[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.45

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.45

[Run BTS!
BTS Cafe] Run BTS! [Laughing out loud]
Jin, you look… [Hello, I’m Cook-Jin] [Original Cookie]
I’m feeling great. [Punishment from the previous episode!]
You look so cute. [Punishment of wearing Cookie outfit]
I guess you like strawberry milk. [BTS is at a cafe]
– What brought us to this cafe? – Right. [Today’s theme?]
Today’s theme of Run BTS is – BTS Cafe!
– BTS Cafe! [Today’s Run BTS!
BTS Cafe] [BTS becomes baristas of
this BTS cafe] [After learning coffee-making
theory and practice making latte] [each member will make
randomly-picked signature latte] [The winner will enjoy a prize!] [Who will take the first place prize?] [Before the theory class]
Let’s see how much you know about coffee. [Warming-up OX quiz about coffee]
– Basic knowledge test. – Sure. First one. Who is the first Korean
known to drink coffee? [In a hurried manner]
– Great King Sejong. – He is Sunjong, O or X. – O. – X.
– I know. – I’ll do like him. [Adamant]
– X. – X. – It’s X. [Answer: X Kojong]
– Isn’t it Kojong? – This is Kojong. – In 1732.
– Before I was born. [Baffled]
– Nobody was born then.
– Nobody among us! – If someone was born,
that’ll be amazing! – In 1732, – Beethoven composed a cantata.
– Cantata? – Cantata? Isn’t it a coffee brand?
– Cantata? [Proud]
It’s Mozart. [Whispering]
– I don’t think so. – It’s X. [Embarrassed]
– I don’t think it’s Mozart.
– Anyways, it’s not Beethoven. – X is the answer.
– Right, it’s X. – Its’ X. Wake up. – Guess well.
– Who is it? – Bach! – Who? – Bach.
– Right. Bach. The right pronunciation is Bach. [Smart] – Bach is the father of music.
– When Bach laughs? Baha-ha. [All right]
Next one, please. [Production team laughs out loud]
– They like it! – Daddy’s joke. [So I didn’t edit] – Producer likes it.
– It’s not going to be edited. He loves it. When Bach cries,
Bach-boo-hoo. [Satisfied] [Scanning]
– Bach-boo-hoo. – All old ones laughed. [Saying-whatever party]
Bach made a cantata while crying. [Daily life-related quiz]
This is related to our daily lives. [Confident]
I’m good at such things. If a pack of coffee beans is not opened, [Coffee beans’ shelf life
is 1 year if unopened]
it doesn’t go bad for an year. [No] – X.
– I think it can last for 300 years. [Opinions are varied]
– It’s X. – The answer is X. – Of course.
– Definitely X. [It needs to be consumed in 30 days]
It’s recommended to drink in 30 days. [Surprised]
– A month? – Too short. [Deep insight]
Very short. – Next one, please.
– Among BTS songs, – “Coffee” has a repeated phrase of
“Caramel Macchiato”. – Caramel Macchiato. [Thinking hard]
It comes 6 times. O or X? – X.
– Six times? [Varied opinions]
– No. It comes out once. – O. – O.
– Me, too. [So confident]
– X. – X. – I’m X. – It’s X.
– It comes out 6 times in the hook. [So sure]
But it comes out once in Suga’s verse. [Raising X by confident Hope’s attitude]
7 times, in total. – Yes, 7 times.
– It was an odd number. [Insisting O]
– It’s X. – O. – X. – O.
– X. The answer is X. [Was I right?]
7 times, right? [No, 5 times]
5 times! Hope, you’re good at
acting like you know. [Embarrassed] [Time to pick each one’s
signature coffee] [Never mixed]
You didn’t mix at all. They’re not mixed at all. [What are you doing?]
You are not mixing them. [I don’t mind, let’s shake]
Not mixed. Pick one. [Picking]
I chose you. [Yours is here]
– Let me get one for you. – 1, 2, 3. [Injeolmi latte for V,
who is not close to coffee]
(Korean traditional rice cake) [Oh]
Taehyung, amazing. – Cafe lemoni.
– Esproberry latte. – Cocopresso latte.
– Creamy latte. [Unfolding] [I like it]
It sounds like Christmas, so I like it. – Rosy latte.
– What’s this? [Rosy from roses?]
– This is… – Does it contain rose? – A bit of rose?
– I think mine is made of lemon. – Cafe lemoni.
– Lemoni. – Shakerato? Is it a sort of liquor?
– Shakerato? What’s that? Not “Arigato”.
(Thank you in Japanese) [Having fun]
– Shakerato. – Arigato for Shakerato. – Arigato.
– Arigato, Shakerato. – I want to make one soon.
