Forum Trajanum Extended Gameplay

Forum Trajanum Extended Gameplay

hey everybody welcome back to for entry janam let’s keep felting okay so we’re starting the second round it’s ship and it is Coliseum and what does Jen want so ship gets her over here call seniors over here she could do another one this little one too she could grab both of these and that gives you the flexibility to build a double building or she could still build single buildings so yeah I think she’ll go for that and she gets two tiles and now she has to keep one for herself and give one to me all right so two workers now she wants greens he’s planning on scoring green this round but hey she has an assistant so she could turn one of these into a green or she could give herself a merchant and give herself a new special power and that’s tempting but we’ve a warrant want to give this to me because then hey I could lock this down and get more powerful on this row if she gives me that merchant but by the same token if she keeps it for herself she has no builders she can’t build it all this turn access not true she could still build a building but I mean she’s really set her sights on getting more green buildings built before the years up and these might be the last I mean these might be the last builder she gets it’s crazy but I think she’s gonna take that and she’s gonna give me a merchant although I don’t know it yet and let’s see now what do I got I have ship and I’ve got call seams so again I could do that same little double move um or or if I come up here for ship then I could build another thing on this road so this patrician will oversee another civic building and I’ll score more points at the end of the round but then I can’t do a one two but you know what I have no builders I don’t know if I’ll be able to build a double building so well I mean although actually if I take this yeah okay I’m gonna to grab two again so I’ve got the options to impress this patrician by building on his Street and I have a double build if I want and let’s see so this gives me a builder and an assistant like I need more assistance actually note I do need more assistance don’t forget the first goal is to have two assistants in an extra coin just lying around doing nothing so this is not a bad year to just have a stockpile of assistance and coin and actually all my coins are already spoken for so I’m not gonna get that bonus at all if I don’t get some more money and this will give me some money I could get some money and I could upgrade my scoring bar which you’ll see more about how that works at the end of the year suffice to say it increases your score that is nice but but I do need to be able to build if I I mean I don’t know what Jen’s giving me I wanna be able to build something so let’s go with this okay although actually I should say I have another option I don’t now because I’ve already revealed these but if I was really desperate like say I wanted to build up here because remember at the end of the year we also score bonus points because Trajan has dictated build different types of civic buildings above and below each other on different streets so if I could have built and I don’t know if I’m gonna get a chance to build who knows if the lighthouse or the bathers is going to come up there’s only two of each one of the bay there’s has already come out so if I wanted to build here what I could do is I could give up a Tribune a single Tribune and ignore one of the two street cards and build wherever I want or you know recruit wherever I want and if I had to I could ignore both Street cards but you know I’m happy with this we’ll see what it and this is why I got I’m gonna go on ahead and take this and I’m giving Jen some potential money and scoring ability all right so and everybody does that now Jen is the first player she looks she knows what she got and she sees what I gave her and she says okay that’s interesting extra money at the end of this year is a big deal but I think Jen wants to build more so she’ll take this and once again she sells burn my a generous gift and this gives Jen another envoy well actually because that’s important yeah I mean either way she gets the Envoy and she gets an orange and a yellow worker yellow and orange which is not the coach he wants cuz she’s all about that green but we’ll come back to that in a second all right so she has used the special power although if she wanted she could have spent both Tribune’s and used both powers but she doesn’t care that much about a coin right now or the scoring thing okay so now Jen gets to build once she could build a double building here or two or you’re or a single building Jen wants to keep building green she has one more she will use that assistant to tell this orange you’re building green sir so Jen that’s a green builder and if she gives up her last builder she could build a green in gray she could build a park and a monument now this monument will be worth three points because we’re in the first round three points plus one more because there’s a patrician the patrician would be able to see the monument from anywhere in city from history he can only see the Civic buildings on a street he can see the monument from anywhere so if Jen had like a whole bunch of active it would be a great time to build this does Jen want to build that how would she build it she build it like this because she’s