Danny Hutson

7 thoughts on “Firebase can help you bring your web app A-game (Firebase Summit 2019)

  1. I am building a custom action in Microsoft Kaizala product (WhatsApp like messaging app). The custom action is written using HTML, CSS, JS. You can think of t as html files in ionic apps. I could successfully use Azure App Insights (Analytics offering from Azure) in custom actions. Our client is interested in Firebase Analytics and fortunately, it's released for Web right in time for us. I have followed the steps as per docs, used log_Event method. JS is not giving any errors but I don't see the events or any default analytics captured in the Firebase Project console. Stream View also doesn't show any details. Could you please let me know if I'm missing something? Instead of firebase hosting script references, I'm using CDN links as Firebase hosting is irrelevant in my case. I waited for about 20 hrs and still, no data is captured. I got this Firebase Analytics for Web working with Firebase hosted web app and html file from file system. It's not working in hybrid app setup.

  2. Friendlyeats Github repo is not updated with the analytics part you showed in the demo. Where can I get it until the repo is updated?

  3. You didn't mention users giving permission to track location or get push notifications. Are those handled by default?

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