Greta Thunberg’s emotional speech to EU leaders

Greta Thunberg’s emotional speech to EU leaders

I want you to act as if
the House was on fire. I have said those words before
a lot of people have explained why that is a bad idea. A great number of politicians
have told me that panic never leads to anything good
and I agree. To panic, unless you have to,
is a terrible idea. But when your house is on fire
and you want to keep your house from burning to the ground,
then that does require some level of panic. We are in the midst of
the sixth mass extinction and the extinction rate
is up to 10,000 times faster than what is considered normal,
with up to 200 species becoming extinct
every single day. Erosion of fertile topsoil,
deforestation of our great forests, toxic air pollution,
loss of insects and wildlife, the acidification of our oceans. These are all disastrous trends
being accelerated by a way of life that we can
in our financially fortunate part of the world see as
our right to simply carry on. [Applause] Our house is falling apart
and our leaders need to start acting accordingly because
at the moment they are not. If our house was falling apart
our leaders wouldn’t go on like you do today. You would change almost
every part of your behaviour as you do in an emergency. If our house was falling apart,
you wouldn’t hold three emergency Brexit summits
and no emergency summit regarding the breakdown
of the climate and the environment. [Applause] The EU elections are
coming up soon. And many of us who will be
affected the most by this crisis – people like me –
are not allowed to vote. Nor are we in a position to shape
the decisions of business, politics, engineering, media,
education or science because the time it takes for us
to educate ourselves to do that simply does no longer exist. And that is why millions
of children are taking to the streets, school-striking for the climate
to create attention for the climate crisis. You need to listen to us,
we who cannot vote. You need to vote for us,
for your children and grandchildren. What we are doing now can soon
no longer be undone. In this election you vote for the
future living conditions for humankind. And though the politics needed
do not exist today, some alternatives are certainly
less worse than others. And I have read that some parties
do not even want me standing here today because they so
desperately do not want to talk about climate breakdown.
[Applause] To do your best is no longer
good enough. We must all do
the seemingly impossible. And it’s OK if you refuse
to listen to me. I am, after all, just a 16-year-old
schoolgirl from Sweden. But you cannot ignore the scientists
or the science or the millions of school-striking children
who are school-striking for a right to a future. I beg you:
please do not fail on this. [Applause]

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg’s emotional speech to EU leaders

  1. Forget Brexit and focus on climate change, Greta Thunberg tells EU ►

  2. She speaks a million times more intellectually than our five year old President.A young girl with Asperger's speaking in a non-native language demonstrating more intelligence, eloquence and humanity than 99,99% of the planet. Wow.

  3. Radical liberals far left white people are the real white supremacist. They often use the words reminiscent of 1984 such as Diversity (another word for racial segregation) Multiculturalism (another word for racial segregation) Safe Space (another word for racial segregation)

  4. This winter I want to see you spend your days outside with nothing on except the clothes you wore to the "How Dare You" recital and when spring arrives you can explain to me how CO2 kept you warm through the winter….

  5. You can tell her father is an actor because she is a natural in front of the camera. I think she could have a great career as an actress if she ever decided to move away from environmental activism.

  6. NO mention of chem trails..NO mention of DEW man made weapons..NO mention of fman made storms!!! This is not a human but a reptilian sent from the devil for more confusion. Don't believe anything this little boy says. If you do you are giving permission for evil to continue. Remember Lucifer is the great deceiver.

  7. You're all just mad cause she represents everything you hate. She's a young woman who cares about the long term survival of humanity. I applaud her for that because from reading these comments I'm getting zero motivation to save your asses.

  8. Poor little girl. She's being used by the people that claim to love her the most. I hope they get what they deserve.

  9. By her own admission, Autistic, Asbergers, OCD, depression and suicidal tendencies. If that is someone who is going to panic or over react then this is the person. So her parents feed her a diet of end of the world. Look at the science on both sides of the argument and not to a kid with a lot of emotional issues.

  10. Her parents are actors. She is an actor. Her family is wealthy.
    She is part the the criminally insane Elitists, who control the world.

    She is also under some form or Mkultra mind control.

  11. Scientists confirm climate change. It changes from spring to summer to fall to winter then back again. It goes from cold to warm. Haha proof. You climate deniers. Stop the climate from changing!!!. If i type in all caps is it scarier?.

  12. mentally ill toy that the left plays with, shes lying, shes not taking action, shes just repeating false info, THERES NO GLOBAL WARMING WEVE BEEN LIED TO, LOOK UP ICE CORES AND YOULL SEE

  13. Our civilization wont last that long folks, lets faced it. We screwed up so bad that no point of return is possible. On the top of all these, we are killing one another and hurting . . . .. . we might destroy one another before the planet destroy us . . . .

  14. This kid looks like she should be
    Going to school
    Doing homework
    Playing pokemon or whatever
    Going to the makeup store with her friends
    Playing tennis or whatever sport
    But no.. She's at a conference giving illeffective ideas to a bunch of world leaders, and she blames us for ruining her childhood apparently.

  15. Greta, you are just a little girl who does not know anything! Childhood is stolen away p. E. from kids in syria, from malala in Pakistan, such an adorable young lady, not from you, you little spoiled Swedish girl overestimating herself in such arrogant manner. BUT I do not blame you, I'm am just sick and tired of your silly behaviour, Malala is a real young hero, she suffered because all she wanted was visiting school, and you, little spoiled Swedish girl who grew up on the sunny side just be silent, and please be humble, go to school so you might learn something about live and honour, one day you will be ashamed and claim you were abused, and you were. But blame y8our parents who didn't send you to school, one day you might understand. And I blame all the adult who follow you so criticless.. You are overestimating yourself… It is not only weird it is gross. Sail back and keep quiet or better shut up!

  16. We only have the past generations to blame for the f****d up earth we are living in now, but it's going to be the home of future generations which will include our children, so it's our job that we do something about it and realize that we are having a climate crisis. I respect Greta si much for putting herself out there to make change, especially making a speech because she was diagnosed with selective mutism.

  17. Her information comes from the lying faux 'Scientists'  who were exposed in the 'Climate Gate' scandal at East Anglia University  – 'fixing' the data – this is an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person.

  18. CHILD ABUSE !!!! GRETA she's said she's had anorexia, said she's got
    Asperger's and said she's battled depression and panic attacks !!!!!! SHE NEEDS

  19. Greta Thunderbird, you are the biggest hypocrite in the world. You also have clearly never heard of the Karpik, Kenelly or Carlson theories

  20. She speaks truth and has much to say about the future.Her words should be listened to,for she is the future.She will always be remembered as a great person in the annals of history.

  21. Yo. I don't listen to 16 year old mentally ill children. Whoever believes this hogwash, I got a couple bridges to sell you.

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