– I see. [Before making coffee]
You will make coffee today but [Time to learn the coffee-making theory]
you need to learn the theory. [Suddenly]
Shall we start by drinking one? Give us 7 glasses of iced Americano. [Surprised]
Instructor… Would you please make Americano? [Looking around]
[Members bow to their teacher]
– Hello. – Hello. [Polite]
– Hello. – Hello, instructor. [Request 1]
May I have latte? [Request 2]
Please 7 cups of latte, with a heart on it. [Worrying about TaeTae]
– Taehyung doesn’t drink coffee.
– He doesn’t. [I will try]
Could you make hot chocolate? [Good]
– I will try. – Great spirit of challenge. [Starting with foamy latte]
Let’s drink latte. Seven cups of latte. [Chatty]
[Instructor granted their sudden requests] [Touched by amazing latte]
Here they are. [Amazing]
Shapes of hearts are all different. [Amazing]
Awesome. How did he do this? [You will do that, too] Let me introduce the instructor
who made these for you. [Welcome] [Glad but shy]
Hello. [Nice to see you!]
Hello, teacher. [Jang Hyun-woo
2014 Korean Barista Championship’s judge] [Barista for VVIPs at G20 Summit]
[2015 – Korea Barista Championship
Steering Committee member] [CQI Q-grader]
[Korean Team Barista Championship judge] [Barista Association’s Education Team leader]
[Judge for Barista Class 1&2 License] Is it okay? Do you like it? [A lot of compliments]
– It’s amazing. – Thank you. [Relaxed with a cup of coffee]
I’m so honored to taste your coffee. [Amazed]
– Thank you. – So smooth. – Really. [Trust me]
You will all make this today. [Amazed]
I’ll make a better one. [Yay] [Haha]
I like latte. – Delicious.
– How did you make this brown foam? [Crema – brown cream on top of espresso]
That’s the cream. A layer in coffee. [Time to learn coffee theories]
Before you make one, you need to know the theory. [You can enjoy it better if you know well!]
[Slurping] When you drink coffee, [Oh]
you can evaluate it. [Excited Kook]
– Oh, right. – With your legs crossed. [Acting with him]
Sure. [Acting in the situation alone]
– This coffee is… – Right. You guys are already cool,
but it will make you cooler. [Tempting]
Let me tell you how. [Desperate]
Thank you. [Amazing coffee dictionary] Coffee was found around
the 6th and 7th centuries in Ethiopia. – Utopia?
– Ethiopia. [Suddenly]
– Ethiopia. – Where is it? It’s there, in Africa. [Great job, Jin!]
Correct. [I’m Cook-Jin]
– You’re interested. – When he said that, [Avoiding eye contact]
he rolled his eyes. No way. I know. [Amazing] Flesh is removed from
coffee fruits and seeds are collected. – Seeds are processed
so that you can drink. – Oh. [Coffee beans are the seed of coffee tree]
Then, beans are all seeds? – Yes, they are all seeds.
– Oh, right. [Summarization]
– Coffee beans are seeds. – Right. [Laughing out loud]
You’re writing down everything. [Please refer to Run BTS Episode 11]
His handwriting is pretty. He’s good at writing. [I don’t know what it says]
I can’t tell what I wrote. Have you tasted espresso? – Yes, in Italy.
– Never tried. – I did. [RM was amazed by Italians’ coffee culture]
When I was in Italy, people drank coffee while standing up. [Even at a sudden question]
Because coffee drinking culture is from Italy. [Smooth answer]
If you go to Italy, as he said, [Italian coffee culture]
– as soon as coffee is served, – Standing. they put some sugar
and take it out. Italian espresso’s feature is the balanced taste,
instead of body or favors. [It’s normal to put sugar]
They drink it at one go with sugar. – You may have seen it.
– Right. And it was tasty. [So curious]
What’s the body in coffee taste? I though a body means
a physical body. It could be that. How can he say this
in front of everyone? [I am happy it makes you laugh]
Whiskey has the body, too. [Body from other drinks]
Wine also has the body. It feels like the heaviness
on your mouth. [Explanation for them]
Let’s say you drink water. This glass of water
feels so smooth in your mouth. – Jeju Island water.
– That glass of water feels like milk. [It tastes like oily and heavy]
Oily tastes. [Body means heaviness in tactile feeling]
– Right. – Now I see. You may feel it when tasting
the same type of drink. [Deep insight]
You can say it’s full-bodied. [Summarization]
If its mouthfeel is good and smooth, you can say it’s full-bodied. [Easy to understand]
Right. [Applying the lesson 120%]
– It’s full-bodied. – This has the best body. Thank you. When you make espresso, [Without the Cookie mask]
you may have seen [Common process at a cafe]
a barista tamers the ground bean. [The entire process is packing]
– Right. – That’s called packing. – Packing. – Let’s use
these jargons later. – Okay, packing.
– Did you finish packing? [Reading the monitor]
– Dosing. – Did you do dosing? [Saying all the jargons]
How does it go with your tamping? [You’re hearing jargons]
And leveling? [that don’t sound like jargons]
You need to do leveling. [What’s that?] Dosing means a process
to contain ground coffee. There’s a process called leveling. – It is to make it even, literally.
