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What’s up guys this is Muhammad Rehan Aslam
from channel Fun In Sun today we are going to crack Acelle Email Marketing web Application
as you can this cost 49$ we are going to use it free we are going to crack it it’s very
easy if you had not subscribed to my channel FUN IN SUN so without wasting your time let’s
get started first of all you need Acelle email marketing web application original source
if you had not one you can download it form here the link will be given in the video description
you can see below after downloading it you had to upload it your server on your main
domain on which you want web application Acelle email web application to run extract it and
after extracting open the domain if you got an error like this disable_openbasdir setting
just simply disable ssl simply copy this url and paste and remove s from http and is working
:O click next site name LetsHostiT Site keyword
LetsHostiT you can leave the License purchase code blank for right now we can crack it later
site description LetsHostiT Muhammad Rehan email will be this password is this chose
time zone Karachi and click next you can chose any setting(info) you like as am using random
one localhost username database name and password you can leave table prefix blank click save
Setup Database Click ok click check and save ok next
install finish open the admin panel login with the email and password you provided recently
please login goto setting and all setting License tab and when we enter anything here
it will go and communicate with there server if there server said the this license is not
valid then it will show this error ok we had to change this error*bypass* and we had to
change the error message getting form the server and it’s will be cracked it’s very
easy open app folder open helpers License helpers.php and scroll down as you can see
if the license is valid this will work ok if the license is not valid it will show you
a message we will change it to invalid if the license is invalid this will work ok click
save and now click again on verify ohh you can see app license is successfully updated
your current license thank for purchasing acell email below is your license key also
known as purchase code your license type is extended License this is extended license
all features are available for a single end product which end user can be charged for
software as a service thank you for watching Subscribe please

Danny Hutson

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