Getting Help from Google? Is it even possible?

Getting Help from Google? Is it even possible?

– Typically speaking, when
someone thinks about Google, the first thing that pops to mind is not phenomenal customer support. I know for a fact that most of us have had trouble with Google products in the past, and we don’t know where to find support. There’s not a number you can call to get support from Google or from any of the big online
services for that matter. But you can get good support from Google. You can get the answers
you need from Google. You just have to know where to look. Where’s that? I will show you today on Dotto Tech. (upbeat music) Steve Dotto here. How the heck ya doin’ this fine day? At Dotto Tech we make technology
easy so you can do more. Now, one of the most
common things that I see in my inbox and in my comments on YouTube are questions about Google. I’ve lost my password
how do I get it back? How do I do this in Google? How do I do that? And where I can, I answer the questions. But, to be honest, it’s too much for me. It’s way too much for, and
it’s too much for you as well. But it shouldn’t be too
much for Google, should it? No, it shouldn’t. Yet, try and find support
from a company like Google and it can be a major challenge. I have found three areas where you can get some pretty decent support from Google, including one excellent area. This is my number one choice
for getting support on Google. Let me show you how to get
support from Google today. It starts with this. They’ve got, and by the
way, I will have links to all of these in the description below or in the blog post. So, how do you get support from Google? Google has a help page. Ti’s called Google Help, I’ll have a link. And if you need to know how to do anything on any of their tools, you can click here, and you can say if I need
to know in Google Chrome how to enable cookies. Documents, support documents
on almost every topic in the Google Help area. You have to know what you’re
looking for and search for it. This isn’t necessarily great
for troubleshooting problems, but this is great for
finding out how to do things that you can’t figure out how to do. The Google Help Forum. If you are using G Suite,
Google’s paid service, there is additional level
of support available if you’re an administrator. Only, apparently, if
you’re an administrator. They have this Google Help section that allows you phone,
email, or chat support if you’re an administrator, which does most of us
absolutely zero good. What does us all good
is my favorite Google, oh, Farley’s gettin’ excited, is my favorite Google support area, and that is the Google product forums. I share this more often than
any other help asset in Google, because not only will they
tell you how to do things, but also the problems that. (groans) (groaning) What are you? Farley help forum. The Google products
forums I share more often than anything else, because not only do you get support here on technical issues, how do I do this, but also the problems that you’re into. I’m having this conflict. Things that might be coming
up due to new versions of operating systems coming out. That will be discussed
in the product forums, because it’s dealing with current issues. And scroll through this and you’ll find you really get down into the weeds here with Google in this. You need help in Chromecast? It’s right here. You need help on somethin’
called Tilt Brush? I don’t even know what Tilt Brush is, but Google makes it, it’s available here. You want to go into get
support on Google Calendar? Are you having trouble
syncing your calendar? Let’s go there. Now, I’m going to this one because I wanna show you something. Some of these forums, Google
moves around occasionally. They aren’t always left
in the exact same place, so here they’ve started a new Google Calendar Help
community, which we find here. So, now actually, they’ve actually started an entire other venture
supporting Google Calendar, which is fantastic. But here we go in and we find the support that we look for there. So, within any of these
Google community forums areas, you can post your question. Other users are looking for the same issue if they’re having the same problem when they’re searching on that, and there are support
people who are going through constantly answering the questions and then rating the questions. So it’s an evolving and
ever-changing database of support answers to questions and fixes for problems. This is the place you go if you’re having issues with Google. That’s it. A short, concise video today. As I mentioned, links are below for all of these community
support locations. If you haven’t yet
subscribed to Dotto Tech, please hit that Subscribe button and ring the notification bell so you hear when we upload new videos. Now, if you have any questions, well, go to the Google Help Forum. (laughs) Until next time, I’m Steve Dotto. Have fun stormin’ a castle. (upbeat music) (button clicks) (bell ringing)

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37 thoughts on “Getting Help from Google? Is it even possible?

