Grow with Google: Local events and online resources

Grow with Google: Local events and online resources

SPEAKER 1: Google is in town. SPEAKER 2: Google
is bringing its Grow with Google Tour to Columbia. SPEAKER 3: Google is
coming to Oklahoma City. SPEAKER 4: In Pittsburgh. SPEAKER 5: Today in Louisville. SPEAKER 6: Here in Cleveland. SPEAKER 7: In Indianapolis, the
first Grow with Google event– SPEAKER 8: It’s an effort
to help students, educators, and entrepreneurs improve their
digital skills at no cost. SPEAKER 9: We have got
workshops for you guys today. We’ve got one-on-one
coaching sessions. We’ve got stations
here so that you can dig in and really
learn how technology can be useful to you. SPEAKER 10: As a
small business owner, I came here to learn
about online marketing, and I feel so much
more empowered. SPEAKER 11: All the resources
are just outstanding. I think there’s a little bit
of something for everyone here. SPEAKER 13: I was at home,
a month into retirement, and I said that this
isn’t going to work. I wanted to start something new. SPEAKER 14: Seeing that there’s
free training involved is huge. So I’m really excited
to dig into that. SPEAKER 15: Want to
grow your skills, but can’t make it to an event? You can find the same free tools
and training on the Grow with Google website at

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