Danny Hutson

8 thoughts on “FOA Lecture 30 – OLAN – The Fiber Optic LAN

  1. I see the Fiber Optic Industry hitting Fiber to the Cellular Tower and Data Center back haul,if the Cellular Installers are trained properly and realize a De-Install & a Re-Install
    with a Hybrid Copper/Fiber to the Remote Radio Head will cut the Tower Load and increase bandwidth by a 1000 fold.
    Need Fiber Installation,Inspection,splicing anywhere in the world (mil-spec Included)email [email protected] can mobilize in hours.

  2. Paul, some of the most active fiber areas right now are connecting cell towers, municipal networks, OLANs and the energy field. Watch for a new FOA video on where the jobs are!

  3. can i use an active spliter on a pasive optical network? knowing that i will lose about 10db of signal strength if i use a passive spliter

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