aware of the four corner thing as well yeah but then she’s just uh you know putting herself back well next round she’ll still have one workers you can build but does she want to score points right now if she were is she’s gonna build a civic building would she rather build something that doesn’t give her points but gives her resources like a builder of her choice plus another Tribune well if she wants to build a green building though she either builds a single green building or she builds discrete wellthanks she’ll do it she’ll build it she’ll build a monument Jen is the first to build a monument to Trajan’s glory okay so see that cost her both and for this she gets three points plus one Jen is on the board four points and she gets to send her Tribune and this is the important thing Jen did not want to get muscled out of here Jen has completed this area and so because well I mean Jen doesn’t know if I could have done it anyway she doesn’t know what I’m gonna do yet it’s not until my turn that I’ll even reveal what my options are but anyway so Jen finished this which means she gets an assistant a coin a you know an upgrade to her scoring potential two points or another Tribune Jen loves tributes so general just take another Tribune which you know there’s no objectives for it but just having those tributes gives her so much flexibility so that was Jen’s turn and um yeah that doesn’t really help her towards any of Trajan’s objectives she doesn’t she has no assistance he so she can’t do that she’s not building great buildings she could build a great building over here and then you know make Trajan happy but she’s all about those green buildings she’s gonna try and score them although to be able to score these green buildings she will have to clear this out to activate the green crane and then she’ll be able to score them all right so we’ll see how that plays out later all right so that was Jen’s turn now we’ll come over to me and I look and see Jen says oh my gosh she gave me a merchant Wow now that changes things up first of all Jen’s beat me over here so it’s not like I could get that from her I would like to if I don’t if I don’t take this I am NOT building this term because the assistants can’t build so that’s really painful this gives me one builder so I could build but this gives me a second merchant so I immediately get the bonus of a coin or an assistant and remember coins and assistants are needed for the Trajan bonus plus if I have two guys here every unique Civic building I build on this street is worth three points and not just once but at the end of every year so that could rack up huge points or oh this is even better if I take this yes I’m gonna come down here I am gonna jettison my own tile I’m taking the tile Jen gave me this comes over here so I still got an envoy I could send off later and now I need another coin I only have two coins I need three coins to pay all these guys but I now have access to the power of turning assistance into builders and um I could do it twice it just so happens I have two assistants I have this power I could turn money into assistants and then in assistants into whatever worker I want this is a great combo opportunity with those merchants I’ve got whoo yeah plus if I start building monuments like Jen just did there were three bonus points to me because I’ve got all these guys although again I need money worried about that in a second I am now going to build and I could build a double or a single over here but first of all I’m gonna use my power I’m going to turn both of my assistants into my u-turn both of them into assistants yes I am I’m gonna give myself two colored workers and what do I want I want an orange worker and an orange worker do i well here’s why I do because I’ve already started building orange if I build more orange like I was talk about Jen I might reveal the orange crane and score points for building lots of houses this year and the more orange buildings I built the closer I’ll be to filling up this area and grabbing a bonus as well plus because I have this patrician I want to fill those areas because this power is when I fill the area up I don’t get one I get two bonuses which is a big deal so okay so okay I I could build two orange buildings I could build them both right here because I’ve got two orange builders now and don’t forget I’ve got I’ve got I can turn my Tribune into a coin or an another assistant if I need to all right let’s do it let’s build a double orange we’re just going although no here’s the problem if I build a double orange that means I should be able to send two or two envoys to the city I’ve only got one envoy so now is not a good time to build a double building I mean because I’d waste the opportunity to send two envoys because I only have one I gotta wait till next turn so maybe I don’t build I could you build a single I don’t have to build a double and then I send a single envoy and then next round to get another envoy and I build the other orange but I want to build fast all right but I’m not – I’m gonna be I’m gonna be cautious I’m gonna be measured I’m just gonna build another house just a single one mind you I’ll put it in this corner because these temples want to have you know of buildings around them so I want to build one over there and over there and over there I want to build a lot of color cross it could be any color just not