FATAL FIVE – The JL REUNION We’ve Been Waiting For? | Watchtower Database

FATAL FIVE – The JL REUNION We’ve Been Waiting For? | Watchtower Database

I know, I know, it’s not the normal day
we’d be putting out a video but I’ve been putting off talking about this and
there’s not a good upcoming Sunday slot to put this in and they just released
voice cast info and it’s high time we talked about “Justice League vs The
Fatal Five”! Here’s our inciting question: could this new “Fatal Five” movie be in
DCAU continuity? You know…”Batman: the Animated Series,”
“Justice League,” “Batman Beyond”…and the other ones. In early 2017, we got our
first look at the then-upcoming “Batman and Harley Quinn” movie via a thumbnail
image for the movie’s sneak peek special feature on the iTunes listing for “Teen
Titans: the Judas Contract.” This lone screenshot was all we had to speculate
on for quite some time and it was obvious just by looking at the thing
that this movie was going to be a return to the DC Animated Universe, or at the
very least, was going to be drawn in the same Bruce Timm art style. Now it’s over
a year later and we know for sure this movie is canon to the DCAU,
but that didn’t stop us and many others from tossing around mountains of
speculation during the months leading up to its release…and now it’s time to do
it again! Back in July of last year at the San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced
that a new animated DC movie would be released in 2019 (that’s this year) titled
“Justice League vs The Fatal Five.” Soon after, we got this promo image
showing temporary poster art for the movie…and that was it…for a while. Most
people assumed this was going to be another in the line of New 52-ish, Phil
Bourassa-style Justice League animated films. After all, simultaneously, it was
announced that we’d be getting a “Batman: Hush” movie and a “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines”
movie in 2019 as well, and with the “Reign of the Supermen” sequel feature arriving
first, and assuredly being part of the New 52-y-verse, it seemed like a
no-brainer that “Hush” would be the odd one out and presented out of continuity
as a standalone film. Fans have been clamoring for years for Kevin Conroy and
Mark Hamill to return to their iconic roles as Batman and the Joker (respectively) for a “Hush” movie, and the two actors had always seemed genuinely
interested as well. But now we get news that supposedly the “Hush” movie will
feature the voice cast we’ve come to familiarize with the New…52…esque–ah, Jesus,
well someone please come up with an official name for this continuity?
I’ll give it a shot–ahem–the…War…iverse… because…it started with “Justice League:
War”? No, okay, the DC Animated…Movie… Universe?
DCAMU? “Da-ka-mu?” Is that okay? That won’t get confusing at all…Anyway, we now
pretty much know “Hush” will be in the…DCAMU …as well. Historically, for the last
few years, we’ve been getting 3 animated DC movies annually, 2 of which
have been set in this movie universe and 1 of which is a standalone title. Last
year, it was “Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay” and “Death of Superman” with a side of “Batman:
Gotham by Gaslight.” The year before, it was “Justice League Dark” and “The Judas Contract” with a healthy dose of family movie night classic “Batman and Harley
Quinn.” Or how about 2016’s “Batman: Bad Blood” and “Justice League vs Teen Titans”
plus everybody’s favorite “The Killing Joke”? You see what I mean. But this year
(2019) I guess is…different, for whatever reason. We’ve got 4 upcoming animated
DC movies–did they get, like, a budget increase or something? “Reign of the
Supermen,” “Hush,” “Bloodlines,” and of course, “Justice League vs The Fatal Five.” With
two of them now more or less confirmed to be in the same universe…what about
the other two? Well, let’s finally get around to talking about these preview
images for “Fatal Five” and see if we can’t straighten things out a bit.
December 2018 rolled around and we got an actual look at the Fatal Five from
this movie, and surprisingly, they look, well, pretty dang close to how they
looked in “Justice League Unlimited.” Sure, some of their costumes are different but
many characters in the DCAU (not to be confused with the DCAMU)
have changed costumes over time like Kyle Rayner, Supergirl, Batgirl–Batman
maybe?! Saturn girl in this screenshot looks…pretty different. Similar facial
features but different hair and very different costume. But again…who’s to say?
Jessica Cruz is a post-New 52 character, but there’s no reason she couldn’t be
brought into the DCAU, perhaps replacing John Stewart for some
reason, and she certainly looks the part. Look at Validus here–holy hell, if he
doesn’t look almost exactly like he did in JLU. But the Bruce Timm-looking
