Free Online Grammar Checker: Grammarly Review Free Version (2019)

Free Online Grammar Checker: Grammarly Review Free Version (2019)

– Are you looking for a
free online grammar checker, then stick around. (upbeat music) This is Self Publishing
with Dale where you learn to publish books that sell and
build an unstoppable brand. Before we jump into the content for today, I wanna know if you’ve got a preferred free online grammar checker. If so, drop it right on
down in the comments. I’d love to hear from you. And if you would like to
know what my recommendations are based on your needs, make
sure that you stick around to the end of this video. It wasn’t too long ago
that I posted a review of the online grammar
checking known as Grammarly. And boy I did not expect for
it to take off like it did. So I thought that we’d
return back to it today and focus primarily on one of the items that they have in there, which is the free online grammar checker. But who exactly is Grammarly intended for? People saving time. If you are a busy online entrepreneur, then chances are very
likely you need to find out ways that you can optimize your workflow. Grammarly is one of those things that I and others use. Let me just put it to you point blank, I am a touch typer. I try to type as quickly as possible and I don’t bother to slow down and hit the backspace or delete just to make sure that
all of my text is perfect. And one of the worst things to do is to go back and have to
edit line by line by line when all I need to do is just clean up for some typos and grammatical errors. This can work really well
in things like social media. From Facebook to YouTube to Twitter. Or even on things like
this YouTube channel. Clarify your communication. Every now and then I find
myself at a loss for words. Sometimes I wanna say one way, and then it comes out another. So Grammarly is able to clean that up and clarify exactly what I’m shooting for. And I don’t need to get too over wordy. I don’t need to get too basic. It really helps me dial that in. If English is a second language. If English is your second language, then chances are likely
Grammarly is going to help you really dial in
exactly what you wanna say without sounding really stilted
or a little bit off key. Dyslexia. This one I was not aware of until I had actually launched the
Grammarly review video not too long ago. A few people had commented
that they use Grammarly because they have dyslexia, which means that they’re having some words in the wrong place or some of the spellings
are completely off kilter. So Grammarly is able to kind of help them dial in exactly what they wanna say. And not feel ashamed for
what they have in dyslexia. But what exactly comes with
the free version of Grammarly? Obviously it has its limitations, but you’re in luck if you really don’t wanna spend any money. The free version of Grammarly
really is not all that bad. The Chrome browser extension. Much like I’d mentioned before, Grammarly actually works on
various social media platforms. I most often use it through email, through Facebook, through
Twitter, and so on. Grammarly for Microsoft Office. This is PC only so those
of you that are Mac users, they have yet to address this issue. I’m not gonna revisit this one. Quite simply, Grammarly
you need to really pony up the expenses and figure out a way that you can address how you
can get Grammarly support on things like Key Note or
Microsoft Office on Mac. But the plug in is actually pretty nice. I’m really happy with it. My only reservation when
it comes to the plug in for Microsoft Office is that if you end up making a change through Grammarly itself, what ends up happening is
you can’t undo that change. So you can’t just hit the control Z and expect for it to undo. It will not do it. It goes away permanently. So be very careful when using the plug in with Microsoft Office. Online account and cloud storage. If you are looking for easy ways to store some of your manuscripts
or even just simple emails and communication then Grammarly’s
free version is for you. You can literally just upload it, check it on their website, and download the manuscript for yourself and publish it where you need to or use it however you want. The desktop app. Admittedly I had the desktop app but it isn’t too often that I utilize it. It quite frankly if it’s on the desktop, then chances are likely
I can just go ahead and jump online and get over
into itself and utilize it there. So I really don’t have an opinion one way or another of their desktop app. I definitely would love to hear
if you’ve utilized it before and what your experience has been so far. The Grammarly mobile app. Oh my goodness. I did not realize this
was an option available. And I had actually found
this out through Twitter because Grammarly hit
me back and was like, hey, we actually do have a mobile app. So I installed it on my iPhone. And it didn’t last more than
a day before I deleted it. Unfortunately it just seems real clunky and it stopped me up quite a bit. And it’s auto correct function is just, it leaves something to be desired. It’s not what I’ve come to
expect in Grammarly’s services. Now, I’m not knocking Grammarly for this. I just feel like I’m
slowed down by the process. And I’m already happy with
the auto correct function that I have in my iPhone. Of course, with it being free, yes there are limitations. But there are a few features that you can come to anticipate. Critical grammar and spelling checks. I think this is a given. Everybody kind of knows this one. They’re gonna go through
and fix up those typos. And if you just have
small sentence errors, it’ll clean that up. Get performance stats via email. You can have this turned on or off when it comes to notifications, but essentially, as you
are using Grammarly, it’s going to collect some of the data and it’s going to share with you how you’re doing compared to other people that are utilizing the app. I’ve used this little
feature for a little while. But after a bit, as some of you are aware, emails tend to kind of get backed up inside my email inbox so I have to be super selective with what I’m receiving. And so, sadly I opted out
of the email notifications. But that’s it, it’s really no frills. It’s free. It’s free for a reason. You know, and you’re gonna
get some great features. And you can’t beat free. So why exactly would you
need premium features? Hear me out. I understand this is all about talking about the best free
online grammar checker. But we need to at least visit premium because there’s so many people that go, why do I wanna spend X amount of dollars to get the premium feature
when I have this free one? Of course I don’t need to tell you that, you already have the same features that you have inside the free model. That’s, that’s just a given. They also have advanced
checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, plagiarism detector, which is, this is a huge one for me and
it actually saved my tail. I’ll put a link to the
video where I discuss how it did in the description down below. But this plagiarism
detector checks more than 16 billion web pages. And how the subscription model works is you can either do it annually, quarterly, or monthly. Obviously you’re gonna get
the biggest price break, and this is one I always shoot for, in the annual model. If you want to test it out,
go for the monthly model. Just remember that you’re gonna want to hit the unsubscribe feature
before the month is over so that way you aren’t billed
month in and month out. But is Grammarly Premium necessary? This is gonna be largely
dependent on your goals. I know that for me I would rather just pony up the expenses for
the annual membership so that way I get all of
the features that I need to and not get stopped up by small problems and typos and mistakes
that they otherwise say, hey, there’s a problem,
but you need to upgrade. Just tell me what I have done wrong so I can get it fixed and
I can move on with my life. I’d recommend, at the very least, if you haven’t tried the
Grammarly free model, try that first before you do the upgrade to the premium model because
you have nothing to lose and you can at least see exactly what you’re don’t wrong
and how you can fix it with the free model. And furthermore, they’ll tell you there is gonna be some mistakes, they just won’t unveil
those mistakes to you through the free model. Last but not least, this
is something that I get a lot of people saying, is Grammarly safe? So get out your tinfoil hats. Let’s go ahead and talk
conspiracy theories here. A lot of people believe that well, if you give Grammarly permission to do posts on your behalf, and this is something that’s gonna pop up when you’re using the
Chrome browser extension, then are they going to start
snapping pictures of you? Will they start using your camera? Will they start posting on your behalf? Well, folks, calm down. Take off your tinfoil
hat for just a minute and hear me out because
I’m a bit of an optimist when it comes down to something like this. They’re asking permission to make posts on your behalf because here’s the deal, your first allowing them
to see what you are doing and typing in real time. The next thing is, they’re
gonna offer suggestions on how you can fix those
things in real time. And then once you agree to those things that are gonna be fixed,
they do that on your behalf, in real time. So with all that being said, that’s why they ask for permissions to post on your behalf. Furthermore, what they’re also doing is they’re gonna be tracking
your performance history. Much like I mentioned before, something that’s available to you is the email notifications to let you know how your performance is
based on other people that are using the Grammarly app as well. Now again, I’m not really big into that specific option anymore. I don’t care how mine
fares against other people. But it’s kind of a nice
little feather in your cap when you first start
using Grammarly’s app. But is Grammarly safe? Yes. If you are the type of
person that really needs to get a lot of your workflow optimized and things going at a rapid pace, then Grammarly is definitely safe. And it is for you. If you’re ready to go ahead and get your hands on the
free access to Grammarly, of course you can head on over to my affiliate link at Once you you get access there, you’re probably wondering,
how do I use the Grammarly app to really get the most
out of all the features? I actually have a full video
called the Grammarly Tutorial that you wanna check out over here. And I’ll see you on over
in that video right now. To install the free
internet browser extension, simply log into your Grammarly account and select the apps option
on the left side panel. Click the install hyperlink.