great all right so I’ve done that I’ll send him off over here and I will stop Jen from like kind of muscling up into my territory I’m kind of making a wall and now if I get this last orange built I will get two points okay so that was it I could have built again but again I don’t want to waste an envoy opportunity so oh my gosh that’s crazy I did not expect that okay so we’ll see how this plays out that was the end of the second around the second season of this first year I am the first player let’s see what the streets have in store for us we have got ah the wolf that Fred Romulus and Remus all righty so that is a wolf card a wolf street and the Spartan Street or not Spartan Street the warrior Street the Legionnaire Street all right where am I going I can build on this street where the this merchant would be happy to see it and I see and most of the Legionnaires Legionnaire oh right so once again I could build a double although I still want to build up here well they don’t need to build up there mmm oh my gosh okay and also don’t forget now that I’m building I definitely want to at some point building the turret line or the White House line although I could always override as long as I keep this guy I can override to build this if I need to and if I do grab this tile that means I’ve got the opportunity to upgrade my scoring and give myself another Civic building builder so I got that in my back pocket if I need it where am I going in the meantime see building a civic building on this street will score me more points and was the other thing older Centurion building on yeah building on both of these would score me more points if I build civic buildings there ah they’re all facedown so I don’t know how I’m gonna get again I could just go for the double so I could you know just have that kind of flexibility what the heck I’ll do it I’ll do it I’ll do it alright here we go I have no idea what we’re gonna get I’m very scared okay a builder and a worker so that means I can keep building or an envoy and a coin I need three coins and I could turn an envoy into an assistant and then the assistant into the worker and I need those coins or I could turn an envoy into a coin okay I’m gonna I’m gonna take the worker although I don’t wanna give mean I can see how much Jen loves envoys am I gonna give her another envoy her and I’m not even building yellow I’m building orange I’m giving this to Jen oh my gosh crazy yeah I’m gonna go I’m going to combo town this round okay meanwhile Jen where’s her wolf she is hungry like the wolf there’s her Centurion there’s her wolf so Jen could build these two right there again get a nice little double but this is not helping Jen she is running out of time to activate the plus the sooner she activates this the sooner she gets this craftsman and the sooner she gets access to this ability although both of these craftsman abilities are convert assistance into workers of any color or assistance in the builders jen has no assistance Wow not a great time to get that craftsperson annual I mean a craftsperson is a lost opportunity to send an envoy hello I didn’t even think about that I mean Jen wishes this tile we’re all over here but that was just totally random because then hey if she cleared that she’d get some more workers and she’d be getting a non-void cetera cetera instead of a special power that she has no use for oh geez aw geez what the heck Jen will she’ll go ahead and take the two doubles right next to each other we’ll see how it goes all right and woe to builders and another envoy and a blue she has enough on voice she’ll give that to me she’ll keep the two builders for herself now it’s my turn I reveal and Jen gave me a blue worker because she knows I care about building orange this round because I haven’t even started building blue so it wouldn’t make much sense to reveal my blue crane just to get one scored building hmm but an envoy is nice having two envoys that would give me a lot of flexibility but I’m getting it all off my own yeah I’m sticking to my original plan which means this gift from Jen I say thee nay so this gives me an envoy and a coin or I’m sorry a Tribune and a coin and I got an envoy right Tribune coin so now I’ve got all the coins I need to take care of my three active citizens and now let’s use some of those citizens let’s turn to have this turn this envoy into an assistant which is insane and then wait actually I don’t need to yet I can still build I can still build maybe I shouldn’t do that maybe I shouldn’t do that maybe I shouldn’t do that maybe I shouldn’t because again if I hold on these two envoys they could let me do a double action next turn the last turn of this year okay so but also I just need assistance though because I need although if I don’t have any excess coins it doesn’t make any sense to have excess assistance I’m running out of time you cannot do everything you want to do in this game and I’ve really kind of doubled down on this whole orange thing now so if I’m gonna build an orange building I’ll probably build in here so it’s in the corner all right no I’ll build it there so it’s in the corner of this temple so that temple is potentially happy in the third year I’m having to plan so far ahead and I’ve got the Envoy to send back which means I’ll score the double yeah that’s what I’m gonna do that’s what I’m so it’s just a question of where am I gonna