Giveaways Ending! Future Plans For gaming Setup? | Spamming On Our Channel | GSG – Geek Squad Gaming

Giveaways Ending! Future Plans For gaming Setup? | Spamming On Our Channel | GSG – Geek Squad Gaming

Hey whats up guys its RHB from GSG and today
I’m going to be talking about something that I’ve been wanting to talk about for
some time and I need before I saw this video and you say stop spamming on the
Channel please don’t say subscribe to my channel and linked with
you or something I’m good at all automatically goes to the spam section
and what that’s really but from like me because i don’t i don’t like seeing that
way if you want me to check out you’re telling you say check out my channel
don’t see the only come here with your just click on your channel I’ll see what
I see and then if I like it I’ll subscribe to
you don’t tell me to subscribe to your dog make me not check out your channel
so don’t just sir just ask for our shoutouts like can you
give me a shower – did shout out Sundays for a reason
don’t want for on like random videos on private message meter because it’s quite
annoying like I get like 10 messages like I’m skype or can you give me a shot
her no no no cost because this is really
annoying and if you get this like same message again and again and again and
it’s like so annoying and like it just happens to me a lot and it gets a no
yeah I guess so yeah let’s just move on to the set apart so I thank you thank
you for all the donations that you’ve been giving giving me and I like had
enough now on up going off to get a desk and other I don’t want the chair but I got a good
I got enough for a good desk and i’m going to be getting that in like two
weeks and then i might be getting a cheer with it as long you guys donate to
me to thank you all like I’m really thankful because like I
don’t really expect you to you guys 30 do because it’s really like it really
means a lot of good i’m such a small channel and up I like it’s not like you gain a lot from
me because it I don’t make the best content always get
off I mean we should contest ok I try my best at least that’s the
only good thing about me I guess so ok I’m praising myself now
absolutely ok so what’s next well like in two weeks or three weeks whenever i’m
able to get it I’m going to get a desk and i’m going to be using this year like
a normal chair right there it’s nothing special and i’m gonna be
using this year you’re gonna get like I don’t know there’s two independent game
chip because I call for – it’s and then after that I’m going to be trying to get
a gaming pc and a lot of you gonna be like one you said you’re going to get a ps4 and
yeah i did i just say to a lot of you i’m trying to get ps4 and xbox one –
well I’m not going to be able to get because i want on pc to work I can end it on it as well and what I
mean by it i mean like I’m gonna like it right now I don’t take me like he was
probably because it’s going to cost so much but I want decent easy and i am not
going to build my own because I’m really bad at her but I’m gonna get like
something like 300-400 plans or two and answered a lot of fun and cheap all i needed saying like I can render
really fast as I can make it with you because it takes me forever to render
videos and that that’s the problem i can edit good i can do all that year by
taking me forever to render and like my upload speed ok so that’s cool so yeah
the gaming pc and that that’s going to be the future but yeah guys if you want
if you want me to check out the channel this like tell me and i’ll check me out
and I might not like leave a comment because i like this army lost your skin I’ll definitely check out i’ll give you
like and maybe subscribe 24 enjoy your channel but yeah also if you want to shower I just go to
your go to the shower baby don’t like awesome are underrated
as it gets annoying and know if it gets like really pissed taken and people do
the same thing again and again even though i say like go to the shot off
sunday I it’s just like yes like it tell me
that you guys don’t watch my video that they don’t like entertaining that you
just ask for shock and i’m also going to thank you guys that thank you fold it over like on
we’re getting really big on YouTube already but we actually getting like a
bigger than most small channels and it’s not been a long time it’s just being like a short time you’re
like it thick I just couldn’t get that is it’s been a
short time and hopefully we keep growing like on this great like we’re growing
really fast we get at least like to some of the day and if we get if we carry on
getting this little get big and once we get to 2k i think is at me the only two giveaways ending 1 del
gatto and one done there are certain TV box the android TV
box that’s been handed or and then once you get five day that huge giveaway is
going to hand out and i’m also going to be ending the the game giveaways if you
don’t know I take that I in the top-right i believe it’s on the top
right here I don’t know right with Richard side
