Facing cycle spammers in solo games | Pixel Gun 3d The Redemption #17

Facing cycle spammers in solo games | Pixel Gun 3d The Redemption #17

what’s up guys it’s BossTheModern here
and welcome back to another video of pixel gun 3d now for this video I’m
going to be talking about some little things right here first of all the
traders van is soon going to end second of all tomorrow I’m going to
cash in those fresh 200 gems and it’s going to be nice because once I get
those 200 gems look at the top right hand side I already have 500 or over 500
gems if I get those 200 gems I am over 700 gems which means I can start betting
for super chests and guys if I manage to get myself heart of volcano or super
chests with thousandand gems it’s going to be very very good
that means I may probably get back on tracks but time and the map and all of
that battles can only tell so and another thing is for you guys I gotta
maintain my little community right here I actually saved or did not say this
because I didn’t think about it until now but three cat spam or the cycle spam
as I call it it’s still here and the reason for the cycle spam is still here
is because the weapon called comet let me show you a picture of it right now
it’s a sniper weapon with piercing shot and a certain type of zoom with ricochet
but why do I mention comet well comet as you pull it out and shoot
it the next weapon that can pull out exterminator or the reflector or or
laser bouncer you can basically pull out without a delay so the comet actually
helps cat spammers it actually helps some other weapons to get pulled out
without a delay and this is an issue for pixel gun because this means the most
toxic style is still back in the game for some more and you might be thinking
we’re doomed no we’re not doomed well the same the same thing was said
from the spammers party that we’re going to like sort of get doomed that pixel
gun will go down because they don’t spam but look at this during this period and
also now people have been playing like nothing happened people have been
playing like nothing happened I don’t see that there’s been a vast like large
amounts of players quitting the game because basically people still play so
this is why I tell you guys to listen twice to the other youtubers when
they’re saying something because you gotta check it out before you can even
agree to that because if you hear and agree you’re not gonna know if you’re
wrong or not so that’s why you better listen think twice about what they say
but what I say guys it’s actually true because there was there wasn’t like
piece of gun was soon going to shut down because there were so many players who
were getting like abstinence because they did not get if you don’t know what
abstinence is it’s maybe Google it I don’t wanna tell this right now but
because I feel like it’s like 18 plus content but other than that cat spam
is still back and I’m pretty sure that the devs are aware of it so I’m not sure
what they’re gonna do with that but for now guys I think we should be playing
some games so I can give you an example of a guy because if a guy uses comet
that person is definitely using cat spam cycle spam so I think I’ve got to
play an open map and I see you guys so yeah we’re starting a fourth place let
me see here yeah we’ve got quite a bit of people and also I feel like someone’s
got to the destruction system and it looks like people are over there don’t
really see cats promised psycho spammers over here but I see a guy who is using
the anti champion rifle a very notorious rifle indeed there we go what you did bruh oh shoot
Oh No oh that was close I gotta be careful because they can kill
me anytime and that’s definitely not a good idea and also gonna do a challenge
is to fire as many backup weapon shots as I care because dies that was one of
the challenges I have to do so definitely going to do that I don’t
really see cuts by my sword I think it’s going to be a bit more of a game I see
one dude who’s trying to catch spam over here but you know what he’s definitely
gonna die real soon or not okay nice shot man I was I’m quite a bit surprised
right there that there wasn’t really a cat spammers right here a psycho spammer
you wanna see one dude who’s just using the anti champion rifle other than that
I don’t see much menace or trouble gotcha what about you oh nice try man I
think it’s gonna die real soon whatever I’m still at first place
because my mice OG skills still here there we go
my aim is still there and that’s also good if I ain’t there we’re going to
have a lots of problem game I ain’t went there then and he killed me wait –
sniper so I didn’t see a guy with a comment maybe I try another match after
this which is shortly so maybe finish off these people and try another open
map and next open map it’s probably going to be the Western that goes down
dere I probably find the extreme spammers so I see you guys on the next
map let me guess yeah I hear the comet here is definitely one or more spammers
I’m pretty sure of that so what I’m gonna do here is just walk around try to
move bravely because moving Brinley gives you the chance of taking out a guy
guys it’s a teacher told me that it’s the
here that’s got to put your life at risk but it’s brain read that’s going to
actually help you out you can see those comet shots here’s the tsubame guys
there’s the spammer so I found the spammer and you’re not dying and I can
