F/GO Babylonia Singularity- Decisive Battle: NP-Spamming Battle

F/GO Babylonia Singularity- Decisive Battle: NP-Spamming Battle

Welcome back! Let’s get right into the fight! This is a very long cutscene… If the cutscenes keep being this long, this video will be like 2 hours long… To be honest, I like Queza’s voice. It’s calm and cheerful. I still don’t see the point of having this battle… I kinda like Ana’s new look 🙂 Kinda cute. We are at the climax of the Singularity, I supposed. No cutscene, nice!!! Sorry for the weird cut. I need to keep my max length at 45 minutes. Else the recorder won’t work. I knew bringing Merlin is the best. We’re having another boss battle against Gorgon. I think I’ll spam my NP’s like the last time she shown as Tiamat. Give me that extra overcharge!!! Spamming those NP’s again!!! Man, this is a very long battle!!! I lost my count of how many NP spam I did already!!! Finally!!! Great, a fight with Kingu again… Another NP spam battle!!! Shoot, they got Merlin. This is bad… Without Merlin this boss fight is tougher. I’ll try to damage them the best I could. I think I’ll use the Command Spells again. Command Seals they are!!! This is it!!! And that’s the end of this chapter!!! Well, this is unexpected… That’s it for this video guys. Thank you for watching!!! Please Like and Subscribe to my channel for more F/GO contents. The next video will be short so I’ll do two. But until then, I’ll see y’all in the next video!!!

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