– Right. There’s another, tamping. – Tamping.
– You’ll press them. Tamping! I know! [Drop the tamping]
Beat doesn’t have tamping. No tamping. – Tamping.
– Tamping. [Let’s go to make coffee]
It’s time to make yourself. [Excited]
Let’s go! Let’s go! [In front of coffee machines]
Amazing machines. [Practice to make latte]
You’ll make espresso, taste coffee that you made, – and go on to make latte.
– Latte. [Curious]
– Yes. – I was so curious about it. [Porter filter]
– This is a porter filter. – A porter filter. You will put some ground coffee here. [Enthusiastic responses]
– Like this. – Oh, my god! [Leveling to make the surface flat]
– What a good machine.
– You can do this with your fingers or you can use a tool. – Just make sure that the surface is flat.
– That’s how they do. [Tamping to press ground coffee]
It’s time to tamp. [Pressing hard]
Use your body weight and press it once. Before you apply it, press the middle
button to let water out. – Wow! 93 degrees in Celsius.
– Like this. Right. [Great tip] It’s better to release
some, because it’s too hot. [Concentrating] [Insert and turn it around]
Insert a portafilter into the brew head. And move it around, it’s clicked. Pull it in the opposite way
when it’s inserted. Press the brew button and start pulling the espresso shot. That’s how we can get a cup of coffee. [How to enjoy coffee]
Let me tell you how to enjoy it. [Tip that nobody gave]
– Good. – This is most important. When you get the espress,
pull the cup like this. [Surprised]
Wow! [What did I see?]
– You can’t see the liquid. – Right. [Fresh crema means fresh beans]
You can do this thanks to the crema. It means beans were fresh. [Enthusiastic]
Right, right. [Laughing out]
If you can see the black liquid, it’s not good. – He’s so smart.
– Why are you so enthusiasitc? – It’s fun.
– Fun. [Don’t misunderstand]
– I’m having fun, too.
– It’s an interesting topic. Pull the espresso cup. Then, you may feel bitter
when you drink it first. Because your mouth
is coated with saliva. “Coated with saliva”.
Sounds great. You need to take it out. So, put some in your mouth
and move it in the mouth. Don’t open your mouth
when drinking esopresso. [Like this?]
So that the fragrance won’t go away. [Second tasting]
You can taste it better with the second sip. Enjoy the aroma and body. [Learned body very well]
– Body. – Body. – Right. See how smooth it is when
you sip and swallow it. Then, breathe out with
your mouth closed. [Blowing out] [Smell]
Yes, like that. [Aftertaste after breathing out]
– You can enjoy the aftertaste.
– Aftertaste. It’s called aftertaste. If the aftertaste is good,
it means good coffee. [Concentrating] Suga likes espresso a lot. – This… – Really?
– Me? [I didn’t know my preference]
– Suddenly? – Please taste it. [Taking a step further]
His hobby is drinking espresso bottoms up. [Did I?]
Me? – When you drink.
– Blow. [Tasting it]
You know that, huh? [Chatty professional talkers]
– You need to roll it.
– Because your mouth is coated. [Tilting his head]
– Remove the coating. – You need to do that. Remove the coating with coffee. [One more time]
– Taste once again. – In your mouth. [Tasting again]
– Roll it in your mouth. – Like a ball. Did you take off the coating? [What’s this look?]
– He did. – Don’t gargle. – Breathe out with your nose.
– The 2nd taste is the real one. [Suga is tasting and others are chatting]
– The 2nd sip shows its real taste…
– Bottoms up. [Awkward look]
His mouth is trembling. May I try? [It’s like red ginseng]
Does it taste like red ginseng? [Mr. Curiosity’s turn] – I guess it’s a bit sour.
– You need to drink more. [Really?]
You need to drink more. [Slurping]
Don’t open your mouth. It was not as shocking
as I first drank espresso. [Eager eyes]
– It’s delicious. – Let me taste it. [My type]
– It tastes like red ginseng.
– It’s so delicious. [Let me taste]
Me, too. [The one who has never tried it before]
I’ve never tasted espresso before. [Slurping]
– Enjoy. – It tastes sour. – Right, not as shocking as
I first drank it. – It was so shocking. [It’s nice]
This is my type. [Bragging about]
I’ve never felt the sour taste] [First time to taste sour espresso]
– Really? – Me, too! First time ever! – It tastes sour.
– He’s rolling it well. [Tasting]
– It’s like… – Like a soccer game. He’s like dribbling Ronaldinho. [Taking a break]
– About to shoot? – Shoot? – A goal?
– It crossed the line! [Hah]
– Breathing out. – Well done. – Breathe out.
– Your lips are trembling. – Is it a goal?
– I don’t think so. – No goal?
– It’s no goal. Personally, Taehyung I’m okay. – doesn’t drink coffee…
– I will taste it later. [Amazed by the fact it’s not bitter]
– It’s not bitter. – Right. [Adults think coffee is not bitter]
It’s not bitter than I thought. [Kook is a baby]
I gargled with espresso but it was okay. – Is the crema gone?