already sell why maybe try to fire the revolvers dead yeah there’s the spire
guys no that’s not a spammer because he wasn’t using the comet so I found one
kind of spammer and the now I don’t know where he is but if you saw a purple
stripe of some sort purple laser stripe that means a guy is using the comet
because that’s what that’s what the trail was showing you know the trail of
the laser Hey shoot again there’s when I do this
come on man there we go I’m probably not gonna win
here because I came in a bit more late so check it out first let me try some of
these now and also kind of remember firing the revolvers because I
definitely need some kills with it so that things go faster maybe it try to
only use it now there we go okay soreness spammy right there but
still it’s not that kind of spammer I’m glad I’m a top 3 because I’m a top dog
and got blown up by a combat slinger but I don’t really mind so I think I’ve
might try as well try continue playing on this map to see where I’m at I think
he left the game really Wow did he left the game but we see some people are just
ignoring the delay that is coming out when they’re basically using the weapon
because they think they’re good enough although it’s a delay pick so don’t try
the dev stride 1 delay but it was way too fast he was still not good enough to
nerf the heck out of the spammers and as you can see right there does actually a
super quick kill so I might try again to see if there’s any spammers but we do
see yeah you see that 32 kills and not even
on top because of the score score system like you get more kills in a row you’re
definitely going to have a bigger chance to win so playing this again for the
sake of entertainment not like going back and forth so there is a quick
double kill and a quick death because a guy using the anti champion because anti
champion is currently really really toxic and strong weapons okay oh yeah I
don’t mind if I get killed by that your chaos found three people using the anti
champion and I’m just gonna jump around like a frickin new see how many people
is going to kill me then yeah I managed to shoot one shot but basically I had to
try kills in a row but yeah you basically see those from sea air nope
oh shoot come on now why do my screen wiggle to another
side when I don’t need it okay so we found a spammer idea gross using a laser
bow to his favor and the freaky name come on there we go no I’m back at
second place that’s good gotcha still got you oh you want to go
dude you want to go there oh wow still the ancient God is taking the lead and
I’m at church late again yeah it’s him with the anti champion I could see that
so we do get to face on spam is right here there we go maybe one more kill right
there I did not much you drop the grenade but I try yeah go figure I guess
that he’s using it all the time because it’s a freakin one shot on both of types
of hit you know the body and head shots but still I managed to get far which is
good so yeah I also found one more weapon that cancels out the delay of
pulling out the cat spam weapons and that is laser bone I’m pretty sure
that’s the goal I’m talking about so maybe do some of these okay maybe trying to move a little boys Zig
zaggy so that it’s harder for me to get killed
maybe reload this once at the time okay still not on top because here we give
you an example of those who can’t quit the life of spamming but you know what
I’m not gonna bother too much because the only thing I gotta bother is duels
that’s what I gotta do in the future once I finish one kind of challenge but
still managed to do quite a bit of kills right here I gotta do a low ground and
get back on high ground I’m the best aim Paige III D huh gotcha still not getting this for some
odd reason yeah but me and him got quite a bit of kills surprisingly though
surprisingly but I’m still at second place but I feel like I did really well
right there so maybe try one more and that’s gonna be it for this video so
yeah this is a typical example of those who spend like nearly all the time and
now people are quitting I think we might as well leave you know what I think I
call it right there so we have an example of a spammer or cat with their
life of spamming curse they know it’s the best tactic and once again it their
hands like are restless they will tap tap tap use the same cycle over and over
again I say comet they switch to calm it and then they switch it back up and calm
it as special like this is what it gonna happen but if they but if they pull up
the exterminator and pull out let’s say any investor or the reflector it’s gonna
have the blaze but as long as it looks like laser Bo and the comet is there
they can just cycle sniper backups night special sniper backup sniper special and
that’s basically what’s gonna happen you see what I mean right there and you know
what that’s gonna be it for this video guys and I hope you did enjoy and
understand me right there and if you find some interest in to my channel and
our new be sure to subscribe to my channel so that does that you’re become
a part of Baltimore and pixeconn through the community and also turn on
notifications so that you will miss out any videos that I’ll be uploading for
pics and other than that guys I’ll see you guys in the moment of truth tomorrow

Danny Hutson

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