[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.40

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.40

[Run BTS! – Lunar New Year Special]
[- Only good things- ] Run BTS! [BTS members are all in beautiful traditional
Hanbok] Everyone looks so nice. “Magpie’s new year’s day was yesterday”~ “And our new year’s day is today”~ I think Suga look so nice in the hanbok. [Suga looks so nice in hanbok]
Suga should be a hanbok model. [Curious]
What are we ding today? Today’s theme is, a Lunar New Year Special.
“Only good things”. [Lunar New Year Special! “Only good things”. [They will play new year’s games and
do calligraphy] [Divide into 2 teams and play 3 games.]
[The winner will get rice-cake soup, tteokguk] [Who will win to eat tteokguk?] [They will divide into 2 teams]
Firstly, you will divide into 2 teams, and choose teammates. [Coming forward]
– Let’s go! – 4, 3. [Picks]
– This is fate. Our new year’s fate. – Let’s go. [Feels like new year’s pocket money]
Let’s go! I’ll hand them out. [Ahem , ahem]
– It’s like new year’s pocket money. – Yeah. 1, 2, 3. [They picked out keywords?]
– “New Year’s”! – “BTS” team. – “Happy”, come on out.
– What is this? [This is the order of the teams]
They must connect together. – They connect into 1 sentence.
– “Run BTS” is our team. Our team is “Happy New Year”. [Jungkook has one too!]
– Happy new year! – A lot! “2018” has to go in front. Let’s hold it open. “Run BTS in 2018”. “Happy new year”. [Lunar New Year Special, “Only good things”]
[-1st game, “Happy new year”-] [An upgrade version of “Red light green light”] [The tagger would yell out “happy new year”.] [Every step they take they have to bow, but
if they move when the tagger turns around] [they have to star over again. They also have
to start over if they walk instead of bowing] [They must tag the tagger and whichever team
started over less is the winner] [If they are in a tie, the team that tags the
tagger the most is the winner] Let’s play rock, paper, scissors. [Jin and J-Hope are the team captains]
Jin, go ahead. Green light, red light. [There are guys who always do this before
rock, paper, scissors] Can you see anything? I don’t get why people do that [Nonsense]
– It’s like a ritual. – A prediction. [Iris scan] – It’s like a ritual.
– Really? – Green light, red light…
– If you don’t play, you lose. [Slides over] [Suddenly]
You should wash up a little. [Win, lose]
If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, scissors, paper. [Embarrassed] [Nonsense] – This is the power of dirt.
– What are you going to play first? [Enunciating] Are you going to play tagger
first? Or do you want to run first? [Hansung’s role acting] – Let’s do tagger first.
– Sure. – We should run first…
– We’ll be tagger first. [Starting acting] – We will have to think
this over. – Let’s go. [Deep breath] – We’ll be tagger first
– Your highness! [Yes]
Not like that. [What is that sound?]
Your highness! [The first tagger is V]
– Here we go. – OK. – Yes. [Like a butterfly] [Bows
Happy lunar new year. [Jumping!]
Isn’t this it? [Is he supposed to be a young prince or a lord?]
It’s nice to get these bows from you. [Overwhelming heads]
Thank you your highness. [Not a still frame]
Happy new year. [Urgent] [Having a hard time]
Your highness, please continue the game. [Sure]
Happy new year. Hold on. What do you mean?
He’s trying to drag on. Hold on! Yoongi, wait. It’s hard to stay still! [Jungkook, is it tough? (Staring)]
If you’re nice now, you’ll be paid back later. [I’m not like that!] I’m nice.
Happy new year. Jungkook is really good. [Like a human compass]
– Legs! – Happy new year. [A tiny step]
RM, come on, move. [Like a rock]
Namjoon is rock still. [He’s playing the King]
Your legs are short. Are you moving at all? [Overwhelming]
Thank you, your majesty. [This is so fun] I’m the majesty? [Bows]
Happy new year. [Muttering] Huh? Jungkook looks like
he would start b-boying now. Freeze. [Want it?] – Want to see b-boying?
