Everyone Doesn’t Want the Same Flavor

Everyone Doesn’t Want the Same Flavor

– This industry sells vanilla ice cream. And it yells it in a place
where nobody hears it. That’s what this is all about. This whole week is about
selling vanilla ice cream and selling it to a
room that doesn’t exist. One of the things that we do very poorly in this industry as well is make our creative
contextual for distribution. You can’t post the same video on LinkedIn and Instagram and expect
it to do the same thing. The mindset of the consumer, even you yourself are different when you’re in your Instagram feed than when you’re in your LinkedIn feed. We do not have good enough conversations around context and mindset in consumption. One thing that’s probably unusual, a little different is we try to push, and we successfully have been able to push our clients to realize the reason all their businesses are down is they need to be
marketing in a relevant way to 15 different cohorts, not one. There is no 18 to 35, the fuck is that? You know? Just look at all the different creeds and, like forget about the way you all look, your mindset, the psychology. So one of the considerations is upfront through common sense. You know like show me any brand right now and I can give you 10 of their
meaningful cohorts right now. I understand it’s targeting moms, I understand within moms, and I’m gonna use America now, but with the UK and Singapore, that there’s different income levels, there’s different races, there’s different, I think everybody in the world realizes there’s different Americas within America. You know there’s a lot going on. And so if I’m gonna go
after a 28 year old woman and she happens to love Donald Trump, and she happens to make $500,000 a year, you can imagine my video
or my piece of content on Instagram for Olay should be different than me
going after a Hispanic woman who’s 28 who lives in New York who hates Donald Trump and
who makes $73,000 a year. You can’t make that same piece of content. That’s just too, think
about what I just said. Think about how far that actually goes. This industry sells vanilla ice cream and it yells it in a place
where nobody hears it. That’s what this is all about. This whole week is about
selling vanilla ice cream and selling it to a
room that doesn’t exist. That to me is a problem. So cohorts, yes culture one of the considerations is, I’m sure Adam and Mike will tell you, one of the wildest things
is we put the client and every person that
touches the business, our project managers, everybody, in a Whatsapp, Slack, or TextRead, and all the ideating happens
inside there with the client. One of the things you know
we’ll found out is that the client gets excited and they
start coming up with ideas and we start making it. One of the most fun things has been watching my creative
team that “Catadacity,” that’s like the client
doesn’t have good ideas, watch client ideas do well,
better than their ideas. That’s humbling. That’s fun for me to watch. So it becomes a very humble, very safe, very make, very ideas driven environment, which just think about those words. So cohorts, the workflow, a
lot of listening, strategy and insights happen after the
contents in the market. Not being tested.

Danny Hutson

20 thoughts on “Everyone Doesn’t Want the Same Flavor

  1. Connecting with your customers or audiences is what other brand is lacking. If they are doing this, they can grow and make more in their brand. Connection + value = MORE SALES

  2. This one was a great one Gary!!! All true points and helped me with my work and my hobbies – thanks again & always !

  3. Wow, nice Gary. I'll have to really consider this with my content. I've just been putting out self development content to help people but maybe I need to consider a better way to get the message out there for different people…

  4. The title should be “not everyone wants the same flavor.”

    I see people saying this all the time and it’s so frustrating! Lol

  5. Nobody wants sell another flavor because it means risk and people would rather settle for mediocrity and security over the chance the do something great.

  6. Vanilla is actually the world’s most favorite flavor, according to the actual sales of ice cream.

    But then think about it… Vanilla is what most people like.
    Most people are poor and miserable.
    They don’t have much to give you.

  7. Gary thank you for calling out a lot of folks in the Advertising industry for making ads that don’t help anyone but themselves. Also for speaking to how nostalgic and emotional content will be the future. Mad respect ✊

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