build my third noble house although yeah I’m just gonna build it right there and and yeah I’ll build it right there which means I send and I have now completed this row hooray and because of my active my power is I get two of these it can’t be the same one but I can get two I think do I want another coin because now I can start collecting coins or I could get in this I could get a coin an assist and I just need one more assistant and I will have scored the the Emperor’s needs yes let’s do it a coin and an assistant bippity bop plus I just love converting assistants into other stuff all right so I’m rich I’ve got all these guys covered and I’ve got a coin if I get one more assistant I will have made the Trajan happy although if I had like four assistants in two coins I can make him happy twice because you can do it as many times as you want Wow but in the meantime I’ve now built three orange buildings and if I get this orange crane exposed that’ll be a big payday for me at the end of the year oh okay round four it is winter time the last of the year Jan is first and it is statue and bridge okay statue and bridge so Jenn is gonna have to call in one of her envoys to ignore one of those because she needs to build this if she wants to score her green buildings cuz he put a lot of work and now she doesn’t have to she could score them in a future round to be fair but um your colored buildings in the first year there were three a pop in the second year there were two if you wait till the end they’re worth one so if Jen scores him that six points if she gets this exposed guaranteed six points but it’s still um I’m sorry uh you know nine points it’s six points in the second year is Jen gonna call an audible because remember this it’s this guy doesn’t even give her an ability she wants right now but you know she’s not gonna go for that what else does she have going on cuz he hasn’t really been she hasn’t been building Civic buildings above him below each other she could do that over here alright wait wait okay what seed what streets its bridge for this column and it’s it’s not lighthouse it’s oh it’s so it’s oh she can do it she she has sassy she could build this but she has no assistant so his power is useless oh my gosh oh my gosh so she takes that that would be her turret and the other thing oh it was bridge which is one of these hmm which doesn’t help her at all but if she takes that she’s definitely gonna be all about trying to score some more green and she’ll forget about the other business and she won’t have a coin she won’t even pay this guy cuz she’ll never end up using his special power Wow but you know she’s gonna do it okay so Jen’s gonna take this oh wait wait wait wait wait wait oh my gosh did I not do Jen’s turn last turn I don’t think I did hold on a second folks ignore those streets I I did my turn I didn’t do Jen’s alrighty here’s what Jen had available to her wow that’s a whole lot of builders it has a whole lot of builders and a yellow no assistants though which are necessary for the end of the round right I totally forgot Jen’s turned em so again if Jen spent both of these she could activate both of them and she’d be able to build Civic buildings for a long while she’d really be set so again she’s making decision on previous turn she doesn’t know what’s coming she will do it Jen is gonna activate both of these tiles the gift I gave her and her own which gives her three builders and a yellow so it’s still even though she’s using what she used to not it goes over there and she now has another envoy three grey builders and another yellow worker come here you which means hey she could start building yellow buildings to score maybe in the second year but now is the time to build some Civic all right so she had done that and then she was gonna build I built for myself last term but I didn’t build for her I guess or if not folks always watch what the Klingon subtitles turned on because when I get my head on backwards and I don’t know left from right Paolo is always there noting when I’ve made mistakes oh he’s a godsend turn on those Klingon subtitles qapla anyway so we’re still in the last turn Jen could have built some yellow she had no assistance so she couldn’t do anything else so she probably just built a civic building with one of these guys that she had and what civic building would she like to build the one that gives her a call the one that gives her another envoy and a building of her choice or the one that gives her two assistants oh my gosh suddenly suddenly assistants are back on the menu yeah Jen’s gonna build a basilica and she’ll build it on this road where this patrician will see it and be very impressed although there’s a problem with that building it right here means she will not to get these points right now which aren’t that many it’s only two points she’s giving up the potential to surround this temple at the end of the third year ha bird in the hand – in the bush big time I think she’ll bite her time she’ll wait because she’s still put whatever here um because she knows she could build more Civic buildings and yeah she builds another seven building here then she could give up the long term to go for the short term yeah so that makes sense so anyway she went up that gave her two assistants okay so now Jen has two assistants in a coin that is what the emperor trajan has demanded and why does Jen