– We finished tasting. [So enthusiastic]
What should we do now? [Latte’s base is espresso]
The espresso we brewed – is the base of coffee.
– Yes. You may brew the espresso yourself. [Suga goes first]
Its mouthfeel was heavy. [Flowing out] It’s so much fun.
Can I be a barista? Barista? [Careful]
Leveling. He just dosed in the packing process. [Smiling]
It’s time to level it. [Tamping] – Now you can tamp.
– He’s about to start tamping. [Pushing hard]
– Tamping. – Use your body weight. [It’s enough X 2]
It’s enough! Enough! [Love it]
It feels nice. It doesn’t feel bad. Let the water out. Please make it sweet with some sugar. Here we go. [Turn it around
until it clicks] Start! Make sure to have a cup below. [Staring] – It will leak on the left.
– I’m so sure it will leak. [Espresso is being brewed]
Too thick! Too dark! [I like it]
– Well done. – You did it. [Proud]
So cool as he does it. [Embarrassed by compliments]
Barista Min. – Let’s see the crema.
– All right. – Wow.
– It’s okay. It feels like… You know, the milky way… – Aurora.
– Flattered. Aurora! Good beans! [Satisfied]
– Next. – Next one, please. [J-Hope tries]
May I try? Let me do that! [Rookie barista! J-Hope]
Rookie barista. His posture looks amazing. [Time to level]
– He’s about to level. – Press it. Isn’t it not hot? [Calmingly touching it]
– Leveling. – Tamping, too. It’s hot! Hot! [Oh, my] 35 seconds. [One second really matters]
– Aroma will be different per second.
– Every one second. – 6, 7, 8.
– There you go, good. [Never heard of it]
– Life is determined by 20 seconds.
– 20 seconds? [Changing it suddenly]
– Isn’t it too short? – Will you live for 20 sec? [19 seconds now]
– Or 19 seconds. – 19 seconds. [Hope is… not bold]
Not bold. Crema is perfect. [Audience wants to see the crema]
– Let me see! – Wow! [Tilting]
– Please tilt it. – You need to tilt it. – Let me try next!
– Next one! [Jimin’s turn to try]
Jimin looks like a young barista. I’m ready to learn.
Look at my hands. [Clean and nice]
– Clean. – I didn’t wear any accessories. You need to wear some.
Because baristas are cool. [Perfect dosing, leveling and tamping!] [Jimin cares about cleaness]
Clean up around it. – Can you do that?
– Can we wipe it with a towel? It doesn’t matter but
you need to hurry up. [Coffee may be burnt]
Because it’s too hot. Coffee is being burnt! – If you do so…
– Coffee can be burnt. [Hurried]
Let the water out. Water! [Hurried for customers who are waiting]
– Guests will be waiting. – Hurry up. [Nervous] – Your cafe will be out of
business. – Customers went out. [Complaints]
– You’ll be out of business.
– Why does it take so long? – Mister!
– Please do it for 30 seconds. [6 members love the situation drama]
He can’t insert it. [Park Jimin (24)/ Mangae Cafe’s barista]
Sorry. Please wait for a minute. – Oh? Does it have less ground coffee?
It fills up faster. – Turn it off. 25. – I brewed the espresso for 25 seconds.
– 25 seconds. [Transparent cup that shows the layers]
Because it’s in a transparent cup, [Gradient colors]
– The colors. – Gradation. [Satisfactory espresso by Jimin]
– Pretty. Thick. – Well done. Jimin, please come out. [Jungkook’s turn]
Let me try next. [Kook’s official: Your left hand will just help]
Baristas don’t use both hands. – I’ll use one hand.
– What? – Nonsense. Will you do like this
when leveling? [How will you level it?]
Will you do like this when leveling? Jungkook looks so cool. [Can he do it with one hand?]
– Like this… – It won’t get out easily. [What’s this?] Perfect tamping.
This is the tamping. [Helping hands]
– Can you see the difference?
– It’s time to see a clumsy one. [Surprised]
This is not tamping but stomping. [Let’s say he’s too strong]
I was too powerful. He’s like a cafe owner
who casually opened one. [Using his left hand]
Jungkook, you said you will make with one hand. [Protecting the youngest one]
I guess he will do that from now on. [A lot of crema]
– The color is… – It has only crema. No, it will go up like this. – It will go up like this.
– Try it. Me? No, I don’t like bitter ones. [Hesitating]
– Try it. – It’s sour. Not bitter. [Requests]
Remove your saliva coating. [I’m drinking it]
Did I make it myself? [He looks like drinking bitter medicine]
It looks like bitter. Hmmm…. [Inhaling] [How does it taste?]
