Free Internet( 2G/3G/4G) through VPN on Any Android Phones ( Still Working in 2019 ) 100% working ▶1

hi everyone this is the Technotricx B and today
we are going to learn how can we run a free internet on any Android device. You
have to take a few things in your mind first thing is you have a rooted device
and Second is you have a Airtel SIM. Let’s check my SIM balance to verify whether I’m using free internet or not . You can see the balance is 00 you so it’s clear in my Sim there is no Data Balance or any balance. You have to download this software that’s called as Droid VPN From a Play Store or any other website as usual you preferred. You have to make a New ID on Droid Vpn By just clicking on register a new account. It is very simple and it’s not a long time, just click on save my details. Click on connection protocol as at TCP. And escape the port setting and proxy setting just Come at HTTP headers.
Just Enable It. Put the Http headers as in the video. Format should not changed. If you did wrong then it will not work.
And It’ll not connected. Back at connection page, You can choose any server from these. And IT”S CONNECTED in a less time. let’s have a look on a YouTube
video to check the speed of the internet. Just click in this video, You can see this
speed at the top or in the notification panel. I think this is very grateful if
you get this type of speed without paying any money. If you have any doubt, Simply comment below and again thanks for watching my video. I’ll post such a more tricks like this. So just subscribe this channel.

Danny Hutson

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