[We do] – Please, just once. [Quickly]
Happy new year. [Fancy footsteps]
Happy new year. [So close]
Let me rest a little. I’m so tired. Happy new year. [So straight]
How can he stay still in that position? What kind of statue is this? [Shaking]
Look at him shake. [Splat]
– Happy new year. – This is tough. [Is he still?]
Namjoon isn’t moving at all. [Muttering] – Happy new year.
– Almost there. – I couldn’t move because he talked to me.
– Happy new year. [Bows]
Ahem~ [Such polite fellows] [I trust you]
– Happy new year. – Jungkook are you ready? Happy new year. [Whew, you scared me] [Jungkook may be close than he seems to be] [There you go] Happy new year. [Falls]
[He moved~] [Oh no]
We got one~ [Professional audience 1, 2]
This is fun. Happy new year. [Touched]
[Run BTS!] [Professional audience 2, 1]
You should at least act like you’re going to run. [Team 2018’s turn]
Did we win? [2nd tagger is Jungkook]
Go. [It was like a timing game…]
Happy new year. [Bows]
Happy new year. – V is…
– V looks like he’s going to fall. [Up in the air] V’s position is a tough one.
His knees are in the air. It’s a hard position to hold. [Walks]
If your knees touch the ground, you’re out! – Your majesty.
– V! – Your majesty!
– V! Thank you your majesty. [Bursts out laughing]
He pronounced it wrong. Happy new year. – What kind of position is that?
– A wave is coming up soon. [Like wings]
Happy new year. [Stiff] [Jimin’s radar] Our eyes are all on you.
I’m only looking at V. Happy new year.
Suga, are you going to start b-boying? [B-boy techniques] – A “Thomas”?
– A “Thomas” right here. [Eyes shaking]
We can do it. [Flinches]
After a “Thomas”, here comes a V. [We got him]
– He moved! – No I didn’t. [Your majesty~] – You moved, come here.
– Please just let this one slide. [No way]
Go back to the start line. [Hello~]
Your majesty~ [Slides]
Happy new year. [One step]
He used that one step on something weird. [So happy] You have to bow down. [Why aren’t you moving? You’re outside the
start line] Happy new year. [A big bow and shy heads]
So polite. [You there…] – How old are you?
– I am 27 years old. [No movement. Even though the game
starts once he moves out of the start line…] [Embarrassed]
Really? Happy new year. – That’s a tough position.
– What kind of position is that? Please turn around slowly, your majesty. [Almost like performance art]
– Please! – Happy new year. [I Believe I Can Fly] – Do over.
– Go back. [Stern]
I can’t let that one pass. [Desperate]
Please let that one pass. [The others agree]
– OK, let’s let that once slide. – All right then. [Jungkook is playing so well]
Happy new year. [Splat] [One person that keeps stealing the scene]
He keeps moving. Happy new year. [All gathered around]
V is almost done. Happy new year. [Hurry up!]
Happy new year. [Awkward pose]
– That pose… – Happy new year. [Holding back his laughter] [Urgent]
No, not yet! Let me hold my pose. [There’s no such thing]
Happy new year. [Start running] [So happy]
– V caught someone. – V caught him. [Urgent] [The 3rd tagger is Suga]
– Here you go. – Do we have to put this on? [One who wants to wear the crown, bear the
weight of the crown] Yes. [Perfect look!]
It looks perfect with Yoongi. – Are we starting now?
– I wonder how he’ll… [How shall Suga play?]
You can start whenever you want to Yoongi. Green light… Oh no, wait.
Sorry. Wrong saying. Happy new year. Happy new year. [Out of nowhere]
Happy new year! [Come on now!]
– 2 of you. – They were all caught earlier. [I don’t care, it’s fun] – They were all caught
earlier. – Happy new year. [I saw you move] [Prim]
Namjoon keeps getting caught. [Suga is a good tagger]
Happy new year. [RM was caught in RM’s radar]
Kim Namjoon, you’re really caught now. [I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you]
Get back, hurry up. [Is it fall? It feels lonely…]
That was too much. Jungkook’s position must be really hard. [So close]- I’m standing on my toes.
– Wow. [Don’t talk to me… (So hard)]
Hurry. [The others are having so much fun teasing
the youngest member] Let’s take a photo of him. Bring your cellphone. Green light, red light. [Why are you saying that..]
