Faster and More Powerful Satellite Internet Is on Its Way, Here’s How

Faster and More Powerful Satellite Internet Is on Its Way, Here’s How

What if I told you, you could stream an HD
movie while on a flight from LA to London, uninterrupted, all on one satellite. One! Satellite! That’s insane, I know. There are over 1,400 active satellites in
orbit. Right now. Each one was built for a unique purpose. ViaSat-2 is one of the largest active geosynchronous
communications satellite currently in space with the highest internet capacities. This behemoth weighs in at over fourteen thousand
pounds (6,500kg), stands about 20 feet tall (6m) and has a wingspan of about 158 feet
(48m); that’s like the wingspan of a 767! The ViaSat-2 is one of the latest in satellite
communication technology. It can provide 300 gigabits of service per
second, with about 25mbps download speeds. That’s enough to stream an ultra HD Netflix
show. FROM SPACE. It also helps that it’s geostationary. It’s always in the same place in the sky,
blanketing a huge swath of the planet with the glory of internet. That glory, by the way, extends across North,
Central, and the top of South America the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic Ocean! A priority of ViaSat is to provide is to provide
high-speed internet to planes and ships, but it can also help people get broadband internet
who live too far from good infrastructure. Right now, a lot of internet-providing satellites
use frequencies inside a range called the Ku-Band. Its signal isn’t super susceptible to atmospheric
moisture, which is a plus, but satellites need a big, heavy antenna to use it— this
increases the cost to launch. The ViaSat-2 uses newer Ka-band frequencies
which are used by military aircraft for targeting radar. The antennas are lighter — lessening the
cost to launch, but the signal is more susceptible to atmospheric moisture. The biggest benefit with this new sat, is
that its ONE SAT covering a hugemungous area! That means there would be less handoff as
you cross the Atlantic. With KU-satellites there are lots and you
have to hop from one to the other. With ViaSat-2, it’s like everyone from Caracas
to Seattle to Paris are on the same network! ViaSat-2 could change how we communicate in
our global community. There are 1,399 other satellites up in space
too, and each one has a purpose, and a story. Do you have a favorite? For more epic stories of innovation that shaped
our future, check out Since you’re still here, can you do me a
favor and subscribe? It just takes a click! And if you want more flying goodness, watch
Amy talk about how big satellites really are. Some are HUGE. I don’t think I have to tell you, but the
internet doesn’t come from space. It’s beamed up there from the ground. Having only one satellite to beam to? That might be a big advantage.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Faster and More Powerful Satellite Internet Is on Its Way, Here’s How

  1. 25 MegaBITS per second per user…… hmmm
    that's 25/8 megaBYTES per second…
    that seems low.. I don't think that would be enough for streaming UHD Netflix.
    Humanity hasn't progressed as much as i thought it did.

  2. There is no hand off between tons of satellites. The network can be built however you want. A geo sat covers 1/3 the earth. If the target is ships and aircraft, they would probably be the only ones in the location. There is special coders called reed solomon which allow ships to do a 180 without losing comms (pretty sure that's how that thing works at least). I miss SATCOM 🙁

  3. Meanwhile in Australia I deal with between 450kbps and 3.5Mbpps when I'm paying for at least 12Mbps. $79 Australian dollarydoos to not even be able to watch 1 youtube vid at 1080p/60fps, barely works on [email protected], $2500 laptop, expensive TV ect ect and shit 3rd world internet for first world prices. Australia "the land of the oppressed and shat on".

  4. is this about internet or bloody planes, we want to know how it'll effect US, you know the people that subscribe to the channel. Probably less than 1% of us fly planes and about 20% actually get one them for holidays ect…

  5. wenn space x will get ther sky net online i will buy it and finly get ride of my eviele internt provider and finly no limit on mobilde date

  6. this chapter was a waste of my time.. I thought you would talk about the new global internet sattelites that Elon musk or others wants to implement.

