry professor. Where are these? Decided to kill but we’re all day. Is there like a place? We’ve stored this gift. It carries in my pocket right here We should be near this interesting shit Festival get you have it. All right, we’re coming back Man, this is a sweet vehicle. Why is this? You know, I’m not seeing this before In the vehicle I Don’t either when people say don’t get in Oh, man This machine will make a great man, oh Shit Shit man, Oh the fuck what just happened is That’s a no man, but we’re not in the same place as we left. Oh And the professor is now infected. Where’d he go? We lost the professor. Where’s yet? No, it’s over here, man What the fuck is that place over there? What is that? You see this? it’s like What are those man? Ace I don’t think we’re in Los Santos anymore. Listen. Listen, you’re somebody playing guitar

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  1. See Zombies are better then humans there is no Pollution,Even Nature love then and every where is plants

  2. Wtf! Why hasn't rockstar writing a fat check to whoever put this shit together and made it available on consoles. This is amazingly awesome and I'm so jealous that I can't play it. I enjoyed this immensely and subscribed. Hope you do a lit more like this. Very entertaining. Lol

  3. I love woching zombie 🧟‍♀️ apocalipsis vids so your ok with this game I play it to and I’m only 8

  4. Gta should make the next bogden chapter an apocolypse as u can remember clifford got a hold of the iaa net works data

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  6. Hey I request for everybody that mod zombie apocalypse can you please make a tutorial of it how to put a mod in gta v all like helmet armors and all and like trainess like all how to setup and give the link below i sub all!! 😍😍😍

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