That’s the wrong chant. [Arguing about the chant]
That’s not the chant. [Oops, my mistake] – Sorry. I’ll go back to the
starting line. – Sorry about that. [Jungkook is so nice]
I’ll let it go. Happy new year. – Hold on.
– Look here. [National V-graphic] – He’s really taking a photo.
– Exactly the same. Happy new year. [Stares]
Happy new year. [Say the truth…]
Did you meet my eyes? – No.
– Did you meet my eyes or not? [Jimin is so detailed] – Be honest.
– He moved his head. [Upset]
I can see his face now. [RM, move…]
Happy new year.. – What?
– I’m not done yet! [Suga hasn’t finished the chant]
– Did you finish the chant? – OK. [Looking at him]
Come on. [You look like you’re going to hit me]
Happy new year… [Running for their lives]
Happy new year! [Jumps]
Happy new year! [So hilarious] I’m going to pay you back.
Where’s my cellphone? [Your honor, I don’t know anything]
– I was just watching. – Just V. [He’s addressing him as a “lord” because
he’s so urgent] My lord! Wasn’t I a nice tagger? [J-Hope is angry]
I’ll upload this on channel plus. [Please look]
Keep it simple at first. – All we need to get is V.
– No way. [The perfect bow]
Happy new year. [Jin… (So desperate)]
Happy new year. [A new bowing method] [Ha]
Accurately. [I’m J-Hope, the photographer]
[Click] [Nope]
– Jin, are you OK? – I’m getting a blood rush. [Awkward]
Happy new year. [Ahem~]
V, what kind of pose is that? You mean, this pose? [#V’s bowing pose] [Professional] – Hands shaking!
– Look at him, looking at the camera. [So hard to do] – Happy new year.
– Let’s get some fresh air. [Fresh air]
Happy new year. You there! Jin~ [Upset] – I didn’t do anything.
– Happy new year. [Slides] [Reading his thoughts]
That was…. [No way~] – You got to go back.
– V, you were caught. [He tries to get out of it but fails]
– No way! – Go back. [He’s too tough] – Come on.
[Big step] – Happy new year. [Bewildered] [He thinking it’s funny too] What is up with Yoongi? [Trying to make up an excuse] [Suga is a up and
coming short track skater] For Pyeongchang. [Surprised] – Happy new year.
– Oops. [Stops] Happy new year. [What was that?] Happy new year! You there! [So sharp]
V’s foot used to be in the air. No! [It’s too hard to stay still… (slides)] [One side is thrilled and the other sad]
– How come you told him that? – Thank you. Thank you for your notice. [Oh no]
Come one, take your time and slow down. [A professional bower]
Happy new year. [Glides]
Happy new year. [I don’t know what happened] Cool. Such a good move! Happy new year. [That’s odd]
– It feels like he’s going back. – That’s not true. You have to bow each time, you know that right? Happy new year. [You’re mean]
Come on, that’s too short. [Hurry]
Happy new year! V, take a photo of them. [Today’s photogenic posture] [J-Hope the photographer!]
That is a hard pose. [This is an amazing photo~] He should be
awarded 10 points for artistic expressions. [His legs are shaking because of J-Hope
the photographer] [Very satisfied]
[Let’s look at it together] Happy new year. Just touch him! – Happy new year.
– Touch him. [He just escaped from danger]
That one doesn’t count. [Look at his instant reaction!]
Wow! [Touches] – He didn’t say anything!
– Happy new year. [So happy] – They’re so hard to catch.
– It’s hard. You can’t catch them. – It’s impossible. [Lunar New Year Special!]
[1st game, “Happy New Year”] [Team 2018 went back 4 times] [New year team went back 2 times]
[They win 5 points] [So many photogenic moments]
There are some poses I’m curious about. [For example] [Yeah]
Like V’s diving pose. [Lunar New Year Special!]
[2nd game, “Blow out the candles”] [They must jump with their Korean traditional
coats and blow out as many candles as they can] [The team with 3 players get to play once more!] – Let’s start right away since the candles might
blow out on their own. – OK! [Team 2018 will decide who goes twice]
Let’s play rock, paper, scissors for this. If you don’t play, you lose!