  1. Thanks, Steve – I have decided to really jump into the "Googlesphere" in my online life – and – this was mucho helpful – REgards – Steve

  2. Did you forgot Google One? It's for private customers only, but when you pay for G Drive you now get phone chat and mail support from Google for everything

  3. Steve, great videos. I'm still having issues with Google Calendar and events 'auto populating' from Gmail. Sometime they do…sometimes not. Airlines (50/50), movies (never), Hotels (sometimes), and some others. I know getting email directly from the company should work, but it doesn't. I know I can populate an 'event' by clicking on the email, but I want it automatically. Do you have data on this? It's frustrating when I add an event in G-calendar and then suddenly it'll populate on its own…thus I'll have 2 events of the same thing. Thoughts? Thanks

  4. I've received assistance from Google with issues with my Google Home speakers. I would search for the problem, end up on a Google page and a help chat window would pop up. They have been quite helpful. They might be bots, but there were a couple issues that were kicked up to a higher level and I had e-mail contact with some real people. I was surprised with the level of support that I actually got.

  5. I go back and forth on how much I want to get involved with using Google. In addition to privacy issues, my biggest problem with Google is its tendency to eliminate products that I like to use. The latest to go is the Canvas view of Google Tasks. I had my entire system built around that view and now Google is taking it away.

  6. Good Morning Steve 🌞.

    I'm not certain if it's the same thing, but I have had,"Google Support", on my phone, (Nexus 6P), since I got it in 2015.

    Have accessed it once, and received an immediate response from a Very Nice, Pleasant and Helpful Young Man who talked me through my Problem….He even waited Patiently as I ran back and forth from my phone, to my Husband's Computer.

    I was Very Grateful 😁.

    This of course, lol, could have nothing to do with what you're referring to.
    If Not, Please excuse my ignorance 😏.

    Have a Great day,
    JaneLee 🕊️
    8:17 AM

  7. Thanks Steve. Good info as always. I have found that when there is a real glitch in a product and multiple people post the problem, there is actually little, if any solutions. Just mostly confirmation of the issue. Unfortunately, google seldom responds in any acceptable fashion. At least you respond to people’s comments. That’s a wonderful thing in this modern era and I respect you for that.

  8. Steve.. Good talk but you should have mentioned Google's New Service… Google One. This is a 24/7 phone support for any google products.

  9. An fyi – (was not sure where to leave this message for you Steve.) Webinar Wednesday, March 6- my google business account marked the auto-reminders to my spam. This is weird , as I have signed up for many of your wonderful webinars and have not had this happen before. I also saved to my G calendar. I have notice my G account looking a different- not surprised the big G has made changes.. they call them updates. I call then a Pain in my Arss, lol. Make no sense to me as I interact with your content fairly regular. Thought you might want to know, in case it becomes a problem. All the Best!!

  10. I had absolutely no problem talking to ggogle technicians by phone, in Montreal, in french even and I had an excellent service. This was regarding the pixelbook and they gave me the solution without 15 minutes.

  11. A couple of years ago, I've had some issues with a Google+ page managed by me and other people. I've asked for help using a contact form they provided and they called me back on the phone! I'm still in shock, haha! (Fun fact: I've written my message in English but the guy who called me was Italian since I'm based in Italy)

  12. Hi Steve, Google Product Forums is retired and it's integrated into the support page. Any product help page will have two tabs : Help and Community. You might wanna edit the product forum link in the description. Thanks

  13. I have a problem with my facebook it wont send me the verification login code for hours it says you have requisted too many codes recently try again later how long do i wait? please help me

  14. Hey Steve – New subscriber to your show and found info for a newer type user as myself quite good. Thanks

  15. Would like to see a review of Google One-especially as it relates to customer support for Google products.

  16. I am trying to find something on Google Voice. Do you have any recommendations for that? I want to move my landline

  17. i cannot get to open up my Fathers email on gmail (Dad just passed away on May 26th 2019) – I tried and my father's friend who opened he tried with passwords and e mail accounts but it reads google thinks this is not your account try another way – we did that but no result
    please help if you can- Thanks a lot

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