Father Says He Would Like To ‘Start Things Over’ With His Three Daughters

Father Says He Would Like To ‘Start Things Over’ With His Three Daughters

Do you think you’re an alcoholic? I’ve questioned that for many years because of my ability to stop for several months at a time and I really did not know. And by the way, that’s not a definition that’s not a criteria for not being an alcoholic. Being a dry drunk doesn’t mean that you’re not an alcoholic just so you know. Okay I’ve caused problems with Sue as a result of my drinking and talking on the internet that I very much regret. One of my biggest priorities is them. (audience applauding) And what’s your priority with them?
I would like to start things over. I’d like to be unblocked from Randy’s life. And my new grand child. I want to know from each of them if there’s still resentment as a result of my divorce and grudge and if those things are still in their heart. Do you have resentment towards him for the way this marriage ended? Yes.
Okay. Yes.
Yes. And is it because he cheated? Yes.
I feel like it was more the aftermath after the divorce, like what his actions were then. When we were all in high school, he was gone. When we went through college, he was gone. Then that’s something that we need to address. I excluded mandatory visitation every two weeks like a normal father and that was my self sacrificing our time that I would demand in order for you to pursue your sports and your sports opportunities and potential sports careers. And I did that purposely. Later I regretted that because it worked out very well. You had tournaments on Saturdays, you had games, if I would have been dong that it would have been disruptive but. So you’re saying you sacrificed your visitation so they could pursue their extra curriculars but could you not have been at their extra curriculars? I was.
With them. I was and I was at their games. Not all of them but maybe a couple.
No for the first couple years I was and then your mother came to me and said the girls don’t want to go with you this weekend and I said so what? Can we explain why?
No wait. What did you guys find at dad’s house when we went? Well I told, can I just say when I was like 13 or 14 I told mom I want to live with dad. But then when Brandi and I were over there I mean I guess you could tell what you found. Yeah I mean we found, it was our weekend with you made dinner had a great night. We were in your room watching TV because it was the only TV you had. I look to the side of your bed and there was a fifth of vodka. And porn.
We turned on the TV because it was a recorded VCR tape and we were watching our show on it or a movie and then after or in between that recording of our movie, porn. Because you had over recorded on it and not knowingly we saw that. And that’s why we were uncomfortable coming over dad. It’s not that we didn’t want to. Have you called me an MIA dad and said that you mother has raised you as a single broke mother? Yes.
I was paying twice the child support that I was even mandated. Yes Dr. Phil. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) Are we just gonna pretend they didn’t say the reason that they had resentment is after the divorce when they went to your house they went over there and found fifths of booze and porn on the television and they thought I’m a young girl, I don’t want to be over here in the middle of a drunken porn den. Are you just gonna completely ignore that? I don’t ignore it, I’m hurt to hear that and I’m sorry that that happened.

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77 thoughts on “Father Says He Would Like To ‘Start Things Over’ With His Three Daughters

  1. Dr Phil this is a message to you from a lost comment. Please do not kill us and let us reproduce on your next videos

  2. Father has to get major help to understand what damage & hurt …he is a dry drunk is an alcoholic…Fathers perception is fogged by his alcoholism…he makes excuses for his behavior….He still expects them to forgive when he hurt them at core level…

  3. I like watching Dr.. Phil but lost a bit of respect for him when he told Stephen Colbert he is qualified to make judgements on politics. Then he had the right wing shill, Ben Shapiro on his show. Grr. He also obviously knows nothing about medical marijuana

  4. Omg this is soooo bad
    Why do they even do that to these people?
    Omg they are making money with their feelings
    That's why I dont watch TV series

  5. Soooo i don’t understand why they were mad about porn he’s a man. How many men do u know don’t watch porn…….?????? I can understand the vodka……

  6. Why so many reruns? Haven't seen a new segment in well over a month. How long are his hiatuses?
    Also, I remember this episode and he did slip into creep mode. His daughters gave him a lot of grace.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks this man may be gay? I’m not being critical but could be reason for his drinking and denial… just saying

  8. Good on him, he’s done loads of bad stuff but you can see in his voice that he regrets it and wants to actually start over

  9. Bruh… He was a SINGLE man, somewhat an alcoholic, whos wife had main custody of his children, who were of apparent older teenage years…. I GUESS he should have made sute the porn was out of the car before they visited but to fault him and to feel uncomfortable because a somewhat newly single man had a pornographic video in his possession is just silly… If I found my dads porn I would simply be like oh "oops" turn it off a d switch films… That is a completely silly reason to feel uncomfortable like that…

    The booze I can understand but the porn is legit NOT that serious in my opinion.

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