Ep 12 Chợ trời Hà Lan/ Giá cả đồ ăn -Open market in The Netherlands (Dutch-Eng sub)#Cuộc sống Hà Lan

Ep 12 Chợ trời Hà Lan/ Giá cả đồ ăn -Open market in The Netherlands (Dutch-Eng sub)#Cuộc sống Hà Lan

Hello everyone Welcome back to my channel My name is Uyên. I’m working and living in The Netherlands. Today is saturday and I am going to de open market. It’s about 15 mins riding from my house I will show you the open market. It’s about 10 a.m that’s why it is still quiet on the street. we are almost there. a lot of people look at me I feel so weird But it does not matter. I do it for you This is the open market in The Netherlands This is the bread stall. Here they sell the food for pets. Here they sell the scarves. the clothes 8eu 10 eu for 2 it looks like Vietnam The fish stall the crab is huge Is that king crab? the sea snails the squids are also so large 10 eu/ 2 kg (I don’t know the name of the fish) stonefish this redfish looks like the fish we have in Vietnam 12.50 eu/ kg the croissant wow these pastries look nice they really have a lot of pastries This is the butcher They sell here many parts of the pigs that are often eaten by the Asian people. the saleswoman is also Asian this is the meat around the pork leg I often come here to buy this. this is the shank 10 eu/ kg do you see a whole pig’s head? 2.50 eu/ kg what is this? the pigs rectum those are the organs the pork leg this is the cheese stall this is the flower stall these branches resemble the branches for the Vietnamese New Year. but with us the flowers are red. Here they are white. wow beautiful lilies 8.50 eu/ 10 pieces this is the land of flowers those are the tulips 3.50 eu/ bunch the roses 6 eu/ bunch 6 eu/ 50 pieces this is the greengrocer the mandarin it is now the season of mandarin you can taste this the lychees they often have lychees 3.98 eu/ kg those are the manderins with leaves the papaya 2.98 eu/ kg the melon 1.98 eu / piece the dragon fruit 1.98 eu/ piece the bananas 2.50 eu/ 1.5 kg the herbs the pepermunt 1.50 eu/ bunch the parsley I always mix it up with celery the coriander the dill the celery and other herbs the basil this one has a strange smell the lettuce the water spinach 2.50 eu/ bunch the fennel 1.50 eu / half kilo everyone gets a basket put the vegetables in here then you pay this is the cash register you can pin here that’s how you pay for your groceries. Don’t forget to subcribe my channel

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