EVE Online: Ship SKINs

EVE Online: Ship SKINs

Hi there! In this video we will be talking about
Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, better known as SKINS. SKINs are essentially a license that
change the appearance of your ship, allowing you to customize the look of your vessel. They exist as an in-game item
before they are activated. They can be traded on the market
or through Contracts, transported in your cargo bay and lost if destroyed. So remember, as with PLEX, it is risky
to transport these items in your ship unprepared. There are two types of SKINs
that can be applied to a ship, but both work in the same way. There are Permanent SKINs
available through the New Eden Store, and time-limited SKINs that are
available on select ships and can be obtained from NPCs or Faction LP stores. Both can also be found on the market. To apply a SKIN license to your character, simply right-click and Inject it,
just like a skill book. A skin is tied to a character rather
than a particular ship that you own. This means that once you have activated
a particular skin on your character, it will always be available to you,
even if your ship is destroyed. But remember, time-limited SKINs will
expire when their time runs out. This also means that transferring your
character to another account will mean the SKINs go with them. SKINs can be viewed either through the
Show Info window of a particular ship or through the Fitting window. In the Fitting window, you will be able to see all of the Ship SKIN licenses
available for that particular ship. They are divided into those you own
and those not yet applied to your character. You will be able to preview what your ship will look like
before applying or purchasing the SKINs. To apply a SKIN, you will need
to be aboard the ship. Open the Fitting window and
select the SKIN you wish to use. Once selected the SKIN will be applied to your ship, and SKINs can be applied to your ships
either when you are docked or in space. As a license is tied to a character
rather than to a particular ship, if you eject from your ship when it’s in space,
it will revert back to its base variant. However, if you board it again,
the SKIN will automatically be re-applied. Your ships will remember
what SKINs were last applied to them, allowing you to have different SKINs
on different ships of the same type. Enjoy your shiny ships and fly safe.

Danny Hutson

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  1. What about skin BPs… how will they be affected? I have yet to be able to find a good answer.

  2. Question: CCP recently (05/17?2017) gave a bonus of a special skin for one's capsule. I applied it to my capsule. However, i noticed that it would not stay permanently on the capsule. How do i get the skin to stay permanently on the capsule so that whenever i see the capsule it has the skin on?

  3. it get boring keep using ships all day make an update where you can use your character and shoot something character movement .

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