  7. Well..
    Just didn' watch the video aaandd.. when powerful.. will it be able to provide power of the autos on the streets or even beyond it could provide the power needed on mountains, in desert, in sea and on plateus? I mean let us imagine that bla bla frequency brings out exothermic reaction on bla bla material and by sattlite broadcasting and if needed by a simple module that very steady chemical would be used as a source of energy.. or.. there is a new found matrix that gets the cars move by radio castings and you say that internet is needed for this.. is that the matter while sayn' "powerful"?. Or hacking phones being found unsatifactory, are some guys planning them to become dancing holograms just to hack the minds of people and call them crazy.. if so what is the matrix? What is the mathematical function's structure.. if I do not see I woon' b'leyww yaoo!
    Powerful internet.. ai donn wachchch tha vidiouuuu…

  8. This will be faster than other satellite internet, but still not faster than ground lines, which is why it's mainly for the benefit of ships and planes. Of course, ground line internet is still slightly slower in the U.S. than in Europe, or so I'm told.

  9. elians are not elians they are devils.the ritchest payed massive aloy of money to make it so and repeating lie will automaticly becomes the truth

  10. Just take a moment to realise how fucking awesome it is that an organism evolved to shoot huge complex machines into space and let them orbit their home planet so they can have superefficient communication of information

  11. My favorite would be AMC-9, BUT IT DIED, or is dying. Making me switch to my least favorite, SES-2. It took months. Like actual months to get a good signal to that thing. Thats with a 14 ft C-Band dish too… Finally got it though… Moral of the story? Don't work for service providers, especially the ones that provide TV service.

  12. Internet doesnt come from satellites… but on undersea cables 😀 let that sink in for a while then ask greater questions to yourselves.

  13. Our future is in Space. This is where we will be travelling after we have destroyed our earth ecosystem. Might as well we start building space infrastructure from today than wait for the earth becoming inhospitable.

  14. We have a system in Australia called Skymuster, basically the same as this and its rubbish for gaming and dont believe the hype for HD movies. In a perfect world everything works, in reality try streaming YouTube on it at 1080p… Good luck…

  15. What about latency? The distance from Earth to space is far, good luck having a ping under 250ms on your FPS games using that satellite internet…

  16. As someone who has worked in Telecommunications for 10+ years, I can tell how no matter how many bits you can push down that pipe at once, you can't fix the all the problems with satellite internet. doesn't matter if you pay for 128kbps, or 128Mbps that signal is not getting from one end to the other without a load of issues. You can fix some of that by upgrading the transmission, the satellite relay, and the reception of the signal, but the whole system of satellite internet is inherently flawed.

  17. No this would be terrible. The latency between the user on the ground to the satellite would be really high due to interference. At least much higher than we're used to I think. Also I wouldn't call 25mbps fast. these days the required bandwidth is getting higher and higher and even today in most places, 25 is laughable. Sure maybe people in developing countries would have internet but I'd be afraid to rely on it because of potential latency and interference

  18. Not help on gaming. Info runs on speed of light, took the shortest distance between NYC to TOKYO, the latency is still high as fuk

  19. ? 0:37 Like we know what the wingspan of a 767 is. ?
    Despite my silliness, I love watching Trace. He makes even WiFi interesting.

  20. The thing is I just got ViaSat internet and I wanted to play online video games and when I tried it it was trash I don't get good connection what so ever and I was wondering if that is going to change soon?

  21. i don't believe one word of this horseshit… im on Hugues net and its the crappiest connection in the history of the internet.

  22. What everyone else is missing is the availability of internet.

    Majority are clueless to radio transmission. My cell phone does not work here and there.

    Anyone playing games on the internet is bound to be looking for a smaller ping.

    But interesting part of the internet is communicating and even Wi-Fi Calling works.

    So if you are planning to play arctic to Antarctic just get a hold of the use of the technology.

  23. That reminds me of Elon. Musk his company SpaceX iinstalled I think 14000 satellites in space so everyone in the world can have access to the Internet. The satellite communicates via laser. The lasers can go through buildings then be converted into sound and the laser can activate smart dust that is in the air, and upload the data it collected. Smart cities are here we will be living like the Jetsons.

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