Rock, scissors, paper! – Rock, paper, scissors!
– I lost. [Decided on the first game that Jin will go twice]
– Jin will play once more. – Jin’s good at this. [Jin is the first player for team 2018]
– Let’s go! – Let’s go. [Worried]
What if I can’t get any to blow out. [He takes a deep breath and jumps!] [The candles aren’t blown out easily]
They light back up again. [But he blew many of them out] [Surprised]
– 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. – They’re lighting back up. [Jin blew out 22!]
– Over there! Over there too! – 22. [He blew out quite a lot]
22. [Suddenly so confident]
They blow out rather easily. [Jimin is the other team’s first player. I’ll blow out to show you how much I love you. [Teasing]
You must be hurt if only 2 candles go out. 1, 2, 3! [Flew like a butterfly into the hearts of ARMY] [What was that?] [The candles aren’t going out easily]
They’re lighting back up. [Urgent]
– They’re lighting back up. – No way. [ARMY is love]
– I love you. – 21 candles. [Teasing him]
Is that how much you love ARMY? [Translation: It wasn’t enough to show his love]
– I’m short so that was the best I could do. – 21. [The 2nd player of team 2018]
21 or 22. [Suga, fly~]
Happy lunar new year. [So surprised]
But they come back to life. [The candles are lighting back up]
They’re lighting back up. [Suga succeeds in blowing out 22!]
– 22! – Quite a lot. [Jin and Suga are tied]
Tied with Jin. [Jungkook is the 2nd player]
Can I go barefeet? I think you should take it easy. [How many will Jungkook blow out?]
– Shall we go? – Let’s go! [I’ll show you all]
Jungkook flew into the air. [Scans with his eyes]
[Huh?] [Teasing him]
They’re lighting back, aren’t they? [Not such a great result]
Isn’t that the all time lowest number? [Oh no…]
Jungkook, bow. There you go~ [Suga checks for himself] [Jungkook turned
11 out] 2, 3, 4…11. [V is the 3rd player]
Come on V! [So energetic]
Happy new year. Happy new year! [Happy new year!]
[Wide-eyed] [The candles blow out from the wind]
So close. [Did I do well?] – Not bad, 20.
– 5. [V blew out 22]
– 20. – It’s 22. [Team 2018 all blew out 22 so far]
– All our members blew out 22. – 22 is the highest. [V]
All 3 turned 22 out. [RM is the 3rd player for his team] – What are you doing?
– Lord RM steps up! [RM looks like he’s a warrior]
You look like a guard. [This is the guard style]
He’s trying out something new. [I’m not sure what…]
You look like a cool guard. I don’t think that’s the right way… [Whatever, let’s go]
– All right! Let’s go! – Here we go! [He jumps and goes down]
Here I go! [RM… At your service] – Oh wow!
– Oh no. [That must be it for me…]
Oh no. [RM comes back to reality]
– 11. – He passes away in combat. [Scans quickly]
19. [RM blew 19 out] [Jungkook is upset]
That’s 19? Then how badly did I do? [Strict]
You really sucked. [Last player for Team 2018]
All right, let’s go! [Jin needs to shout out]
I need to shot some. [Getting ready]
I’m ready. [Jin can do it! I can!] – Huh? Hey.
– Huh? [How many did Jin turn out?] [The candles are coming back]
[Eyes shaking] – 1. – 6, 3. – 15, 16.
– Go ahead and bow. [Jin turned 16 out] [He bows]
Congratulations. 16. In my opinion, you shouldn’t flap too much. [Is J-Hope really going to try to get 30?]
J-Hope said he’ll blow 30 out. [You got to be gentle] – Like a butterfly.
– Just like when you bow to your elders. [J-Hope, show us what you’re made of!]
– Let’s try the bow. – Here I go! [Last player for the New Year’s Team]
Let’s go J-Hope! [Gentle]
Happy new year. [Will J-Hope’s tip help?] Happy new year. [He looks as if he isn’t even trying] [His tip backfired] [So amazing]
9. [That’s nice and easy to count]
– You did worse than I did. – 9. That’s a first a single digit number was counted. [Embarrassed] [Suga is upset there’s no penalty]
I’m angry that there’s no penalty this time. [Upset]
Why don’t we have any penalties today? [Agrees that they lost completely] – We lost.
