Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum Online Program

Fit, Healthy, Happy Mum Online Program

hi I’m Sharny, author of Fitmum. I am so
excited to be bringing you Fitmum’s online program. Eight-week program, so it’s so short and fast you’re going to be having a hot body in no time. One of
the reasons we’ve created this program for you is I do private coaching
with mums around the world online, but I’ve only got a certain
number of mums that I can take on one on one, and I’m not helping as many mums as we’d like to get their body back
after kids so we’ve created this online program which is exactly what I did. What exercise I did, what I ate every day with the kids to be able to lose my weight and get back into a bikini after children. Before I lost my thirty kilos I didn’t feel the best. I had no energy, I
struggled to get through most days keeping up with the kids, because I was
also pregnant again and I was aching all over and I just… I felt like I was going
downhill more and more every day. I was getting bigger and bigger after each
child and I know that I’m in the fitness industry and I’m a fitness expert and I
didn’t have the answers. I didn’t know what to do.
I felt so overwhelmed. So it was at that point just after I had Emmett my fourth baby, that I was looking in the mirror in one moment at myself feeling twenty
years older than what I should and just feeling disgusting. And I said “Sharny!” yep, I was talking to myself “Enough’s enough! You are the only one
that can pull yourself out of this situation! You are the only one that can
lose your weight! You’re the one that puts food in your mouth! You’re the one
that keeps coming up with excuses on why you can’t fit in exercise; because you’ve
got washing, or you’re too tired or…” I had every excuse Under the Sun. So it was at that point I said, “enough’s enough!” “You are going to take this one step at a time.
You’re going to fit in a little bit of exercise each day. You’re going to eat
clean, healthy food and you’re going to just start by being happy every single
day.” So I did that. I took one day at a time, one step at a time. I didn’t focus
too far in advance and then… thirty kilos gone! I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt
in my entire life and that’s AFTER four children. I have never ever worn a
bikini on its own without wearing shorts at the bottom to try and hide my sloppy
stomach and all that stuff. So I’m in a bikini for the first time in my entire
life and I’m so excited because I want to give that to you
so I’m shortcutting you here trying to guess your way through losing all your
baby weight. I’m giving you exactly what exercise I’ve done and the great thing
is, wait to hear this… All the workouts are under 30 minutes! Most of the
workouts are 15 minutes long so you can achieve that and the workouts can even
be done with our kiddies so we can involve our kids in it and build that
exercise physical activity bond that we want to have with our children.
I tell you exactly what I ate across the entire eight weeks so you don’t have
to guess or work it out. You get recipes, you get meal plans.
There’s also, wait for this, a forum of other mums. So you’ve got a support group of women going through the same thing, that might be a week ahead of you
or week behind you, that you can ask questions to. I’m going to be in the forum
answering your questions along with some of my other yummy mummies that are a
part of my team that have been through the journey as well. We’re going to be
helping you every step of the way so you’re not on your own with this. This
will also change your life for good. You’re going to be feeling more energy
than you’ve ever had before. You’re going to be feeling sexy, beautiful, happy, all
those things that we deserve to feel as a mum and you’re probably thinking “oh my god how much is this going to cost me, it’s going to cost me a fortune?” Well I
didn’t want that to be an excuse either It’s not worth thousands of dollars so
you can take a deep breath. This program is valued at three hundred and ninety
seven dollars and I thought to myself “okay that might be a bit unrealistic for
some mum so let’s make it $197. we were sort of talking about $197 so I said “No, I want to make this as cheap as I possibly can for mums to be able to take
action and get their body back. We’re going to have women everywhere in bikinis
taking on the world! So this program is only forty seven dollars and it’s an
introductory to you so that you can get started on your journey. I didn’t want
there to be any reason that you couldn’t start this. So one thing before you click the button below and I see you on this other
side.. There’s a couple of things that you need to bring across to the other side
with you. No more excuses! I don’t accept excuses from myself
anymore and I’m going to do a favor for you and it’s not accept excuses from you
anymore. Another thing that you need to eliminate from your vocabulary is the
word “can’t.” There is always a way around it. If you’ve got an injury we can do
another exercise. If you can’t do a full pushup, we can scale it back to a beginner push-up. You WILL eventually be able to
do a normal push-up though, that’s the exciting thing! This is the start of your
journey and you are now looking at yourself as an athlete. That’s the final
thing that we ask of you is that from now on you call yourself an athlete. We
are an athlete! we’re mums! I’ve got goosebumps because we achieve so much as a mum every day! We take on the world and we deserve to feel fantastic, so you my mum are an athlete!! I cannot wait to see you on the other side!

Danny Hutson

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