How does it taste, Jungkook? [We know from your look] [Espresso is too bitter for Kookie]
I know what it means. [It’s not easy…]
I know. I can tell. [RM & Jin & V’s turn]
What? Since our teacher left,
please be careful, Namjoon. – Namjoon, please move aside.
– Hang on. Jin’s tail is cute. Right, his tale looks so cute. [V looks like a cafe owner]
Taehyung is like a real owner. It smells good. [Conclusion: Handsome]
Like his nickname of CG V,
V looks so handsome. His tamping is not strong enough. – Please step aside.
– I want to make latte. – It’s well tamped.
– Isn’t it amazing? [Showing off how he tamped]
Well done. Pretty. [He’s so handsome
even when tasting coffee] I hope you will realize
how tasty coffee is from today. [Really?] [How does it taste?]
– How did it go? – He’s surprised. [So delicious that V’s neck is trembling]
First time to see a neck is trembling. I guess he’s touched by the taste. – You need to sip again.
– One more time. [Just a sip]
He just touched his lips. [Tasting] [To check out]
– He licked the cup. – Delicious. [RM is tasting too] Oh, delicious! Delicious. [Espresso is not being brewed]
Did I do something wrong?
There’s nothing after 13 seconds. [Happy]
– You were too strong. – Is it true? – If you tamped too strong,
it will come out slowly. – Well-pressed. [Drawing attention]
– The tail is cute. – Jin, taste it. [Checking out again]
His lips didn’t touch the cup. [Cant’ understand]
I can’t understand why they don’t drink. [It’s not your punishment]
He’s not confident of his coffee. [It’s delicious. Why?]
– Give me that. Let me taste.
– Delicious. [Next step, making latte]
– Now you will make latte. – Yes. I want to learn! [Me! Me!] – Thank you.
– Who will you choose? – One. [The instructor will choose one
to show an example]
– Who do you want? – Who? Please pick one. [Best efficiency]
Since he’s here with me… [Good, good] [Jin will help the teacher]
As a representative! [Teacher’s kind explanation]
You will brew the espresso,
do steaming and pour it on top of that.
It will be latte. Be careful. [I saw an angel]
It will be latte. [He is so touching]
– Baristas are well-mannered, I guess.
– Manner is essential. – Thank you. [#Manner_Maketh_Baristas]
– Learn manners to be a barista.
– Manner. The no.1 priority is manners. As you did, please brew
a cup of espresso. [Making espresso now] Before you use this,
please wrap it around with this cloth. [Working hard]
– I can’t see any. – Please lift it up. Brother! I can’t see! [Can you see now?] [Scared]
Lift it up high. [Surprised]
Are you okay? [Wow, a great reaction]
[Why do you shake hands?]
Great reaction! [Powerful steam machine]
Your ears turned red. [Process to heat milk warm with steam]
When water boils, steam is generated. [Eyes wide open]
We will use steam to heat milk up
and infuse air into it. [Jin is making steamed milk]
Lift it up. One more time. Don’t be nervous. Press it!
Let it go. [Concentrating]
Let it go. That’s how they heat milk up. [Let it go when it’s too hot]
– If it feels too hot, let it go.
– If it feels too hot, tell me and pull it down. [It’s not hot enough]
I think it’s hot. [Adamant] [Yup]
Then, stop it. [Steamed milk is done]
– Done. – Done? Here we go! [Trying to pour a heart]
The basic is to make a circle and a heart. – So curious.
– Hold it. Shall we do this together? [Pour steamed milk in the middle]
At this height, in the middle, [Gathered up]
pour the milk. After filling more than
half of the cup, [A heart in a second] [Concentrating]
pour it down – and stopped it at the center.
– Wow! [Surprised] Oh my god! [Amazing]
Jin made this latte. [Congratulations for your first latte]
– Try it. – Taste it. [Expecting so much]
Cream was the source of heart. [What’s happening?]
Yes, right. I’d like to taste it. [Sipping] Delicious. [Jin is surprised, too]
Delicious? [Now I know how to make latte]
Okay, thank you. [Time to practice]
We learned how to steam milk. [How does this latte look like?]
Well done. Stop. Okay. What’s this? [Hello, I’m Kookie’s latte] [It’s not as easy as they thought]
– Done. – It’s difficult. [It doesn’t look great]
It’s not easy. [Professional meddlers]
Pour in the middle. He said you need to pour a lot
at the first time. Yes, pour a lot when beginning. [Too many cooks spoil the soup…]
I think he wants to draw something… There you go! Pour a lot.
To the middle! There you go. [The soup looks amazing!]
Good. [Surprised]
– Way to go! – Well done. [Brother-like smile]
– Well done. – Taste it. [Surprised] [Escaping the crisis]
Me? I made it for you. You don’t drink coffee? [So serious] – The bean is so nice.
– How does it taste? [No need to say]
Coffee is delicious. [I think it’s Suga’s unique way]
– Pouring down. – Like this. It’s a flower, Yoonki. [Brainwashing]
[It will look pretty at a closer look] [It will be lovely]
It’s a rose. [Sorry, I couldn’t save you] [Asking for help]
What should I do? Pour a chunk of milk cream
in the middle. – Just pour, right?