have a green envoy Jen can’t have a green envoy oh dear I’ve messed myself up uh-huh at some point I thought it so that means Jen no but Jen right Jen took this okay then that just means one of these yeah here we go there’s Jen’s envoy I just got that mixed up again Klingon subtitles FTW so anyway so Jen’s got her on voice still and she’s got a lot of builders that’s all she did for last turn she’s setting herself up to make Trajan happy and now here we are on the final turn back to her original plan does she score these green buildings now by taking this guy she’s got a coin she could pay him she’s got some assistant she could ignore the Trajan’s decree of having assistants and money lying around and start converting those assistants in to builders of her choosing she could build more green buildings and remember green buildings will never be more valuable than they are right now okay Jen’s gonna do it she’s gonna take this and so that was her what’d he call it her her statue and now she takes something from the bridge row unless she wants to ignore the confines and build wherever she wanted you know and take something from wherever she wants mmm Minnie Minnie Minnie Minnie Minnie I see doesn’t make any sense to build here because you can’t cuz this patrician won’t see she could take the above one but just long she could do a double she could take one this down here or this one over here it doesn’t really matter they’re all she could do this so that she could be long-term thinking about for the third year surrounding this with colored buildings on your side yeah she’ll take that and it’s a builder of any color and a coin or it is a new special power this crazy gens gonna give me the special power which means I’m know all folks I’ve made another mistake this this thing I thought I had this whole game I didn’t have it it was supposed to come up here and here I told him it this is where craftsmen go you know what just to make sure this is fine let’s say all that time ago Jen gave me a craftsmen you know it was random how these things came out so this turn this has been sitting here the whole time she gave me a craftsman a long time ago so that this made sense and now she had decided she want to keep this merchants no she didn’t she gave it to me because she wants to build and get another coin okay so meanwhile over in my neck of the woods I need to go to my bridge I need to go to my statue there’s a very are am I gonna try and get another orange built this turn I don’t know what Jen’s given me oh my gosh so much going on I’ve got all my coins to keep everybody happy I’ve got the ability to convert things into other things I will not score these oranges unless I reveal this crane and I can’t reveal the crane unless I spin an envoy I will spend an envoy to override one of the cards and I will take this okay and so that means I still have to build on the bridge or the statue row I will build over here because hey it’s another opportunity for a double build potentially it’s another road where I’d like my guy to see me building and let’s see what I got here a green and a gray or gray and scoring updating the rear is almost up maybe it’s time to score update No basically that means everything slides over and Alexis playing this now alright so Trajan if for every time I complete a Trajan objective I score three points because it’s in this zone you can see this kind of little we call it not ellipse the brackets if I increase this enough times it’ll cross over here and now Trajan abilities are worth five if I keep increasing it Trajan objectives are worth seven and by the same token at the end of the year I’m gonna score I have three tributes that me that’s my biggest grouping which means it’s my lowest thing three gets me one point but if I climbed up here a grouping of three would get me two or three or four knows nothing there are certain things that let you upgrade this so that the payout is much much better and you can get to higher levels quicker so that’s what this is all about and I could bump that up now and if I did it would score me it would score me one point immediately because I go from one to two on this but that’s really at least three points over the course of game cuz I will score this group three times over the course of game so this is three points so right now this is at the very very minimum three points and and potentially more as I keep working mine scoring up and a builder or a builder and a green I’m not building green let’s let’s upgrade alright so is my envoy and oh and I’m giving this no no no door deter I’m giving this to Jen I know she loves building green buildings oh oh I might be bad but I’m keeping this for myself right we’re on the final turn Jen is first let’s see what is she gonna do and she says yo give me another green builder but Jen has a green builder and a coin does she care about coins what is he gonna do she got so basically she have any color she wants in a coin or a coin and a gray builder okay wait didn’t I just give her no I kept the scoring thing for myself that’s right right so what does Jen wants mmm all right so she’s gonna if she builds one more green building that’s another three points but she can get that either way does she want another coin if she has another coin she can keep this guy happy alright she will spurn my gift as generous as it was and take the coin and a