it’s like photo Stella there’s going to be an i click
that and then you can go interactive erase the battlefield one
are you can also on pc ps4 and xbox one developing 123 copy them for infinite
warfare this one copy so you can go check that out if you want to enter its
links in the description at all and i’ll leave it to the links to all the give
away before it’s going to end soon so i hope you’re all the interior and then
hopefully we can all win something that I want a lot of you to win thing because
the thing is you all into one give away like the huge giveaway you a lot of you
going into that because that’s like really popular right now but you’re not
in today and then you know there’s opportunity of winning that does give
away so i suggest into in all of them so you have a higher chance of winning so yeah really something at least that
you might not in the way you want you’re not going to copy code but the two
countries college-going this one in the huge huge 5k give away and is one on okay i’ll give away so there’s like two
of them so don’t worry about it you got like a lot of chance to win something
and i hope you guys that you were in thing for me ok so also guys I want to say a lot of
you asked me out you need all the donations but id do the giveaway yellow
if you ask me that shit but the thing is i do then the codes
like I do I chip in a lot of money myself but
that’s that’s like very little I’ll chip in like ten percent of the
money and then the rest of the money either like a lot of products just come
straight from companies and they give it to me to like give away and then lieutenant promote for them and that’s
how I got the wii ours that’s how i got a tablet and all that
but then it’s just like they give it to promote like give it to me for promotion
it’s like some really a sponsorship because it’s not forever like a one-time
thing they want me to come over here and then they gave me one thing and I just
give that way and that’s how much might give aways work but the game giveaways I’m getting like a lot of like I’m doing
it myself and I got a lot for the YouTube has been helping me with that
and not bring the youtubers was that people just like a minute GOx too much
money i guess and it like a lot of people are helping to give away that and
they just helping me because do they want the channel to grow and they want
you guys to get something to help me a lot of you and stuff so yeah now this
has been a good video guess for me and if your heart and I hope you’re having a
good day I hope you enjoyed this video if you did Smackdown like when if you didn’t like
that this like button and I appreciate both of them old theater and leave a
comment leave a hateful comment no type whatever you want also share
this video to like all your people let’s try to get like 200 we use
obviously and 50 likes let’s try to get 50 likes if we get 50 likes I’m i’m going to do something special i
might do something where you want me to do oh also if we get a hundred people
watching on my under streams that reduce like once remarked give away anything
you guys want two hundred people watching us at like one time that’s really great and if we do that
would be great also 10 on our notifications so you can be notified
whenever we operated video so you can help our channel grow and hopefully you
guys like enjoyable with you if you don’t tell us how we can improve so what just happened basically the
phone went off and there and the holder of recording got corrupted so yeah let
me just restarted the thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next
one nettles with their if you’ve got a little kids leave it in definition thing
makes thanks for watching after you next each

Danny Hutson

19 thoughts on “Giveaways Ending! Future Plans For gaming Setup? | Spamming On Our Channel | GSG – Geek Squad Gaming

  1. Yo you lucky that you have grown as fast as you have because I have been working my but if with montages and cut come and I have slowed down now because I just don't know what to do to get more subscriber and in the space when I was uploading lots I only got around 54 subs 🙁

  2. Someone linked me to a website where I could but subs, likes, and views. Likes to nothing to make money, subs don't do (basically) anything, views are the only thing that matter for money. Its not like I would buy it but the prices were horrible. $3 for 25 likes, $5 for 10 subs, $20 for 100 views! WTF

  3. You have told me to judge the videos and see what we could in prove on in this video the square where we saw your face was to small nd it was in an odd place put the square in the corner and make it bigger

  4. Hey there Rhb I fucked up in the past and I wanted to say sorry and this is sincere. I started a new channel because I want to start fresh and you seem like the type to forgive and forget so I was wondering if we could chat a bit about YouTube I don't expect you to respond but please respond loved the vid btw

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