– Yes. [Pour a lot]
Just keep pouring, like this. [Oh… The latte is gone] The title is tornado. [Sorry… We couldn’t save you too] [High expectations for Jimin]
Let me make one. – Jimin does this well.
– He’s so talented. Yes, he’s talented. [Calm hands]
Please draw a picture from here. [Calm]
You need to move it! Jimin, move it! Turn it around.
Against the cup. [Surprised]
– What should I turn around? – Pour! [Jimin missed the timing]
– Too late. – Late? This is BTS latte. [Are these free?
I hope so…] [Members did a great job]
You did a great job. – You did much better than I thought.
– This is a beginning. [Embarrassed]
– Thank you for teaching…
– Do you think these are well done? What’s wrong? They look great! [Even though latte art was not good]
Objectively, based on the taste, your latte tastes much better
than those sold out there. [Relieved]
Well done. [Satisfied]
I tasted and it was great. [After finishing theory and practice]
Now, it’s time to [Time to make signature latte]
– make your signature latte.
– Time has come! – This is the beginning.
– Our best move. Right. [RM’s Shakerato]
[1. make two shots of espresso] [2. Put 1 scoop of ice cubes in a shaker.
Add 150 ml of water, 2 shots of espresso
and 10g of syrup] [3. Close the lid of shaker glass
and shake it well] [3. Fill a glass with ice cubes
up to 1/3 and pour the drink] [Brewed espresso as he learned]
I got 2 shots of espresso. I’ve never tried this before. [RM does things following the recipe]
– Shaker. – 1 scoop of ice. [Recipe requires to add 150 ml of water]
I need to add water. 150ml, thank you. [Moving]
Precisely, 150ml. It keeps shaking.
How do you know it’s 150ml? [Precise]
– How can you know that?
– Precisely, 150ml. – Are you sure?
– Yes. Let’s add. – Without hesitation.
– I like his personality. He always goes without hesitation. – Two espresso shots.
– Will you add? Yes. And 10g of syrup.
How can I measure it? [Using a scale?]
– You can use this scale.
– Here it is, a small cup. That’s a scale. You can use this to measure the weight. If it’s over 10g…. You’re good at math. [The one who is good at math]
I majored liberal arts. [It’s 11g]
– 11g. – Just 11g. [Positive mindset]
It’s okay. I like sweet things. I think it’s a warning sign. Then, shake it. [Time to shake]
– Shake! – Wrap it up well. [Yay yay]
– 50 times. – Hang on. – 2, 3, 4, 5. [They are nervous]
– 6, 7, 8. – You need to do this. [They got excited] [Add excitement to latte!] [Following the rhythm!]
50 times. – I think it’s done.
– Yes. – He is hitting.
– Done. [Members are amazed]
Teacher knows from the sound. – To the glass.
– Right, pour it down. [Looking nice]
– Oh. – Done. [Is this the end?]
Done? [Everyone can make Shakerato easily]
Yes, it’s over. [Shakerato is done]
– The end?
– I hope he added more ice. [Jin’s Rosy latte] [1. Add 50g of rose syrup into glass] [2. Add ice cubes until
70% of the glass] [3. Pour 130ml of milk] [4. Add 2 shots of espresso]
[5. Put 1 scoop of cream on top of it] – Add 50g of syrup.
– You need to adjust the scale. [A bit of rose syrup]
Done. Jin’s latte looks delicious. Add ice cubes up to 70% of the glass. [70% to eyes of members]
– I think it’s 70% now. – It’s 70%. [I will decide the amount of ice]
– It’s not your latte.
– Bend on your knees to be precise. [Today’s barista]
Jin is today’s barista. [Satified]
– Take it out. – Jin-Bari. Add 130ml of milk to the glass. – Right, Jin-Bari.
– Jin-Bari. – Jin-Bari. [His nickname: Jin-Bari(sta)]
Jin-Bari. Good. Good. The color is pretty. [Making your mouth water?]
It’s pretty with the layers. [Time to make espresso]
Add shots of espresso on top. [He needs to hurry]
I think he needs to hurry. [Completed espresso shots quickly] [What are you doing?]
[Touching his apron] [Pose like a cafe owner]
His gesture looks like a cafe owner’s. He’s having his hands
in pockets of apron. [This is cool]
When you wait for something, you do that. When can I have my Rosy latte? [Acting naturally]
It’s coming up. Please wait for a second. [Use a spoon for layering]
Add it to the ice cubes. – Carefully.
– We need to use a spoon to pour it. [Refusing use the tip]
Right. There he goes. Did you do that? Still it has some layers. [Careful]
He’s shaking his hands. [Adding the cream on top]
Good job. [Jin’s Rosy latte]
– Well done. – My turn. Cocopresso latte.
