Finding your site on Google

Finding your site on Google

>>Jen Lee: Hello, I’m Jennifer and I work
on Google search quality team. A really common question we hear from new site owners is,
“How do I get my site to show up in Google search results?” Well, the good news is,
Google has likely already found your new content. You can easily determine if Google is displaying
your site in our search results by doing what we call a site search. To do this, from a
Google search bar, type the word site colon and your domain name without any spaces. If
something comes up then congrats! You’re in Google search results. If there are fewer
pages displaying than what you have in your site, make sure we can find and crawl your
content and that it delivers value to users. It could also be that we just haven’t discovered
those pages yet. In which case, your best bet is to be patient. We’ll likely pick up
on the change soon. If you’d like to expedite this process, you can add your content to
Google through our tool at If, on the other hand, nothing at all is coming
up in your site search, there could be a number of things going on. One of the more common
causes of this is your site could be blocking our crawlers by what’s called a robots.txt
file. You can read more about this at our help center resources. If you’ve recently
purchased your domain, it might not be performing well because it formally contained spamming
or problematic content. If you believe this could be the case, you’ll want to log in to
web master tools, add and verify your new site, then file a reconsideration request
noting this information. If your site is in our search results but pages aren’t performing
as well as you’d like, keep in mind that Google discovers new pages on your site just as users
do; by following links from page to page. That means, the easier you make it for users
to navigate your site, the easier it is for Google to discover its content. Adding a navigational
bar or a menu to your site is a popular and clean way to improve site navigation. You
can always find more information by checking out our user forums and our extensive help
center materials. Thanks for watching. [Music plays]

Danny Hutson

44 thoughts on “Finding your site on Google

  1. hi great video, found out that my site is listed,1 problem i found if anyone can help….some of my pages go to the wrong info, why is that happening

  2. Although one can view how many pages are indexed by other methods, the site tool is quick and easy to use for anyone.

  3. Great tips. Although the reconsideration and disavow tools are a bit advanced, beginner webmasters should take the time to learn how these work and the type of impact it brings to the site. These are critical tools to know if you'll end-up doing some "fire fighting" on your site in the future.

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  5. We are trying to correct our citations and are a little confused. We are reading on SEO sites that the citations need to appear exactly the way Google displays our address. However, we noticed that our citations have many variations. I guess my questions are as follows.

    1. Should I be concerned if citations vary the suite number; for instance,  ( Suite 490, #490, Ste 490 )

    2. Google changed our suite from " #490 to Suite 490 " and now the SEO company is recommending I find all citations and have them altered to reflect Google's update to our address. It appears Google updated the way our suite number appears because they had a glitch with the "#490" version of our address. They tried for two weeks to fix it, but were unsuccessful; therefore, settled on "Suite 490".

    3. Yet I noticed that the other major browsers like Yahoo and Bing display our suite as " Ste 490". There is no way I am going to get Yahoo or Bing to change it to "Suite 490"

    I am very confused, can someone shed some light on this. I am sure I am not the only one baffled.

    Bottom line "will it matter?"

  6. i'm not able to see my homepage in google serp
    but webmasters shows for some keywords my website is ranking 4 and 5th positions in google SERP 
    i'm not able to see the what would be reason please help me guys 

  7. why does my site on google when I click it says ooops we cannot find nothing on website somebody help please. thanks.

  8. Great. I just discovered this channel today and I am enjoying it. Somebody is going to carefully package these tips and sell it at a lofty price. Thanks, Lady.

  9. Thank you so much .This video was very helpful to me on an assignment am undertaking right now.
    I did the "site:www.domainname"search and my site is being seen by google.

    However Seacrching my website directly from google search without writing "" , it cannot display in search results .I guess with time it will display.

  10. I had this same issue when i was working on my first website. this site really helped me and i use it for all four of my websites now. The Best Part is That It's Free!!

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