art style is just the tip of the iceberg. Fans have been overloading Twitter’s
internal servers with #JLReunion for…what feels
like forever. Even some of the voice cast members have expressed their interest in
a movie reuniting the original seven. And now, in January, we come to find out that
Kevin Conroy, George Newbern, and Susan Eisenberg will be reprising their roles
as the DCAU Trinity…or, at least…the Trinity…in some…Bruce Timm-y…form. So could this movie be the perfect way to launch a JL Reunion? Think about
it: the DC Animated Universe is such a vast, catalogued universe at this point
that anyone creating new content intended to reside within it has had to
walk on eggshells to not upset the fandom’s nerdiest of nerds…you know, like, us? “Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures” strayed away
from interrupting previously-established continuity by hopping dimensions. “Batman
and Harley Quinn” took place between seasons of JLU and followed an
inconsequential wacky side story…even if they did goof up Nightwing’s hair. Now,
“Justice League vs Fatal Five” may take us to the far future of the DCAU,
out of the way of disturbing anything in the present-day timeline of the shows.
It’s the perfect solution: telling stories that don’t upset the foundation.
And it’s not absurd at all for the DCAU Justice League to find themselves on
this time traveling adventure, as this was actually the entire plot pitch for
another season of JLU had one been greenlit. In August 2006, DCAU producer
James Tucker spoke about ideas for the future of “Justice League Unlimited” in
ToyFare Magazine. –hold up! That last part sounds awesome as sh**! Dwayne McDuffie
even added onto this in 2010 on the Lamphost Forums. “Alive!” of course being the penultimate (that means
second-to-last) episode of JLU, acting as part 1 of the 2-part series finale.
And, James Tucker brought this up again even as
recently as October of last year. The “Legion of
Super Heroes” cartoon ran from 2006 to 2008, just after the wrap up of JLU, and
while it wasn’t part of the DC Animated Universe, these new designs don’t look
like they match that art style either…so with all of this in mind, it’s not
ridiculous to think that if a JL Reunion were to happen, that it could
follow this old train of thought the DCAU producers never got to officially
act on. We can assume the “seeds” planted in “Alive!” have to do with something…cosmic, something to do with deep space. And the fact that time hopping was
theoretically going to be involved in a JLU season 4 leads to a Legion of
Super Heroes era adventure being completely possible, if not likely. In
fact, there were long rumors that JLU’s final season episode “Far From Home,”
which features the Legion of Super Heroes, acted as sort of a
backdoor pilot for the “Legion” cartoon, before the decision was made to not have
it be part of the DCAU. However, James Tucker dispelled these
rumors in an April 2008 interview with the World’s Finest stating… So maybe we’ll see the DCAU Justice League in
this new movie…maybe we won’t. Some closing thoughts: is this promo image
showing the Watchtower on the moon? Or is this something from the Fatal Five’s time
period? Does the fact the movie includes blood, adult language, and partial nudity
automatically kick it out of potential DCAU-y-ness? What about the report that
Miss Martian will be in the movie, or that a handful of previously-seen DCAU
characters like Mr. Terrific and Brainiac-5 will be back with new voice
actors? Star Boy’s even in this and looks rather…Kingdom Come-ish, or…Bronze Age-y…I don’t know–rather than how we saw him in “Adventures in the DCU” a couple
decades back. And since we haven’t seen what the Trinity looks like here yet,
perhaps this movie will simply be in Timm’s art style but not DCAU canon, like
“Superman: Doomsday” or “Justice League: Gods and Monsters”…or “Brainiac Attacks.”
But what do you think? Do you expect “Justice League vs The Fatal Five” to be the
JL Reunion we’ve been asking for, or is there too much mud in the water to
really tell right now? Are we completely overthinking this as usual? I mean…Bruce
Timm did randomly show up on The Forum Formerly known as ToonZone for the
first time in years just to comment on the Fatal Five thread, dot dot dot…Let us know your
personal speculation in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe for more
upcoming DCAU content from the Watchtower Database. do you have any other upcoming projects
of yours you can tell us about that you’re working on right now actually
there’s there’s quite a few things that are coming up – a couple of things I can
talk about other things I can’t there’s a really big thing coming up you guys
and I can’t talk about it and you will love it
it’s very exciting

