EVE Online – Invasion Cinematic Trailer

EVE Online – Invasion Cinematic Trailer

Heads-up, I’m activating the Abyssal filament. If you need to reload kinetic ammo, and group weapons, do it now. Kinetic ammo? What are you talking about, I brought thermal! I’ve got thermal ammo with me, you told me thermal! Oh come on, we went over this, it’s super simple. It’s a dozen ships, we kill them, grab the loot,
and head for the exit gate. Alright guys, keep your stuff together. Here we go! This is weird. Yeah something’s not right, there’s nobody here. Did someone already run this pocket?
But, the gate is open. That’s not possible. Come on, follow me, there’s got to be something up ahead. Alright. Did anyone see that? Yep… Let’s go closer and have a look. Maybe we should just head back to the gate? Like, we could do a different filament. Come on, don’t be a wuss. Is that something up ahead there? Yep, there’s definitely something up ahead. It’s getting a little bit closer. Here it comes! Oh my god. This is ridiculous. Look at that! That’s a lot of ships. Er… guys? We’re definitely running. Oh shit, I have implants in this clone. Prop mods on, let’s go! Go, go, go, go, go! Careful guys Ah, one down FC’s down! I’m primary! They’re shooting me now! They’re…! Yeah, you’re not gonna make it. You’re toast! You wanna bet? You got here! Almost there. Almost…yeah! Holy hell! That sucked. Why do I even play with you guys?

Danny Hutson

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  1. How many people playing this game? On steam as i see there is playing only 2k people, they have some another launcher or they making that game for 2k people ?

  2. DRIFTERS CONSEQUENCE ? Wow , i bet that took everyone by surprise (as it should ) player can’t whine , they ve been harassing drifter for years at best , seem like vanilla wow , consequence based system, but implemented in eve ! Oh dam , things are about to get lively in eve! The better question is where were they hiding ?

  3. never played eve before. but this is an awesome real-time gameplay ? vid. i 'd pay to watch an episodic series like that.

  4. "maybe we should just head back to the gate, like we could do a different filament" – first guy to get blown up

  5. Не знал что капсулиры общаются по радио. Скоро наверное и кокпит добавят.

  6. I don't even play the game, but I love this trailer, the fact that it's "players"(not real players, they are acting like players) that are exploring and find this out. Also, all their comments are fantastic, "I equiped the wrong ammo", "I've got implants in this" and of course "why do I play with you guys". It just makes the trailer more fun and interesting in my opinion.

  7. Вот ссп мудаки, согласитесь да
    в трейлерах ил шутрмавик какой то, с чуть ли не прицелом посреди экрана
    а в игре ботодрочильня

  8. This game is sooooo dam cool I started a month ago quit because I was overwhelmed. It really is easy as hell and not complicated it’s just intimidating and that’s what makes it such a great game. The detail put in! I play my own style I do what I want. I built a Navi into a gun boat and at first I would always get destroyed and run away I know it’s not the best early ship. However I have made it the best it can be with shields and rail cannon after my 3rd Navi it’s an orbital destroyer in security missions! I love his game everything clicked. I don’t even do anything but questing anything that sounds unique I’ll try it and I make money selling the goods I find along the way and from the mission drops! It is fantastic if you are new find your own play style anything can fit! If you sit and out your mind to it ! You don’t have to do career missions if it isn’t your thing. I just like to grab a difficult mission go in blind and adjust and I have gotten away with 15hp heart pounding jumps I witnessed a fleet assault just amazing ! Enjoy eve online I’m trying to invite my Friends to play but they just think I’m crazy lol

  9. Well, thank you anon explorers! You are really something! Now we can really be usefull as miners, because there will be a lot of ships lost! $_$

  10. 4.1 Mil views for a game that has hardly 30k+ players. Adv done right. Did it helped the game ? Nope.
    They should add a cinematic with a TIDI too. I bet all the cool ships and particle effects gonna look cool in slowmo.

  11. This looks good !

    Wrong ammo – check
    Omg implant too. – check
    No burner – check
    Flying a ship I can afford to lose – check

    Just another day in eve

  12. This is basically modified Thirdspace aliens from Babylon 5. Similar gate, similar space…And Tri in my lanugage means 3.

  13. Alright, as someone who has tried to play Eve, but lost interest, is there a way I can play basically as a fast moving corvette or something?

  14. So, I recognize the Tristan model and the Wolf … what was the 3rd ship that "survived"? Great trailer though!!

  15. Unfortunately Eve is already disgusting to play it because its developers ignore its players and put measures like the blackout that makes everyone leave. Please do not play this!

  16. Hey thanks for the Eve Online trailer. Now can we finally get SOMETHING for Project Nova? I dont see why they shut down Dust 514 to make Nova if Nova is going to take them 8 Years to make AFTER they already shut down Dust. Why couldnt they leave the servers open while they made Nova?

  17. Nice trailer for Galactic Microsoft Excel. 😉
    I've never seen the appeal of this game. Play free, more like grind for free. lol

  18. I started to love the universe since Mass Effect, this cinematic trailer hyped me up enough to heist some of the NASA equipment to play this game.

  19. I know a former EVE player who was Swatted with the help of EVE Online. Another player set up this person and EVE, rat bastards that they are, gave the name and address of this person to Interpol, which notified US authorities and the local police came banging on his door in middle of the night, yelling for him to come out. Woke the entire neighborhood.
    This is a 100 percent true story.
    Stay away from this game.

  20. 0:15 non sequitur
    0:41 Here's nobody there.
    1:20 little bitty brain
    1:30 There's no god.
    2:32 "me guys"? Malnumerate fаg; -> ye.

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