EVE Online: Blueprints

EVE Online: Blueprints

Hi, in this video, I am going to talk to you
about the basics of Blueprints, including how to improve their efficiency through Research
and how to create copies of them. Almost all items in Eve are created by the players
by using blueprints so becoming familiar with them is vital
before you can start your industry career. Blueprint Originals, or BPOs, can be purchased
from the market or through contracts with other players. BPOs can be used to manufacture items
an infinite number of times and can be researched for improved efficiency. You can also use BPOs to create Blueprint Copies,
but more on that later. Researching a BPO improves its Material Efficiency
or Time Efficiency, which are also referred to as ME and TE. This will decrease either the materials or time
needed to manufacture an item. You can also decrease the time it takes
to research a BPO with the right skills. You can see which skills they are right here. Implants will decrease it even further. There are also skills available to allow you to run
multiple Research jobs simultaneously. Now, I will show you how to create
your own Blueprint Copy from the Rifter BPO we just bought off the market. To start, we‘ll need to decide how many copies we need and how many runs per copy we want. Runs refers to the number of times
that this copy can be used. Notice how increasing either of these
increases the Job Duration. As with Blueprint Research, we can decrease the duration
with the right skills and implants. One copy is enough for now
but we are going to need a lot of Rifters so let’s go for the maximum number of runs. I‘m satisfied with this outcome so let’s start the job but first, be sure to select an appropriate
output location for our copy and then all we have to do is wait. You can watch more of our tutorial videos
while your blueprint is being copied. Blueprint Copies cannot be sold or bought from the market but you can acquire them through contracts with other players
or just create them yourself with a BPO. Copies will have the same ME and TE as the Original
and they cannot be researched further. They also have a limited number of runs
you can use them for, for either manufacturing or for invention. Once those runs are depleted the copy will be gone. This should cover what you need to know to get started
on researching and copying your blueprints. Until next time, fly safe!

Danny Hutson

7 thoughts on “EVE Online: Blueprints

  1. Love the video, but I feel that the buying and selling system of BPC's is sub-par and outdated. We need a system that gives us more information quicker about blueprints. There is so many contracts on the market that have 1 run or 4 runs both marketed at the same price. ME and TE also varies greatly between blueprints especially with t2 BPC's. In Delonewolf's "invention" video published on April 13, 2015 he goes more into detail than I can go into with a comment.

  2. useless info i have the blueprint and the right to stuff to create cap booster but it still will not let me create them. stupid tutorial

  3. Ok now, I want you to show me all the blueprints!
    Show me all the blueprints.
    Show me the blueprints.

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