Cocopresso. [J-Hope’s Cocopesso latte] [1. Add 50g of coconut powder] [2. Pour 170ml of milk
to a pitcher and steam it] [3. Add water into measuring cup
to melt the powder] [4. Pour the milk to glass] [5. Brew 2 shots of espresso]
[6. Add 2 shots of espresso on top of milk] – Hello. I’m your barista Hope-Bari.
– Hope-Bari! It’s Hope-Bari! [J-Hope’s time full of excitement]
– Hope-Bari. – Hope-Bari, bari bari. – May I pour it like this?
– Yes. [Without hesitation] [Pouring down]
He does it without hesitation. Okay! It’s 51g. [I’ll make it sweet]
It’s going to be sweet. [Excited]
Let’s start steaming. Yeah! Let’s get it! [J-Hope, you always say something] [Hope-sound effect that everyone likes]
I love it. [Time to make steamed milk]
Now, steaming. To do so, [Removing the moisture]
close it and let the steam go. [Rice is cooked] [Satisfied] Let’s get it! [Melting coconut powder
with steamed milk] [Stirring] [Careful] [Making shots of espresso]
– Espresso. – 2 shots of it. [Everyone]
Please cheer for 2 shots of espresso! – Wow!
– Say ho! [Excited] [Solitude in excited crowd]
– Say ho! Ho! – Here we go! [Well done]
– I think so far, so good. – Good! [Time to use a spoon]
– Here… – Did you see Jin? – Yes. Lean it over the glass. [Can J-Hope do this right?]
Don’t shake your hand. [Difficult advice]
– He screwed it up. – Doing great.
– Is this the right way? [Teacher’s opinion: Clumsy but doing well]
You’re doing great. [I need to make latte art]
– Please add latte art.
– Latte art. – This is not the end.
– You need to make it up. – Using the pen. – There’s a pen!
– You can use a pen! – It’s like a dragon’s claw.
– Growl! – Right? That’s better. Oh, it’s nothing. [Straight posture]
He has unique sense of beauty. – Done! This is better.
– Well done. [J-Hope’s Cocopresso latte]
Pretty. [Jimin’s Creamy latte] [1. Add 170ml of milk, 50g of syrup
and 50g of whipped cream and mix them] [2. Pour them into a glass]
[3. Brew 2 shots of espresso] [4. Pour the espresso into the milk] [Jimin is measuring milk first]
170ml of milk. Is this milk? – 50g of syrup.
– 50g of syrup. [Confident]
Is this the one? [You may have thought it was syrup]
The transparent one next to it. I haven’t seen it. [Adding syrup, whipped cream
and milk together] Now you need to brew 2 shots of espresso. [This is not difficult]
– Nothing special. – Yes. – Nothing special!
– I think his will look like mine. [Jimin’s time to pour shots]
You need to pour it into glass. This is the main part. [Spoon time!]
My hands are shaking] [Worried] [Let’s see…]
Using a spoon… [Staring]
Good! Good! [He’s doing great!] [So proud of that] [Others are making a fuss] [Especially these two]
– Park Jimin! – Nice! Amazing! It’s so pretty. Pretty. [Jimin’s Creamy latte]
– Well done. – Pretty. [V’s Injeolmi latte] [1. Add 15g of grain powder
and 30g of sweetened condensed milk] [2. Pour milk into a steam pitcher
and steam it] [3. Pour some steamed milk into glass
to mix grain powder and condensed milk] [4. Add the rest of milk] [5. Add one pinch of grain powder] [High expectations for V’s Injeolmi latte]
It’s going to have nutty flavors. – Taehyung’s turn.
– I think it’s going to be delicious. [Shaking hands]
He’s shaking hands. – 30g of condensed milk.
– That small glass. – I think that’s 30g.
– Will it be? [Pouring a lot] [Fantastic combination]
– Visual. – It looks yum. – Stop! – Done.
– Taehyung is good at making coffee. [But he can’t drink coffee]
He’s a cafe owner who is allergic to coffee. [Milk is ready! Pour steamed milk]
Ready! Pour the milk! [Careful]
Are you doing it now? [Mixing]
The don’t mix! – It’s going to be delicious. I bet.
– Right. – It’s going to be delicious.
– Please drink it bottoms up. – I can’t.
– I’ll give you 1,000 won. [Tempting] [Why do you think twice?]
Did 1,000 won make you think again? [Embarrassed]
He was thinking about a spoon. Did you see that he opened
his eyes so wide? [Very slow]
Pour and mix them. I think we can’t sell any cup of coffee. – With this speed, we can’t
sell 10 cups of coffee a day. – Right. [Hilarious] Mix them. [Like a cafe owner]
He’s like a cafe owner. [Serious] – What’s this?
– A man’s face? [V is doing latte art]
Don’t tremble. You’re doing great. [He’s doing great?!] It’s like fortune cookie. [V’s Injeolmi latte] – We should not use hands a lot.