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “FATAL FIVE – The JL REUNION We’ve Been Waiting For? | Watchtower Database

  1. Keep us up to date with the latest stuff about the new animated movies yo! Also what're your thoughts on the new season of Young Justice: Outsiders?

  2. Even if it isnt in DCAU, it sounds like it will be some sort of a reunion. I mean young justice is back, teen titans are coming back. Dc is finally getting their head out og their asses and begin to appreaciate the good old days

  3. The pictures look like it could be set in the DCAU. I just hope they're not doing that hybrid look like The Killing Joke.

    I think they should abandon the NEW52 set animated universe as not only is it now moot but seems kinda dated since they dont even wear those costumes in the comics anymore either.

  4. I don't wanna get hopes up, but realistically, this movie being DCAU is very likely. In addition to the art style, the voice actors, Timm's appearance on the forums and the hints towards "something big…"

     Well, we already got Batman and Harley Quinn. The fact that that movie exists proves that there is officially interest at the executive level to return to this universe. And why not? The DCAU is officially nostalgic now. And if it's nostalgic, it's money. So it makes a lot of sense for them to revisit the DCAU after so long.

     That doesn't have to mean it's a bad thing as long as competent writers are brought on board and given enough freedom to make a quality product. 'Sall I ask, really.

     Reminder: This is just an estimate, not a guarantee. I'm merely saying that given all the evidence, this being DCAU is the most likely possibility. I could always be wrong, but lowballing it, I'd say the chances are 60/40 in favor of DCAU.

  5. The look of the Watchetower looks a lot like the one from Young Justice and hearing that thing about miss Martian makes me wonder…..

  6. As much as I would love for this movie to be in the DCAU, after the reception the "Batman and Harley Quinn" movie got I wouldn't be surprised if WB/DC were deterred from making more movies set in that continuity, and that they just got some of the same voice actors and used a similar art style to attract DCAU fans to it, still here's hoping I'm wrong.

  7. And there is a DCAU Justice League comic involving Flash and Atom using the cosmuch treadmill to stop Chronos the Time Thief…

  8. Maybe, don’t @ me, just maybe create a new animated universe. They should create a new show and go from there. Maybe I shouldn’t have typed this.

  9. Too much mud in the water right now. We need more information before reaching a conclusion.

    Jessica Cruz showing up makes some sense though. The Green Lantern corps are an intergalactic police force, so having multiple memebers isn't far fetched. Plus, depending on if Batman Beyond is set in stone for DCAU's future or not, John Stewart does eventually leave the GL corps (or is fired, long story) and gets back together with Hawkgirl (with Warhawk being the result), so the Guardians would need to find a replacement for Earth's sector of space.

  10. One possibility that came to my mind is the DC streaming service. They desperately need ongoing content to justify its existence. There is a possibility that the movie is to test the waters for a revival of the DCAU/Justice League cartoon. The idea might be that if the movie does well, that shows that there is a demand for that universe and would then act as a pilot of sorts for a spin-off show. Or maybe that is just what I hope is true.

  11. Am I the only one that actually liked Batman and Harley Quinn? I grew up watching the DCAU and I don't see how's it's a huge issue being in the DCAU. It was a decent movie, if a little silly, but it reminded me of the old series and I liked it.

  12. The moon tower on the promo image is the same as Crime Syndicate's tower in the animated movie: Justice League Crisis On Two Earths. Is this really an official image from Fatal Five?