– Please tell us the results. Jin 22, Suga 22, V 22, Jin 16. [Team 2018 blew out 82 in total]
Great! Jimin 21, Jungkook 11, RM 19, J-Hope 9. – J-Hope! 9.
– I’m the one with the best record? [Hey, I’m J-Hope] – Nine!
– His name is Nine from now on, not J-Hope. [New Year Special]
[3rd game, “Silly Tuho”] [They must throw different objects into
the Tuho cylinder] [They will play 2 rounds and they get to
throw a total of 5 times] [All the teammates’ scores will be added
for the team’s score] [Team with 3 members will have one player
play two times] [Suga&Jimin tried!] I saw them playing it earlier
and it’s easier if you start the throw in the middle. That probably wont’ work. [I wonder…]
I’ll try to look cool with it. – OK.
– Jimin? [Embarrassed]
Why are you turning the other way? This is called a plunge. [Suga’s posture looks different]
– Suga spread his legs. – Look Suga… – It looks like archery.
– Yeah. [Come on]
[So close!] [Jimin thinks about how he’ll hold on]
– Like this? – I think that worked out best for me. [Then let me try to be more relaxed]
– Whatever feels right for you. – Whatever. [What was that?] [Bunny eyes, even he didn’t expect this]
One shot, one kill. [Nice] [I succeeded] – Great.
– I knew you’d do it. – Let’s go Yoongi! [Look at me too] – My coaching was perfect.
– Get out of here. – I still have 1 more chance. If you succeed, you’ll be the hero! [It’s not like he wants to be a hero…]
I don’t want to be a hero that bad but… [He wants to succeed so badly!] [Fails] [Suga is upset! Suga is upset!]
I’m so upset! [Next Jungkook&V try and both succeed!]
Let’s get it! There you go! [But Jungkook failed] He’s the ace. [The Tuho genius? He succeeds every time]
Really? [This time, please!] [Come on]
Come on now! I have 5 points left. If he succeeds this time, he’ll be a legend. [Gathers his breath and toss…]
So close! [The people watching are just as upset]
– That was so close. – Oh yeah. [Jim & RM will try]
RM, let’s go. [RM is aiming for 2 points with the ball]
I’ll start with an easy 2 points. That’s not as hard as you think. [Ha…]
[Oh no!] Don’t throw it. [Embarrassed]
It was close though. [RM is trying to put in a 4 pointer] [Succeeds]
Let’s get it! [I’m excited]
– Let’s get it. – Wow. [Jin succeeds in adding the spring!] – Great!
– Great! [RM succeeds 2 days in a row] [A new ace?] Is that the new ace?
– I got it now. I think I got it now. [I got it]
What was that? – Isn’t that an all clearer?
– Kim Seokjin. [Too bad] So close. [Next time]
I’m going to try one last time with this. [If he succeeds this one, he’ll be the ace] – If you
get that one, you’re the ace. – And I’ll… Whoa! That was so close! [It’s my turn now] – Not really.
– But I did get 3. – Go, go Kim Seokjin.
– Be quiet so I can focus! [Sorry] [The tuho made everyone so tense] [He’s suddenly embarrassed]
Bounce~ [The score is similar]
The score is similar. [V & J-Hope try!] [Let’s see]
J-Hope! [He starts with the 2 pointer] [I’m J-Hope]
J-Hope! Come on! There you go! [He’s the ace! He succeeds right away]
– So neat! – Oh yeah! [So confident]
The ace is still alive. J-Hope, if you succeed again, you’ll be a legend. [Really?] – Yeah!
– Let’s go home! [Let’s V go first] Wait! Since it’s 5 points,
let’s let V go first. V! V! [Ace V fails] If I put this one it, do I win? [He’s got everyone’s eyes on him]
– Kind of far away… – Here we go! [He’s making his own sound effect]
Ho! Falls short of everyone’s expectations… [Suga & Jimin try!]
