Ethernet Crossover Cables and Straight Through Cables – When to Use Which

Ethernet Crossover Cables and Straight Through Cables – When to Use Which

I wanted to jump in and give
you a heads up on what’s coming. In the class, we’re
going to take a look at some review
questions on cable types and before we do
that, I want to give you a preview of those questions so
you can assess your knowledge and see where you’re at with
the understanding of what type of cable would be
used in which situation. Here’s the questions. Number one, what
does NIC stand for? Robert. Network interface card. Fantastic. What does the Mac
address come from, Susan? The manufacturer. Great. What cable type, do we need
for a switch to switch? Not as in Cat 5, but as in
crossover or straight-through. Crossover. Perfect. Brennan, switch to hub? Crossover. Fantastic. Router to router, Brett. Crossover. Great. PC to PC, Robert. Crossover, again. You guys are great. What is the most common
used type of patch cable? Let me go back to
our graphic here of our building infrastructure. Here’s our building
infrastructure. So we’ve got the MDF, the
main distribution frame. We’ve got a vertical
run, probably fiber. We’ve got horizontal
runs to wall jacks. What is the most popular type? So you go back to that question. What’s the most commonly
used type of patch cable to go from the
biscuit to the PC? Like an ethernet cable? I’m asking, specifically,
cross-over or straight-through? Straight-through. Straight-through. So 98% of all your cables
that you’re going to see, the patch cables, are
going straight-through. So the horizontal run,
it’s also straight-through. And if there’s a patch panel
inside the wiring closet, that’s also going
straight-through. So if you have three
segments of cables, they’re all going to
be straight-through, from a PC going all
the way to the switch. And last but not least, you’re
laughing at this already. How many wires in a
four pair Cat 6 cable? How many wires? Eight. There’s eight. All right, always. Fantastic. That’s the end of this lesson.

Danny Hutson

5 thoughts on “Ethernet Crossover Cables and Straight Through Cables – When to Use Which

  1. I think crossover and straight cΓ’bles are useless now, because networks cafΓ©s are able to crossover or straight cables.

  2. Hi,sir i explained you my old modem is configured to WiFi router it mean my old router is configured to WiFi access point simple word how to used cable straight & cross cables connectors RJ-45 my cable is CAT 5e replay me my new router is ADSL+2 my old router ADSL+2 brand name tenda how to recommended to the cable used to best performing me?????

  3. Hi ?

    Thank you for helping us

    But I have a one question please

    I have two pc and I need to connected
    with each other via cable ( I need to made the cross over ? ) Right ? OK

    How if I told to you I’m made the ( straight through way ) and connected successfully with each other and I makes ping and it pinged successfully

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