  13. There's the……
    DCATU (DC Animated Television Universe)

    DCAMU (DC Animated Movie Universe)

    Not that hard lol

  14. Hhhmm it looks like they could be setting up a crisis on infinite earths. Animated movie. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 a guy can hope. Lol

  15. We will know for sure once we see the character designs for Batman Superman and Wonder Woman. Voice casting and character designs change all the time with Timm. If anything we probably see a post credits scene and cliff hanger for something in the future.
    The Legion is interesting we tend to see random characters when they are about to be the focus of something new or to tie into something existing maybe the Arrowverse in this case.

  16. I don't really think that JL vs the Fatal Five is the Justice League reunion we want. Those voice actors have already had a kind of reunion in Injustice. I want an entire JL reunion, with Kevin, George, Susan, Michael Rosenbaum, Maria Canals-Barrera, Carl Lumbly, and Phil LaMarr.

  17. I wish they would stop putting adult stuff (like partial nudity) that probably doesn’t need to be in the movie.

  18. Informative and fun video. I really really hope this is in the Timmverse. I only discovered JLU last year but just ate it up. Loved it. Would love for this flick to be in that continuity. Actually at this point I only really want to see films in some sort of continuity, whether it’s the Timmverse or the New 52 film continuity.

  19. This new 52 universe actually started with Flashpoint Paradox-as Reverse Flash calls back to it with the bullet to the head.

  20. UPDATE: Today (1/15), a sneak peek on the special features of the digital release of “Reign of the Supermen” debuted for this movie, and it looks VERY promising to be in the DCAU. More videos on this movie coming very soon!

  21. In my mind, I think anything can happen in 2019. I mean young justice back 😭. I'm sure last year they more or less confirmed that the original teen titans will come back at some point? If teen titans can come back then why not JLU? JLU can keep doing movie like or they can make a series. I'm happy of the possibility of a JLU reunion!

  22. So many DC animated continuity in parallel are being planned and coming out, we have New 52, Young Justice, Justice League Action and Original DCAU.

  23. The only thing bugging me is that they have a green lantern with anxiety. A superhero who's powers are created by will has anxiety. Its just dumb.

  24. Weather or not it is a DCAU I am excited.
    However I far as I am concerned it is not part of the JLU on my all original seven members are taking part with original voice actors, as well as having Hawkgirl & Green Lantern pick up their relationship again cuz the Justice League Beyond graphic novel did not do that relationship justice.

  25. It looks like its canon.


  26. Their voices as these specific characters are the only voices (or portrayals, really) I recognize, at all, ever. I grew up listening to their voices and its half the reason why I've played Injustice 2 so much–it's the closest I can get to the DCAU nowadays. I respect all the others' vocal work, but the primary DCAU actors are the most iconic.
    I think this could be a JLU reunion in spirit but not in actuality, just because of continuity and because it's been over 10 years.

  27. This Superman wasn't as strong as the Superboy who use to trash the Fatal five. Plus it needed to be canon with Superman knowing who star lad is.

  28. I loved the movie. Not only do we get the DCAU heroes with their OG voice actors but we get three new heroes in Star Boy, Jessica Cruz Green Lantern and Miss Martian (this is the first appearance of Megan in the DCAU world). Love her chemistry and dynamic with Bats. Kinda reminds me of The Dark Knight Returns where Carrie Kelly and the older Batman have the same chemistry. Always loved Jessica Cruz and I'm glad she's being adapted in media outside of comics. But for me, the main star of this movie (excuse the pun) is Starboy. I had little knowledge about the character but his struggle with mental illness especially that ending scene was really tear jerking. Mental illness is such a taboo and its great to see a superhero endure and struggle with it. Its kinda refreshing and makes you empathize with Starboy. Overall, a brilliant movie for any of DCAU fans and new fans alike. Especially with those those remixed theme songs of Batman, Superman and Justice League themes. The only thing that I have gripe about in this movie is that massive feminism propaganda at the end where SPOILERS

    Jessica beats the Fatal Five just like that when the Emerald Empress had already sucked the power from the giant Lantern from Oa. Not to mention how she had like around 18 percent charge in her ring at the start of the movie and she didn't even charge her damn ring to beat all the Fatal Five in that overpowered fashion. As much as I love Jessica Cruz, that just looked like a pathetic catering towards feminism and what not.

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