– Well done. Thank you. [Suga’s Cafe lemoni] [1. Add 30g of lemon syrup,
and 1 slice of lemon] [2. Add ice cubes on top of syrup
up to 80% of the glass] [3. Add 1 can of Sprite into it] [4. Make 2 shots of espresso] [5. Add espresso into the glass] – Cafe lemoni.
– 30g of lemon syrup. [Suga will go wild] [Add a lemon slice now!]
Why don’t you add it for decoration? [This is the right time!]
– No. – You can add now. – No? [High expectations] Will you go wilder? – Water comes in.
– Oh, man. [What a rhyme]
Water comes in, and it’s watery. – I can’t imagine this.
– 1 can of Sprite. – 1 can.
– Add it carefully. [Lemon, Sprite and espresso]
I can’t imagine how espresso
tastes with them. [Everyone is curious]
– It’s going to be tasty. – Is it? – I think so. Really.
– I’m so curious. [Best look so far]
– Good. – I have high expectations.
– It looks amazing. I look forward to this. [Again, using a spoon]
– Carefully, over the sprite layer.
– Layering. You need to pour it. [Carefully, calmly]
Well done. As I know how it feels. [Cafe lemon looks so cool]
– It’s cool. – It looks amazing. [Gasp]
Wow. – Cool.
– Enjoy your coffee. [Suga’s Caffe lemoni] [Jungkook’s Esproberry latte] [1. Add 30g of strawberry syrup
at the bottom of glass] [2. Add ice cubes up to
80% of the glass] [3. Pour 200ml of milk] [4. Make 2 shots of espresso] [5. Add 2 shots of espress
on top of milk] Last one, Jeon Jungkook! [Jeon Jungkook (22) / Don’t like coffee]
– Young business owner.
– Young barista. – Young-bari. – May I add this?
– Yes, please. [Can he measure 30g of strawberry syrup?]
– I like strawberries. – Without hesitation. 30g… It’s 38g. [It’s okay. The world is sweet]
– It’s okay. – It’s fine.
– Let’s make a sweeter one. [Surprised]
Let’s make a sweeter one. It’s the only difference,
one strawberry. [Jungkook’s theory]
That’s why it’s precious. [Our youngest member has grown up!]
The theory of preciousness. 80%? [Jungkook wants to be precise]
– Okay, done. – Not yet. – Toward the line of 80%.
– Perfect. [Carefully]
Through the ice cubes. There you go. [It looks so pretty]
– Pretty. – This is pretty.
– It looks pretty. It looks like Rosy latte. You need to add coffee. [Again, time to use a spoon]
Don’t be nervous. Jungkook. [Everyone is nervous]
He’s nervous. [Kookie is doing great
thanks to compliments from all] You’re doing great. [It sounds like a goat] Jeon. [Neat and nice, success!]
Okay. [Jungkook’s Esproberry latte]
Pretty. [Singnature lattes made by members] [Staff’s representative and
the teacher will choose the winner] Did the result come out? How did you feel about that? I had a great time.
It was fun. [Members want to taste his own latte]
I want to taste my lemoni. I want to taste mine, too. [Kookie’s choice, Caffe lemoni]
I want to taste the lemon one, too. [Curious of other members’ latte]
– I want to taste grain powder one.
– Curious. [Curious of result]
– I want to taste Lemoni.
– Did the result come out? [Satisfied with his work]
I think I did it well. [Not at all]
– Thank you for your hard work.
– Thank you. – Thank you so much. It was so much fun. [Sweet+Angel teacher, thank you]
It was so much fun. [Fruitful time to learn about coffee]
I didn’t know it takes long to make one. – It’s really… – I didn’t know how much
efforts are made to make one. Thank you for your great job. [Criteria: creativity for decoration]
I checked out your creativity [And balance between taste and aroma]
– Creativity. – Yes. I evaluated yours with criteria
of decoration and the balance [Was mine okay?]
between taste and aroma. [BTS Cafe’s result] [No.1: Jin – 43 points
Jimin – 39 points] [Suga – 37 points
J-Hope – 36 points] [V – 33 points,
Jungkook – 33 points, RM – 31 points] [Too polite]
Jin, congratulations. He tried to get more
footage amount! [No way! I didn’t intend it!] – It’s a concept.
– This is… – Well. All right. [I tried to lower my head]
I bumped into him while lowering my head. [What’s this?]
I think it’s coffee beans. [Prize: High-end coffee beans]
Yes, coffee beans we used today. [Wow]
– Coffee beans. – Yes. Is it a mug? [Comprehensive coffee-making set]
Yes, a lot of things. [Bowing again]
– Thank you. – Good job. – Thank you.
– Thank you. I didn’t expect that
we would learn about coffee. – Right.
– It was so much fun. [Short but impressive coffee class]
– Thank you. – We learned the essence. Anyways, Run BTS
will continue next week. Run, BTS! [Will you come to BTS cafe?]
– Thank you, teacher. – Thank you. [Run BTS
BTS Cafe]

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