FileMaker 15 – Basic Database Creation

FileMaker 15 – Basic Database Creation

Hello in this screencast. We’re going to create a database in Filemaker 15 Let’s get started select File, New Solution, it’s going to ask for a name the name. We’re Gonna give this a student information I’m gonna save it to my desktop so we can see it, say save. Here it is It brings up a blank table, in the table we’re going to add some fields. To add fields we’re going to use our field picker the field picker allows us to add the active the necessary We’re going to select new field we’re going to add some fields. We’re gonna go First. It’s going to be a text the Last Address City State Zip Code, the zip code I’m going to change from text to a number field We’re going to add a comment section And this is going to go back to a text We’ll add a few more fields the next field is going to be the year so we want freshman sophomore junior senior Year When I add another field and it’s going to be a creation field That’s going to become a timestamp I’ll explain that in a little bit. The next field is going to be a modification It’s also going to be a timestamp the last field is going to be an ID field So the ID field is going to drop is going to become a number field. Now that we have all of the fields. I’m going to hold my shift key down I want to select the first and everything should be highlighted With everything highlighted. I’m just going to drag it into my table and now I should have all of the fields here. I’m going to select off. I’m going to select year Year Creation creation Modification Modification ID and ID What I need to do is I need to open up my comments field so I’m going to down arrow a little just to give myself some space for my comments. I’m going to deselect and I’m gonna select the comments box and I’m gonna drag that down a little bit Now that I’m satisfied with the way this looks right now, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna exit my layout By selective exit layout in the top right corner here. It’s going to ask me if I want to save I must select save and here we are now That the layout has been created it says student information here I need to go into the database just to tighten up a few things, so I’m going to go to File, Manage and Database So where we created our creation date, Where we have our creation date. I want the system to automatically update that timestamp, so I’m going to select creation I’m gonna select options and it says creation up at the top here I must select creation, and I don’t want anyone to be able to modify it so I’ma select prohibit modification of value during Data Entry I’m going to say ok Creation times then date and time can’t modify auto, so I’m gonna do the same thing With modification I’m going to select options modification and prohibit modification going to select ok Same message just changes from modification to creation Vice versa I’m going to select ID which is a number I’m going to select options and I’ma select serial number and I must say prohibit modification the reason for the serial number is when multiple records Something has to make it unique and what makes it unique on creation it increments the number by one So I’m going to say okay, and I’m going to say okay. And these fields should populate automatically when we create a record so let’s test that theory. When I select new record here is the modification creation, and ID so when I add a student And that’s record number one to add another record. I select new record the information changes to ID number two And just because we will add one more record. And now we have all of our records now if I wanted to scroll through my records I can select the arrow that pushes me back and forth through my records or I can use the slider that is here that will slide me through my records if I wanted to make a change to any record notice my modification and my creation date if I select to change that if I decide to change the zip code if I change it from 0 1 to 0 2 Click off you should see the modification time changes I Hope this screencast has been helpful. Thank you for viewing

Danny Hutson

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