builder of her choosing alright coin and a build over choosing one or green for the road baby one more beautiful Park in her neck of the woods and a coin to take care of her patrician and she still got enough left over to make Trajan happy alright so she’s traded in now she’s gonna build one more green building or does she build a double no she has no double spaces cuz she does have a green in a gray she could do a double but she hasn’t opened that up so she’s just gonna build a single green building and she’ll build it over here because she’s thinking about the year for where this thing needs to be surrounded and that means she gets to send another envoy she’s finished this green area she starts another green area um so she’ll come over here because you all remember I said right French you want to be next to those seats of power these greens can’t get to the seat of power but on the other hand these greens could be finished very quickly and get Jen a bonus because there’s only two of them but if she comes over here to see the power and if she can build a line all the way here she could have a huge grouped up presence in the forum that could score her a lot of points over the course of the game alright so she has sent somebody off she’s built that’s gonna be three more points at the end of the round she is diggity dogged he done all right okay my turn and I see what did Jen give me and I said you gave me the merchant that I thought I had before so I could lock this in I would immediately get a coin or an assistant that means I’d have two assistants on the coin I have two oh my gosh and I would score three points for every building in this row but there’s no Civic buildings in this row and I don’t have a way to build a Civic building because my combos don’t let me make if I had this one down here I could turn an assistant into a civic but I took this one or I ignore Jen’s generous gift and I increased my my original plan I increased my scoring and get a civic building so I can build another Civic building although I have no place oh my gosh we neither of us Jen had this place where she could build two Civic buildings above and below but we didn’t do it I never cleared this out so I could build two above and below neither of us are going to have made Trajan very happy there’s no penalty for not adhering to his decree but it’s a big lot but again you cannot do everything in this game scoring or the ability to turn us oh I could do this and then I have the ability to turn my last assistant into a builder so I could build a Civic building but even still I don’t have any place where I could build them above and below each other to trigger because I did not clear this out what was I thinking what was I thinking or but okay I’m scoring orange buildings I’d like to score another orange building right now I’ve got three I’d like to get another one on the board because I could I could use my power to turn this assistant into an orange plus if I take this guy that’s another coin I’ve got to feed him I do have enough coins though so once again this decision because I just saw that if I put him up here I could get another coin and then I’d have four coins to feed everybody and I’d have a coin left over but then I wouldn’t get the Builder I need I could convert him into a builder I’m sorry an assistant but then I wouldn’t build anything gosh wow this is a perfect encapsulation of how in crazy intense and tough these decisions get as the game goes on I think I do want to pay all of my people if I do him then I got to pay another person and this coin can’t be used um and currently okay I’m gonna make the right so I’m not gonna take it I can’t believe I’m turning this down because I could totally pay for him this is interesting too if I put it here then this will immediately increase my scoring line and from now on for the rest of the game whenever I increase my scoring line I don’t just move forward one I move forward to because basically I get to jump forward to the next tree so that’s pretty cool oh I just increased my scoring like I was really planning on doing before I got this given this gift but another coin another okay I’m gonna do it no I’m not because I’ll get the assistant I won’t have unless yeah I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it boom this right now immediately gives me in a coin or an assistant yeah yeah I’ll take a coin and this coin is basically just to pay this guy off so in the future I want to start bombarding this street with civic buildings because there were three points to me six points to me at the end of the second plus the end of the third year alright so I haven’t paid these guys yet and I still got a buck I can’t believe that I can’t believe I threw this away but hey at least I’ve got an envoy to send and now my last act of this round is I’m not gonna build anything I’m gonna use my special power to turn this guy into an assistant so that at the end of the year I’ve got two assistants and a coin as the emperor has decreed Wow oh that is not how I expected this to go down folks but okay we have finished the first of three years and now begins the scoring phase first we got to pay coins I pay one two three four if for every part you don’t have to but for every active citizen you don’t pay they end up flipping and it’s like they don’t exist and now in a future year like if I say if I hadn’t