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100 thoughts on “Flynn attorney demands FBI search internal database, claims FBI manipulated interview notes

  1. The FBI is under the Trump administration, so why is it so hard to get them to comply with these demands? Who is running the show?

  2. I wish the news would get away from bleach blonde bubbleheads when interviewing world class heavy hitters like Sidney Powell. Powells intelligence demands someone of similar intelligence, not a pretty face that tries too hard to look fetching.

  3. A mere 18 months later… you can't say the GOP isn't going at this like gangbusters… pardon me while I vomit.
    FBI agent Mark Wauck: "Who does a handwritten rough draft of an interview these days? I stopped doing that decades ago… Because that handwritten draft could be changed at will, whereas nowadays, once you save something under a case file number–even as a draft–that's recoverable. There's an audit trail, which is what Powell keeps asking for. So, if you're an "investigator" and you're not sure how you want to make that interview sound, then you delay creating that discoverable digital trail. And that's a sure indicator of dishonest intent.

  4. Another question. In the lovely State of California where I reside, it is illegal to record a court proceeding. Has anyone asked why that is? In an open and Democratic Society you are not allowed to record the ongoing proceedings in a courtroom? Boy I tell you we've been asleep for a long time

  5. Flynn was set up because some people didnt want to get put off the money ( gravy ) train.THEN FLYNN.WAS ROBBED.,,,RELEASE FLYNN NOW give him back ALL his full powers and pay and let him restart his investigations (basically an audit of the expenses of each agency) of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD,,DOHS and let the american people see just where their money disappears going down into those agency halls and IS WHAT the intelligence community really doing,, good for the people of america ? If not HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS COULD BE FIRED…. FLYNN HAD AUTHORITY OVER fbi, cia, nsa, dod, dohs and a few of these people set him up to strip him of that authority … bring him back and give him some ENFORCEMENT TEETH that he can suspend any head of any division at any time, for anything,, until that person is fully investigated and vetted

  6. I sat next to this lady on a flight from Asheville to Atlanta. Calm, cool, down to earth. Sort of like a “sniper”. Take the shot.

  7. I believe Mr Flynn. After the FBI protected Epstein and Strozy cozy FBI agent and the others line Coney how can we ever trust the beloved FBI?

  8. Since the fbi had started their so called investigation on President Trump..I have lost faith in them. The fbi is a joke to all other law enforcement agencies.

  9. Read the law about lying to Congress ! You won't believe what it says about lying and punishment . It's actually legal to lie to Congress . No fuk'n joke !

  10. I've heard (on some alt news channels) that they (deep state) threatened Flynn, saying they would go after his kids, if Flynn didn't cooperate with them trying to take him down.

  11. The FBi edits interviews ? That one sentence/question would be , if I were President Trump, enough of a concern to shut down the FBi.

  12. The guest is using her eye blinks as a S.O.S type message. The sentences are ended with eye brow raises. OMG 😲😲😱😱💀💀😠😈👺👹👽😳😵🌋🌀🌊????????? Comprende Amigos???

  13. A geeral rule of thunb for any good Lawyer is , DONT ASK A QUESTION YOU DONT KNOW THE ANSWER TOO . Sydney Powell is a very very good Lawyer , She knows but is holding her cards very close to her chest . The Judge is NO FOOL Either , He know's exactly what is going on and doesn't like it at all .

  14. LMFAO, I thought you where serious for half a second. That's what foreign spy services DO in enemy territories. Those have been in Isreali control since or before the massacre of the U.S.S. Liberty crew members in 1967's six day war where Isreal attacked American sailors with out provocation in International waters and murdered many sailors to hide heinous slaughter of captured soldiers discovered by the Liberty crew members.

  15. An interview 302 is a legal document once completed it shouldn't be changed in any way shape or form, otherwise it ceases to be original or "authentic" (false, corrupted, manipulated, changed, ). I'm sure legal cases have been thrown out for far less, why is the Doj and FBI still protecting these characters?

  16. Flynn didn’t break the law by calling the Russian ambassador. They acted like he did break the law to scare him & then used his denial. He should be pardoned.

  17. A plea deal is something that you take when they throw you over a barrel and threaten you a lifetime imprisonment. Everybody knows that this was all part of the Russian collusion narrative and that Mueller was hunting down anyone related to President Trump and anyone associated with him.

  18. Claiming 'they made an error' was done as a strategy to push for a guick overturn of the verdict and end to the Court proceedings with no further Diiscovery so they can claim later that they lost to Flynn on 'Adminstrative errors!!' Am I wrong on this?

  19. Whoa! The original 302 is missing! Yeah right, I guess the next thing they're gonna tell us is that Epstein killed himself. What happened to the General is shameful.

  20. After General Flynn is exonerated, they better reimburse him for all his legal costs and go after those responsible for these injustices and make them pay financially and criminally.

  21. Shannon looks so beautiful with long hair. She is a Goddess~!! I am so glad General Flynn has Sydney for his Lawyer and justice will be served because she is the ultimate Lawyer for anyone who has been unjustly charged.

  22. When all the “EDITED” evidence comes to the light of DAY, I seriously hope FLYNN sues STRZOK and his girlfriend besides the government for ALL payments for DEFENSE attorney fees and gets a WEALTHY settlement for lost wages, HARASSMENT and DEFAMATION of CHARACTER! That would be TAX money WELL spent. I’d hope a judge would make PAGE and STRZOK pay future earnings to FLYNN as well. Those two went well beyond government “DUTY” and definitely should not be protected by their clauses of not being responsible while serving as a DOJ official acts bc they were WAY OUTSIDE of those bounds!

  23. The Obama Government's facade to cover up their corruption is starting to unravel like a cheap suit, from the very top to the bottom. Isn't it strange how all this Democrat corruption that is being uncovered and yet Obama has not uttered one word in the defence of his corrupt administration. It's just a matter of time before all the chips land at his feet.

