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Look, how cute do Sneha and I look? Yeah..anyone would look cute in
Dexter and DeeDee’s costume. But I still feel you should’ve been Dexter? No way, DeeDee is my
favourite cartoon character. And I looked so hot in the pink mini-skirt.
Right Sneha? Ye..yeah.. Hey pretty ladies.
There’s a pink scooty downstairs.. I was wondering, whose would it be… Mine! Didi bought a new dirt bike… So the scooty is mine now. Why, what happened? It’s blocking my bike’s way. Put it to side or it could be scratched. Oh, I’ll come. He anyway won’t be able
to get it off the stand. Sneha, you’re forgetting that you’ve put Black
Panther on the side stand, not the main. Give me the keys, I’ll move it aside. But baby, how will you… Shhh. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be back before the
Masala reaches the Dosa. Keys. Shall we? Sorry guys, don’t mind.
This Nikhil is slightly… Crazy. We know! But why did he name his pink
scooty as Black Panther? It’s name was Gabbar…’s it going between the both of you? Not too great.. Eh? How come? Nikhil keeps telling so many things, man. No, no, nothing of that sort. Why are you feeling shy?
Nikhil isn’t around. Don’t worry ya, come on tell us everything! No no… Tell us, tell us. Oh, no no. Tell us, tell us! Oh, no, no. Tell us please! What the hell do I tell you? What? That all my dreams have been shattered? Since primary school after the movie Dhoom, It was my dream to stick to my
boyfriend on his sports bike So that the blabbermouth aunties of the
society gossip – Look, she has lost it. But here, John Abraham
doesn’t have a Hayabusa but a pink scooty which he
does not know how to ride. He sits behind me man, That too with both his legs on one side
because his scooty only has one footrest. Did you just call him John Abraham? So John wasn’t perfect anyway. You think Bipasha Basu
left him for nothing? I’m telling you these
guys, all are the same. All of them. All because of love.
Bloody female bashing. Look at ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’… He keeps blabbering for 5 minutes about girls
doing this, that, ruining their lives. Do they ever tell what guys do? No. I’ll tell you. In the name of romance,
they put their arms around your shoulder. Keep swinging your hands
with their pinky fingers. And if you ever try to hold their
hands before their friends, They’ll put it off as if
some current ran through. Because you have to be a ‘hard
guy’ amongst your friends, right? And if you ever say I love you,
they’d reply with a ‘me too’. But when they’re drunk, they’d not stop
screaming – I love you bro, you’re my only! They don’t let you shop, man, you know. They are content with 4 random shirts… What choice do they even have? My shades of lipsticks outnumber
the variety of clothes you have. Now, that shopping would take time, right? If there’s an outing,
they’ll just spray a deo. And if the occasion is very special,
they’ll finally take a bath. But, every 5 minutes they will
utter something or the other. Baby, are you ready? Let’s go?
Shall we leave already? Man. Who’ll tell them that even the
no makeup look has so much make up. Kajal, shadow, mascara. And
this is just for the eyes! And if I don’t apply Kajal one day,
they’ll ask if I am taken ill. I don’t understand, where does this attention
to detail go when you’re in the trial room, Asking for their opinions? They just answer the same damn thing
while being on their phones. I don’t even understand what
they do on their phones! When they are pursuing us, they are up
and messaging till 4 am in the night. Baby, are you up? You slept off?
Okay sleep. Get up soooon! But as soon as a girl says Yes,
all that interest goes in the drain. Because, now you have won the world. Now, all they think about is which
clan to attack on, in Clash of Clans, Or which friend to tag on Facebook memes,
or which lame joke to WhatsApp. Someone make them understand – Ant Elephant
jokes are not funny, Pappu jokes are not funny. To go to Jantar Mantar and scream
– ‘Bol na aunty aaun kya?’ is NOT funny. a little better,
I had gone there too… Shhh..Ruchi. Exactly, these guys never
give you attention. No they do, they do. When you go out with your guy friend. Oh yeaaah. here will be a message every 5 minutes – Baby where
are you? I’m missing you. Please come to me. Man, I’m with friends, chilling and have
texted that I’m busy and will talk later. But no, they won’t get it, and end up
calling you asking a silly question, Who’s more important
– Him or me? Aye, I’m more important than the both of
you. Just because I’m hanging with a guy, Doesn’t mean I am cheating on you. And if you feel like that,
that’s your inner insecurity. Should I leave my social
life because of that? I cut his phone and I didn’t pick it up.
Tell me, did I do any wrong? Then why do they not understand? Then when I come home, they ask – Baby are you
angry with me? Tell me? Why are you angry? Damn man, if in the middle of my anger
outburst, I tell you why I am angry, When will I get the chance to be angry? Will my character not break? And well, if I don’t
tell why I’m angry, start the assumptions. Oh, is it that time of the month? Aww. Mood swings? No, idiot! They call it feelings, which
everyone has, with or without periods. And why can’t we have mood swings?
They talk in theatre about ‘Navras’, We are feeling all the juices, here! These guys don’t know how
to express their feelings. Look at the Black Widow guy, or look at
Bruce Banner who doesn’t utter a word, And directly becomes Hulk
– who does not listen to anyone. Do your emotions have no middle ground? And they call us moody. Leave it ya, they’re people, they’ll talk. Now see, just because I carry condoms in my
pocket, people think that I am a loose character. Now who knows that my Dad
works in a pharmacy, and he’s a kleptomaniac and I am like him! Exactly, they always judge you. They are the ones to watch chickflicks
and cry like a baby, I don’t judge. He uses my make-up, I don’t judge him. He washes my utensils forcibly,
which I have to wash again because He doesn’t get the difference
between phenyl and liquid soap! I still don’t say anything to him. So tell him, man! Communication
is important in a relationship. I know he is a little slow,
but atleast keep some patience. Don’t talk about patience man!
I have had it till here! He has started talking in weird metaphors.
God knows where he has learnt it from. Notes, claps, treasure hunt maps. One day, he came with a toolkit and asked – Tell me Madam, which tap is leaking? Limits got crossed when I told him that
I want to have a ‘Kala Khatta’ gola! And he got this. Oh, nice, Durex Kohinoor! Their
new flavours are kickass. I know, I have had it.
But I was talking about the actual Icegola. But he doesn’t understand
direct talks or what? If he does anything this time
around, I will, I will just… Sneha, listen to me… How did you take so long? There was a fight happening in the
parking lot. So I was spectating it. Now look, they were fighting in this
pricking heat and there was no one to cheer Will they feel like fighting? So if someone is running a race, and there is no
one to applaud, will the racer feel like running? No right? ENOUGH! I’ve had enough. I need to go home. Nikhil, you please
finish your Dosa and come home. We need to talk. Yes, I will. And I’ll
also show you the video! What a fight that was… Bro, listen Bro….do you know what
‘I need to talk’ means? Yes yes, I know everything. She’s calling me home in
the middle of the classes. It can only mean one thing. You idiot! It means… First, let’s order something? Let us finish what we had ordered, man.
We don’t finish anything. Hello stupid, stop grinning!
Do you even know what’s about to happen? She is calling me home

Danny Hutson

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