Danny Hutson

11 thoughts on “Free Online Grammar Checker: Grammarly Review Free Version (2019)

  1. Grammerly is the best!, i use for all the story's i write, for person who has spelling issues it helps a lot!.

  2. Get a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use Grammarly:

  3. Great video! I've used Grammarly premium for over a year now and love it. I did not think about the dyslexia piece, and that was terrific information. Two of my sons have that issue, and they both enjoy writing. My third son is looking into writing short stories on the web while he works on his software engineering degree. I'm going to get them on the free version and see how they like using it. Also, I love that book back there. 🙂

  4. Honest review…thanks Dale. I have used it for over a year and have the premium package. It is not perfect and I would love it if the company has updates to improve some of its weaknesses.

  5. I love Grammarly! I’m thinking of upgrading to gain access to more in-depth grammar fixes. Great video, Dale! Thanks!

  6. I am mostly a fanfiction writer, though I love to write other stories too. English is my second language, do you think it's a wise investment? Currently, with the ten year anniversary, you pay WAAAAAY less than you normally do. So i was curious if you think it's a worthy investment. Like I said, I usually write fanfiction stories, but I also like writing normal stories. I love reading and writing 🙂 Personally, I'm leaning to subscribing to a year subscription, but mostly because I'm saving myself a LOT of money if I do so now. I'm very proud of my master of the English language and I WANT to improve it as much as I can.

  7. I use it for my academic papers. It's pretty helpful for detecting errors I usually miss. I also think it tries to teach you how to fix not just what the right correction is. Very helpful for my progress.

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