Grohk Healing build – Tips and Tricks

Hey guys so today we are gonna talk about
the grohk. Now you can play him as a damage or a healer,
he is not really best at anything but ehh you can make him work in certain situations. Like imagine you can have a heavy flank pressure
on your damage carried then you can pick him to keep them safe or if the other team picked
the ying and the barik together as a death ball combo, you can annoy the hell out of
them with the Maelstrom legendary, the loadout with this card use to be very good but they
nerfed by reworking a card called thunderstruck before it use to reduce the cooldown of the
shock pulse and now its just completely useless but even without that card its still effective
. Now lets talk about the cards that I am using in my healing build. As you can see we have outreach at level 1,
then phatom at level 1 and monolith totem at level 2 just so it can survive a bit longer. At last we have gale at level 4 and haunting
at level 4 now these two cards are the core of this loadout and let me explain why. The huge drawback of grohk is that the totem
he places down can be destroyed very easily and you can increase the health of it or place
it in cover but most of the time you wont be able to in a public match now with this
loadout you can spam it as many times as you like. And this is how it works, you just have to
buy a level 1 chronos . You are gonna place totem down by press Q on the pc and it will
expire after 6 seconds then use your ghost walk by pressing F now this will reduce the
cooldown of the totem by 4 seconds and you’ll be able to use it again just keep on repeating
this step and you’ll have it up most of the time when you need it. As you can see in the video it works perfectly. Now th problem is this loadout requires a
lot of team work which you are never gonna see in a public match and with this my friends
our healing loadout becomes completely useless but if your team is ready to work with you
then you can heal them for a ton of health because the totem heals for 420 health every
second and we are gonna increase it by 50% with the legendary card totemic ward and it
also immunes your team mates from crowd control abilities for two seconds meaning no more
hugs from bomb king, no more fear from the snek and you are welcome at inara’s home,
anytime. Most of the stun that you are gonna get in
this game are of 2 seconds and the totemic ward will keep you immune from any CC for
exactly 2 seconds. Now, you all must be thinking, if grokh is
so good then why don’t we need him more in game and the reason for that is very simple,
imagine you are in a 1v1 duel and you need heals. It’s a piece of cake for seris or maldamba,
it just takes a simple right click and your health is back to full, no matter how far
you are from them. But if you are a grohk then you’ll have
to walk upto that person before he dies and place a totem right next to him which he won’t
even notice and run away from it. While you are doing that your whole team might
be dead because you wasted all your heals on a single person that just ran away without
getting healed. As you can see in the video it happened many
times during this match, so at last I begged them to stay near me so I can heal them as
I was the only healer on the team and I don’t know how but they listened to me, a rare sight
of team work in a public match. Now, by staying near I did not mean walk right
next to each other because if you do that a bomb king or a drogoz will rip your whole
team apart in seconds. Keep the space and a defensive position so
that you can easily get to your healer when you need it. Now let’s talk about how we should play
him as a healer. It all comes down to how you place your totems. I am not that great with my placements but
you should always try to hide it into a corner where no one can destroy it easily. You can even body block it if you have no
cover in your sight. The good thing about grokh is you can dish
out a ton of damage while healing your teammates and he is really hard to kill because of his
ghost walk so, he is kind of a semi tank in the backlines which is a great distraction
for a flank who is trying to kill your damage carries. But the thing is it’s really hard to be
a solo healer with grokh, of course you can do it but as we already know it requires a
lot of team work because if you place a totem near the point for your tank, then your damage
carries will die and if you place a totem in the back line then your tank will die So,
don’t pick him as a solo healer unless you are in a 5 player party and you have a specific
strat in your mind . Anyway, coming to his attacks, you have your lightening staff which
deals 75 damage per hit every 0.1 second and it’s pretty good actually. But the thing is not go crazy on your left
click as you don’t want it to overheat in the middle of a fight because it will get
you killed. And the second attack that you have is called
shock pulse which is quite shocking, I duly apologize for this bad joke. Umm moving on, It can be used by pressed right
click on your mouse. It will launch a small projectile which if
hit will bounce between enemies slowing them by 30% for 5 minutes, umm its only 2 seconds
while doing 125 damage per hit. Now with this loadout its not gonna matter
that much but if you are going for the Maelstrom card then its really effective. And this can be used on enemies to dismount
them when they are rushing the point or just to apply the pressure on them as 30% slow
will make them an easy target for your damage carries. Try to use it on grouped up enemies to get
the full value out of it. Now you can also flank with him in early rounds
when the cauterize is not that effective. Like take a damage carry with you and just
take out their healer first and then the rest of them as you will be able to outlive them
with your totem, if you are smart with it. It’s a really good tactic if you are with
a friend who is in your party But don’t do it twice in a row as they will be ready
for you the next time. And also don’t do this if you are a solo
healer in your team for obvious reasons. Now lets talk about his ultimate which can
change the tide of any battle in a blink of an eye, I am just kidding its completely useless,
complete garbage, even if you don’t use it you will be fine .
But in the latest patch they did made it a bit better. So, what it does is that you will damage two
enemies for 200 hp while slowing them and heal two of your teammates and yourself for
500hp every .5 second, this lasts for 3 seconds. Before this patch it only use to heal your
teammates but now it heals you too which is great because grohk was immediately killed
whenever he tried to use his ultimate. Now how to use this, first thing is don’t
use it to do damage. You should always use it when you have your
team with you because you are healing more than you are doing damage in this ultimate. But still there are better option than him
if you want to heal your team like seris, maldamba or even ying. He is just not really effective as a healer
in a public match as I have already stated why . But, You can still play him for fun
and he is quite good if you know what you are doing with this I would like to take my
leave and see you all in the next one. Lastly, please don’t rage in the game as
it does not really help anyone, if you see a bad player just give him advise maybe he
is good in some other game and just lacks experience in this game. Keep our community happy and healthy . okay,
this time I am really going bye .

Danny Hutson

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