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76 thoughts on “EVE Online: Citadel Feature Tour

  1. GOD these trailer videos make this game look amazing, pity it looks shit in real life, anyone watched any pvp videos, omg you need a spreadsheet degree just to understand all the numbers and menus on the screen

  2. This new Eve mod for Homeworld looks amazing, and it has base-building to boot!

    Seriously, though, SO STOKED, and I don't even fly combat caps!!!

  3. Sweet features!
    Now I'm DEFINITELY going to fly a supercarrier!

    (And nice choice of music, too. No terrible dubstep, hooray!)

  4. The weapon effects at 0:43… All those tiny points of light really help to show the scale of these citadels.

  5. Does anybody else dream about the day they just magically happen across enough money to be set for life? I do. In the hopes of playing this game all day xD

  6. ready for spend so many isk for and citadel and then lunch your pc because some one destroy your citadel XD

  7. Every time I see a shot of a citadel w/ an Avatar next to it, I can't help thinking: "banana for scale."

  8. Love to fly a capital ship but what the developers aren't telling you is the fact it will be 15 years until you can fit and fly one. Complete joke. Shouldn't be available to the 1 percent of eve players.

  9. I wish all devs were like CCP they are truly passionate about Eve. haven't played in over a year but i will stay subbed & return sooner or later. Keep it up CCP you guys are awesome.

  10. Anyone else notice that Hel looks different? I couldn't find a skin that matches it on Singularity. Also the fighter bay has a different particle effect…possibly a reworked model?

  11. Can we seriously get some kind of full soundtrack thats 10 min long of this? The music litterally teared me up, its absolutely beautiful

  12. I haven't played Eve in nearly 2 years. Is it the right time to get back into it?

    Anyone feel like hand holding a mostly noob? I've got a couple million skill points I think, mostly unspent.

  13. wow this is taken from 100% in game footage? Looks incredible. Is it too late to start playing this game as a new player? looks like something i could enjoy !

  14. Most players will never build a citadel or a titan… If you do, then you should love citadels. But this is an expansion that really only shines for 2% – 3% of Eve Players. Granted what they did is beautiful and anyone could build up to a citadel or a titan.. it isn't how most people play so all of this work misses most of us.. would like to have seen more done with hi-sec, mining, stations, PVP, and more improvements in the game to make the game more fun for casuals and then work in some mechanics to lure the casuals into PVP and PI, etc…

  15. sooooooo…. noob here…. What waar citadels exactly?? like does the player build them wherever he/she likes?

  16. I would love to play EVE, I have tried to play it twice already.
    Both times i just run to the wall of the time based skill progression.
    I joined a corporation that was part of a big alliance and every time we were going to do something i just had to say "Sorry, I don't have the skills and it's going to take a few weeks to train them". When i want to do mining it is useless because without the proper skills the efficiency is so low that there is no point in wasting time to mine, when i want to play in fleets and roam with them i can't because i have not waited for long enough of time.

    It is too frustrating for me to play the game when i know that i gain nothing if i play now, I should wait for a year and just log in once a week to update my skill training and then after that year of time and that year of money invested, could I truly start to play the game.

    EVE is the game i would love to play but it's just stupid to play it.
    No matter if i spend 10 hours a day playing or i log on once a week. At the end it comes down to just waiting for skills to train. That is not a game.

  17. I don't know if I can be bothered with EVE again. I love it but I just got so put off after the events on the Brave/PL business in catch. They just swarmed up with super caps and there was fuck all we could do. Months of work by a community to build something cool and we lost it all because of crappy unbalanced caps. Also the game requires you to be on all the time go away for a week and you're entire alliance could get wrecked like brave did and you lose a couple billion isk in assets. Yeah scree that.

  18. These structures dwarf Titans.

    Entire constellations would have to be stripmined to build one. How many more expansions before we have player made planets?

  19. so guys, we can now finaly build our own bases in Eve ???

    i have been waiting for that feature a long time!

  20. ok this is all cool and all. but when are we going to be allowed to walk around inside the station as our characters like you promised?

  21. As much as I am looking forward to this content… I have to say "oh look, yet another update with nothing to entice new players to join our dwindling player base". Please CCP, keep the game alive and really think about lower SP content for the next expansion. As great as this expansion is, its not going to get new players as soon as they realise all this stuff will take about a year to enjoy. Apologies to others for the killjoy dose of reality.

  22. This game is so sick in concept. To bad it fucking sucks 🙁 Hopefully star citizen implements some of these concepts.

  23. all fear and square but this trailer is meant for players that already spent actual years training skills and had billions of isk.. it would take any newcomer few more years before they could taste the citadel.

  24. I would not want something that big hovering over my planet, cause if it falls planet is gonna blow up. Also I think that it would effect the tides of the world.

  25. ok eve had killed my game play, yes its nice to have all the graphics and shit but why do they have to add all the memory sucking data. now I cant load my character without a large lag. it does no one any good if we have to buy a new computer every time you do an upgrade. its getting to expensive to play. so I have decided to let the game go the way of the dodo.guess I will just watch on youtube and wander if the TEAM listened to the commentary

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