– You go first. – Here I go. [What kind of posture is that?] [Jimin threw himself forward] – That was…
– It’s kind of short of a foul. [I can do it!]
I can do this. I can do tuho. [How come your sleeves are all the way
rolled up like that…] [So sad] [Too bad…] – Let’s each get one.
– That was really close. I think I do better when I don’t give
it much thought. [Like this] Oh~ Jimin! [He himself can’t believe it]
Wow! [Everyone is thrilled by Jimin] [Look at me]
I’m going to try it now. Just go ahead. [Throws]
[Embarrassed] Next! [Next ix V & Jungkook!]
– Let’s go V. – Let’s go. [The ace is back!] [Tuho genius] – Wow!
– You were born for this. [The members are so excited about him]
[Poker face] V should play professionally. [Me too] [Tuho swag~]
All right! Jungkook! I got it now. [He threw nonchalantly and made it]
Just two more. [Hehe] – I’ll get this last one in too and leave.
– All right. Let’s go! [He throws] Look at it! Look at what you did. [Jin & J-Hope give it a try!]
– I’ll go. – Where? – It’s a brand new concept.
– Give it a try. [A brand new way to play!]
– Twice! – No, don’t, You try. It might work. [Ace’s tip]
Two times. With an acceleration. [Like this?]
Yes. Look closely! [Oh no…]
It wasn’t even close. – I don’t think I can do it.
– [Will Jin’s strategy work?]
Here Jin goes! [Surprisingly… no] [Now it’s J-Hope’s turn!]
– Like this? – Whatever works for you. [But he failed]
– J-Hope! – So close. – Let’s go. [So serious all of a sudden] [A new start]
Here we go, here we go. I have a good feeling about this. [No artistic points]
You get 5 artistic points. [So close]
There we go. [J-Hope’s last chance]
Is this the last game? Shall we play again? [He spins energetically but fails]
Come on! The moment you let go, it’s over. [J-Hope and Jin are done in a flash]
– Isn’t it over? – It’s over. – It’s over? [And the ace match] [Tuho genius V vs New ace RM] [RM aims for 4 points]
Let’s go Namjoon. [His first throw fails]
The ace’s first attempt fails. [Me too]
All right. [V succeeds]
He owns the game now. [Hehe this is fun] He’s so good. [I’m not going to lose] [This is tuho DNA]
– That was neat. – We call it neat. – Now RM has the ball.
– The ball is in RM’s hands. [Suga the entertainment god says so]
– He’s on a roll. – He really is. [He succeeds two times in a row] [He’s so good!]
Awesome! [V is nervous by RM’s success] [The coach steps in]
V. [Says the entertainment god]
– It’s time for him to make a mistake. – A mistake! If you… [I can’t afford to lose now] If you succeed, that’s 10 points. [10 points if he succeeds from there]
– That’s 10 points. – 10 points. [Here I go!]
I think he’ll make it. [Throws~] So close] [So close] [V still hasn’t gone yet] [Nervous]
V, if you get this, you win. If you get this, you win. [Will V succeed?]
[Please] [No way]
It’s way too far. So that’s the end of this game guys. [Lunar New Year Special!]
[3rd game, “Silly Tuho”] [Results] [Team 2018: 28 points]
[Team New Year: 36 points] [Final results] [Team 2018: 33 points]
[Team New Year: 41 points] [New Year wins!] [BTS is sitting in front of calligraphy tools?]
– Let’s write something nice for ARMY. – OK. In Korea, we give words of blessings
in the new year. [New year] [Words of blessings for ARMY]
– For the new year. – Write something nice. [OK, got it]
All right. [All so focused] I think I’m kind of cool. [Calligraphy time with 7 handsome guys] What should I write? [Don’t think, just write]
I tend to over think these kind of things. There’s something I want to say. [They are working hard because it’s for ARMY] Don’t be sick, don’t be worried. Just go. [Quiet~] [Says something to break the silence]
I haven’t even started yet. I’m thinking about it. Jungkook, you haven’t even started yet? [Come on Jungkook]
– That was for you. – Really? [Apologizes quickly]
Sorry. [Oh~ Jimin~] [Kind of cool]
– That’s cool. – It is! [Nonsense starts up again] You can be warm
in your sleep if you turn the heater on. [After 30 minutes] [They each get to show their works]
– Shall we read ours out? – Sure. – These are my favorite lyrics.
