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67 thoughts on “Eve Online – Top 10 Tips for New Players

  1. Cant wait to watch this… hard to find a new guide for alpha clone after the new patch… started 5 days ago.. and sisters of eve missions are kicking my ass.

  2. keep it up man, great video. the quick fitting thing you did off the uni page was super helpfull. been fitting shit manualy 1 item at a time XD

  3. good vid, but I would argue there are easier ways to make isk for #2. ratting for example. station trading is to variable and requires constantly updating your knowledge about the market. It also has the potential to empty out your wallet much faster than the occasional t1 frigate loss.

  4. Dude, I've been playing for 2 years and I just learned the multifit tool from this video, thank you so much, this is so helpful

  5. Your voice is very death metal 🙂 Nice material, I've learn a lot (I dont't use autopilot with my Dominix anymore, save me a lot of time). Thank you.

  6. digg the vid bud, you did a phenomenal job with being informative about the game. I'm a couple weeks in and I'm now looking to see how I can maintain my omega status. Wish you well, and keep up the good work!

  7. Great channel, helped me a lot! Hope you can make one about different Arc missions, as I was suggested to do one after finishing all the training.

  8. Loved this video, dude! Started playing yesterday and ended up blowing 12 damn hours just playing through and getting some of the basics, losing ships, etc. Really loved this, man!

  9. This is the type of game you can play 50 hours a week for 2 years straight and still feel like a complete and utter noob.
    It looks great i'm no stranger to more mentally challeging games but this is just a masssssive learning curve.
    And i've heard some rather unpleasant things about extremely toxic communities and veterans bored out of their mind and they harrash new players for fun.

  10. I love helping new bros. Simply because if the new bro doesn't leave the game, and doesn't get frustrated he might become an old bro whom I will be able to hunt in spooky space 🙂

    Oh and my tip is: Train for the fit first, not the ship. When I first started I kept training for bigger ships, but I couldn't fit them properly, so I ended up with a battlecruiser with small guns and crap like that. Train for the fit, not the ship.

  11. WOW multifit?? copy n paste EFT? thanks so much! My account is almost 15 years old, just returning, didnt know a ton. On that note, can you recommend a vid or clear explanation of current security colors? im scared by 0.6 and i am not sure if i should be. also, saw a guy with orage flashing symbol (skull) on his ship, but i was in high sec… can i shoot him? all of this is still baffling me. great vid thanks! PS the idea of cheap pvp build and place to fight is brilliant, get blown up and learn w no risk, remove the fear of pvp, best of all tips

  12. Too bad the only thing the eve community can do these days is hunt down and kill unarmed new players and then want to defend their actions with Nazi Germany mentality by saying it weeds out the weak from the strong lol. If you want real help here's a tip uninstall eve and find something else to spend your time on. This video is 8+ months old hopefully I can save a few lives from being wasted.

  13. The best resource for new eve online players is Eve University. I am no longer with them however when I was a new player they really helped me out. Eve Uni has players who are good at specific areas of the game and they teach classes on those subjects in game. Plus they do a lot of practical application stuff, for example, I was in the mining classes and we would do shared can operations while people from the combat classes would run security for us.

  14. I feel like something like Insta-undocks at the stations your frequently at & home location is something I didn't learn until I joined a FW corp. Something I love now lol. I just came back to eve and as someone (minmitar in FW) I have alts in Jita & Amarr space along with another account for hauling ( I've trained what I could on the alpha account) and my last account is my station trader and in all hubs but minmitar since my mains home station is a jump away from the Minnie's Trade Hub. I still prefer not fighting in anything higher than a destroyer, Idk I like the solo & Small gang content I get with a cheap rifter or the 100 thrashers for everything I have fit lol.

  15. Great vid, ive been on and off EVE for a few weeks when im bored of E:D bugs, trying to get into the swing of things and this helped a ton man, good work. Thankyou👍

  16. So if I am from the Caldari race, can I still dock into the Federation stations without getting blown up by Federation NPCs?

  17. first 10 min was Terrible=forced into a battle :not learned shoot/or turn/anything! sucked nasty arss… no wsad/or arrow keys turn/ no joystick.. all point click/select from 6 itemsd in list.. select shoot.. fk dat chit!!!! deleted.. 1000 times faster than took load it! :>)

  18. Pretty nice tipps I do have a few gripes tho. Like what's the Point of having the fanciest ships and lots of other stuff when it's just sitting around because you don't wanna loose it?I know I'd be that way; not wanna loose what I've been grinding for for so Long. I generally don't take too well to random PK-ing.I'm generally not into PK-ing outside of dedicated PvP Areas/modes. As for trading with Players, sounds good to get lots of ISK that way, tho I don't trust myself with getting good Prices for stuff tho. When it's about Long term Goals, I like to have one. Tho in most cases where I have played games, that Goal usually was tied to a narrative of sorts, mostly being to finish the Story of the game. Emergent gameplay has very rarely kept me  invested for Long because it felt rather boring to me without a central narrative. I'm also not one to seek contact with others in games. If it's not a dedicated multiplayer game, I prefer to Keep to myself. THat's because I've mostly played singleplayer over the years and contacting other Players feels very awkward to me.

  19. I'm a new player and yeah there's a big learning curve and so far I've really only done missions but I gotta say it's probably the most immersive game I've ever played

  20. Pro 10 Tips for New Players. But you literally do not show anything, you speak about stuff and click so fast through whatever you do, it's impossible to keep up and understand what you're doing.
    New players, yeah, with ~6 months of playtime maybe.

  21. I'm gonna watch more of these. I liked it. Very informative. And friendly goes a long ways with me. Good video.

  22. It's like you said "You need to take break from it!"
    I took a looong break from EVE, approx. 3-3,5 years. Before I started up again nov-2018.
    Since then I've been more focused about what I want with the game. Found a great corp. That's helping me out a ton.
    A good, friendly corp. Is THE most important thing in EVE. Playing EVE always solo, is just a mind killer and you WILL leave EVE fast. Just the last mont I've learned a ton and I'm well on my way to understand the game more then I would ever do solo.

    So with this video, with that multi buy and multi fit:) That will cost me alot of ISK though, but what's ISK, if your not going to spend it on a ship that's going to be blown to pieces:)

    I really liked this video, so keep up the good work and have fun:)

  23. you can afk auto pilot around high sec no problem. People wont be there to kill you. Also NEVER warp to 0 outside of high sec.

  24. Still a good video in 2019. Something I have really noticed here lately is some people's total reliance on fitting layouts. I ran into a guy last week that had been playing since 2010. He honestly had no idea how to fit a ship without going and finding a fit online. I asked him why he was running a particular module and he had no idea why or what I meant. The only thing he knew was "that's what the fit from eve uni had" Don't get me wrong. I'm a member of eve uni and they have some good solid fits and I've been playing since 2004. I use the method you showed all the time but I am shocked at people out there that don't know squat about fitting a ship. You brought up the mastery part of skills and that is important. That really let's you know why you are fitting certain mods in certain places. I'll stop ranting lol. Again great video still today!

  25. Eve Online is such a deep game that you can only give tips on the basics i.e. getting started really. The one rule/tip that will stay with you throughout your Eve career is to not lose ships you can't afford to lose. If you have say, a billion isk to your name, don't go out PvPing in a fancy billion isk ship. Better still don;t go out in the ship full stop if you can't afford to replace it. Fly within your financial means. Stick to this rule and you won't end up rage quitting.

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