paid this because I don’t feel I need this power anymore and because it’s not like he’s looking at any building so I could keep my coin if I wanted to now I didn’t pay her so she’s gone in the future year if I pay a coin she’ll be back or if I ever put something here this guy will talk her into coming back as well but as it is I’ve kept all my guys active I like all of my powers and I want to start building on this street like crazy okay so I paid everybody now what cranes are exposed I have exposed this crane I’m gonna score my orange buildings 1 2 3 times 3 because we’re in the first round is 9 points I’m on the board finally 9 points there we go and gray buildings for each row I get grey buildings so this row has one grey building it you have to be unique I meant to put more grey buildings here and I totally failed so it’s one but since there’s a guy here instead of getting one point I get two so I get two points for that grey building and I built no more grey buildings alright so that’s that because I focused on the colored buildings orthogonal to the form every one of my envoys that’s next to a seat of power gives me a point so that’s one more point if I ever there especially is you can actually become the seat of power that’s worth 2 points so that’s that biggest grouping of envoys which is right here that’s three so I come back over here and I get one point member I was gonna get two points cuz I was in upgraded but I didn’t so I just get one point so that’s it for my adjacency to Eagles and my own voice and now mr. Trajan or I’m sorry Emperor Trajan at no point did I do to Gray’s above them blow each other so I miss that scoring opportunity but I do have I don’t have to spend these I just have to show that I’ve collected them I have to if I had four and two I’d score this twice but as it is I only score at once and the points I get for that are again based on this Trajan is in the three section so I get three more points oops and I spilled on my libraries over one two three okay boom let’s see how Jen did at the end of the first year so first of all she has a coin she will keep this person happy even though he’s not doing much for but it is still once she gets more she gets these two moron voices he’ll double the payout she gets from that so she’ll keep him cuz it’s alright alright so she’s paid everybody everybody’s happy nobody goes home hungry now she is scoring her green crane she has four four times um three cuz we’re in the first year again we’re in the first year gives her twelve so she’s ride all the way up to sixteen just like that then we check her grey buildings she has one grey building on this row nobody’s looking at it so that’s one point and she has one gray building on this road nobody’s looking at it that’s one point Jen got two points cuz she did not build them in the right places c’est la vie and now on voice she has two envoys adjacent Stussy to power so that’s two points her biggest grouping is one two three which again scores for one point cuz she didn’t push her row up very much so that’s one more point and Trajan tasks what did she do she also did not build two gray zip-up and blow each other although she had intended to but I kind of lost track of time but like me she did make one full collection so that is three more points one two three and at the end of the first round Jen’s at twenty four points I am at sixteen points and it is time for the second year which means in Rome the tower gets taller now we know that we only get two points for building towers and scoring colored buildings at the end of the round and we otherwise start drawing hey it’s another building row and an arch row and at the end of this year we’re gonna be based we want to have Hey for every grouping of assistant builder and Tribune we can score points and the number of points based on how much we’ve upgraded our point score and we also want to build color gray color and I’ve totally forgotten if I even remotely gone close to that have I know cuz I’d have to put a color here and then a gray there or color here and then agree there but I’m set up to do it and Jen is she could do a color and then a gray so possibly so but you know we got a long way to go for a second and third year forum tree jeonnam but that folks is the rundown if you wanna hear some final thoughts now you can hit that I in the top-right corner screen or follow the show notes in five four three two one

Danny Hutson

6 thoughts on “Forum Trajanum Extended Gameplay

  1. "If I had, like, four assistants and two coins, I could make [Trajan] happy twice" — Roman debauchery at its best 😉
    Are the white meeples called tribunes or envoys? I'm confuzzled with all these different meeples that obviously can be changed, turned and metamorphed into each other anyway. Maybe it'd become clearer when actually playing the game. Do you know if it will it be available at SPIEL?
    Looks like another Feld game that might take a while to set up/clear and I'm not fond of that, although it doesn't appear to be more opulent than, e.g., Amerigo.

  2. I don’t believe you have to pay two coins for a row that has two citizens. The most you have to pay is one coin for each row that has citizens in it. It doesn’t matter if there are one or two citizens in the row. You just pay 1 coin per row. According to the rule book.

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