Evenium.net : Online Registration and Mobile Application for your Events

Evenium.net : Online Registration and Mobile Application for your Events

Do you wish to organize an interactive
and memorable event? Evenium solutions are designed to invite,
welcome and make interact your guests It’s easy! Visit Evenium.net, with only a couple of clicks create your customized event website Promote your event on your websites, your social networks and encourage your guests to share the information on their own networks. Personalize your email invitations, send it to
your network and start selling your tickets Pierre, Jessica and Kiko haven’t responded yet? Contact them with just one click Do you wish to juggle multiple tasks and
face a complicated event organization? Well, managing all the sessions and complex logistics will be easy
thanks to Evenium! Finally it’s the day of the event.
All your guests arrive at the same time, the queue is never-ending.
Thankfully you check them in very quickly by scanning their invitations with Evenium OnSite Look, the queue has already disappeared Wait a minute! Evenium.net also offers ConnexMe,
the best event mobile application in the world. Evenium ConnexMe
application allows you to communicate directly with your guests and give access to the events information Your guests can easily identify the people they want to meet and network with The ConnexMe application is essential for your speakers, they can interact with the audience by organizing polls and surveys in a
couple of seconds The doors to your event are now open! Evenium ConnexMe is a unique application allowing you to share the content of the event in real time around the world Evenium.net is a complete solution combining online
registration and mobile application for your
participants Try Evenium solution for free on Evenium.net

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