  24. Why serve in the military of a country this backwards…Many many stories of soldiers being railroaded by Military lawyers in secret court cases…how can we continue to function with this level of cover-ups and corruption…too late to fix it, It's all been negated and perverted, mabey after the collapse the people who caused this will be dealt with, sometimes revenge is all you get.

  25. A & B say C is guilty… Oh.. it was B & A not A & B? Better attack the process then.. mistrial !!!… C MUST BE INNOCENT!!!

  26. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. ( hhhuuummm )

  27. Flynn was railroaded to be sure but unimpressed with his agreeing to plead guilty for something he didn't do. Americas moms and dads put their kids in harm's way everyday because it's the right thing to do. When it came to his own kids Flynn collapsed like a house of cards.

  28. Where was she during the Las Vegas Massacre investigation!!! We need more honest litigation including media support including Fox news.

  29. The FBI is TAINTED and should be closed down and open a NEW LAW ABIDING FEDERAL INVESTIGATIVE AGENCY! One that abides by the Constitution and the Rule of Law!

  30. In God We Trust, not the government! For the whack jobs who believe in government, you've misplaced your faith in agencies who have no loyalty to you! They want to rule and control! Wake up already, it's time to put government back in their box and get back to real progress (FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT)!

  31. They cant get their sht together.
    Lies and lies and lies.
    Msm doing cya for all these public figures. Corporate has ruined the news.

  32. Read Sydney Powells book if you want to know how the justice system is unhinged and unaccountable. Very enlightening, if not sickening.

  33. Why in the world with new technologies would the FBI not record or video their interviews? Especially when they are mentally taking notes, at least written notes of the interview. So is the FBI now a third rate police department that is not accountable for their investigative techniques , which is archaic.

  34. General Flynn was blackmailed in the 1st place. AMEN 🇺🇸✝️ And now that it's proven without a shadow of a doubt what they did to general Flynn and his family is repulsive, And the federal government and the employees that did this needs one to pay back general Flynn every penny and then some. And the employees should go to prison. To do that to a highly respected general after all those years of spending in the military serving as a true Patriot. And just because the👹 DNC and the👹 deep state Evil doings Towards general flan I'm sorry to say those people need to go to prison or be hung for treason. But general Flynn deserves to have all of his money back restitution and to be paid for all the agony that they put 🇺🇸 general Friends family through. AMEN 🇺🇸✝️🕎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  35. If you cop a plea or admit guilt… you're guilty; period!
    I'm a conservative, Republican and that's just how the dice roll.
    If you are innocent… Stand your ground, be damned the consequences!
    BTW, I like Flynn and always thought that he was set up, still do but he copped out.
    "Expect the worse and hope for the best".
    Moral of the story, never cop a plea or admit to wrong doing without proper legal counsel .

  36. Can we get Sidney as the Attorney General? Anyone under attack by the Deep State needs to hire this woman, she's a fighter.

  37. The FBI got the idea to swap names around from undercover huber on Twitter. If you go listen to the Dark to light podcast Frank and Tracy explain it very well on there show.

  38. Oh by the way WE THE FBI are lying about claiming people are lying! We the FBI are hiding our alleged evidence and we have alerted the evidence and totally invented information. RIDICULOUS BEHAVIOR OF THE FBI!!!

  39. I wouldn’t trust an excuse of whose handwriting is what, either.
    General Flynn caved under a type of torture in my opinion. He lost everything he’d worked for and it was a type of brainwashing or psychiatric manslaughter here that obtained a false confession —going up against new, whole sentences in any FBI edits is false accusation resulting in perjury and adjudicating false charges. OblunderamaMao and cronies couldn’t have him in the Oval!
    I love that Sydney Powell termed the object of the new turn in the investigation as “Metadata”. Very cool.

  40. There is precedent for the courts overturning admissions of guilt when the defense can show clear indication of coercion on the part of the prosecution. One has to keep in mind, Congress has granted the FBI extraordinary powers to the FBI, akin to torture, to extract confessions (aka admissions of guilt) from people, like threats to imprison family members. Originally intended to compensate for the FBI's incompetence in "getting the mafia", the FBI now routinely uses those powers against everybody.

  41. American people need to vote these evil wicked child rapist democrats political party Jeffery rapist island out of office 2020

  42. "Largely" grammatical and stylistic changes says the FIB. "Largely" is not totally and grammar and style can change the meaning entirely. Chris Wray is pissing on everyone and telling them it is rain.

  43. Lady you have no Idea how popular you are in my circle we adore you respect you and if you decided in 2024 run forPresidency you have our vote .from NY .

  44. DOJ has forced Flynn to confess or they would drag his son & new baby into it. Agents r criminals. Fire entire doj,cia,nsa,all appointed judges by obamer dog

  45. The FBI should be forced to record and keep all interactions with citizens and interactions among themselves concerning citizens. There are too many crooks with power and no safeguards.

  46. This whole investigation into Manafort, Flynn, Page and Papadopolos will soon be revealed as a wide reaching cabal of Obama Administration officials conspiring to frame these individuals along with the current POTUS Donald Trump with a fabricated criminal investigation by the Durham investigation. This is a textbook case of "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree" and every single one of these cases should be dismissed and all of them made whole again, along with every single one of the investigators losing their law license and be charged with conspiring to overthrow the government of the United States

  47. They picked the wrongs to fk with in Flynn and Trump. They will get their pound of flesh before this thing is over! It took Obama on down AND the corrupt media to attempt this silent coup. It hasn’t stopped but it is imploding. When it does, their Commie supporters will resort to more violence. Hen they do, Trump will shut them down so quick they won’t believe it!

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