– Nice. Let’s be happy, and let’s not be sick. – Great.
– All right. [Claps] [V is satisfied with himself]
That was cool. I wrote, “Let’s find happiness”. I hope many people can find [Suga wrote his thoughts]
their happiness. This is what I think about all the time. Let’s all clap once the explanation is over. [Great work]
[A round of applause] [Next is Jin’s turn]
I… It’s one of the most important things in life. I hope the god of luck is with you. Even if you’re ready, you need luck to succced. So I hope that luck is always with you. [Justifying his]
It might seem a little cliche, but… [The handwriting is nice] Your handwriting
is so nice. It looks like the best one. Let’s not get sick in 2018 and
let’s always be by each other’s sides. [I’m not going to let ARMY leave my side]
I want to stay with ARMY forever. [I feel the same way]
Well said. It’s a piece of art. – I…
– Isn’t that like an amulet? – With ARMY… – It looks like an amulet.
– I wrote “A beautiful journey with ARMY”. And I wrote the Chinese character which means
“beautiful” for ARMY. [The picture is a plane]
That’s a plane in the background. – It was a plane?
– A plane? [Not easy to see]
I thought it was a bandaid. – It kind of looks like a bandaid.
– It’s similar. [RM wrote about beauty]
Beauty also has a ugly side to it. [RM’s deep thoughts]
Beauty may not always be about clean things, but it can look something like this. [Cool, RM!]
That was cool. [Emphasizes again] [There’s no such thing as
an artistic score] – 20 extra points. – I… First of all there’s a drawing.
Do I get any extra points? [But]
Is that like seaweed? Is that a teapot? [Bewildered]
– It’s not a teapot. – It looks like garlic. [Listen to Jimin please]
They have these on many drawings… [He keeps talking despite everyone’s teasing]
It’s like a flower and plants. [Jimin wrote in the Joseon style]
I imitated the Joseon way of speaking. So how does it go? I love all who love us… Please give me a round of applause. [Not knowing why]
– A round of applause. – Next it J-Hope. [Urgently] – I’m not done yet.
– Weren’t you finished? – Doesn’t clapping mean that someone is done?
– I love all who love us… And I hope all of you enjoy a happy
lunar new year. [Clap]
I heard that this is how they [Jimin wrote happy new year in his message]
used to write happy new year a long time ago. [Interesting]
That’s interesting. [Proud]
– Great. – Next is J-Hope. [Next is J-Hope!]
Me? Mine is simple. [Just clap] [Automatically]
– Ta-da. – ARMY… [Let me talk] ARMY shall always be hopeful and healthy. [Great]
Health. Happy new year. [J-Hope’s is simple but meaningful]
It’s simple but catchy. – Thank you.
– J-Hope is always by your side. And hope too. [BTS shared how they feel through calligraphy]
Since we shared our words of blessings, [I want tteokguk]
shall we go to eat some tteokguk? [Sudden suggestion] Since it’s the new year,
let’s bow. [All ready]
Yes. – Let’s bow.
– Let’s all bow. Bow. The year of the golden dog. No matter how your last year was, I hope that nothing but good things
come your way this year, [Health is the most important thing]
and don’t be sick. I hope you have a happy new year. Happy new year! [So cute]
It feels like it’s been a long time since we did this. I haven’t bowed to my mom and dad yet. [The winner gets a bowl of tteokguk]
Thank you for the tteokguk. Thank you. – Happy new year!
– Happy new year! [You too guys] – You too guys.
Happy new year. – Happy new year. [It’s good!]
– Is it good? – Yep. [Looks good]
– Is it good? – Yes. [Tteokguk is a traditional dish for new year’s]
Foreigners might not know what this is. – It’s called tteokguk.
– Yes. [A kind explanation] In Korea, they believe that
you age one year by eating tteokguk. [Anyways…]
– It’s really good. – And they also say… [The members that don’t have any tteokguk
have a lot to say] It’s a new year’s food. [Ahem!]
V, get us some coke. Where is it? [Yum] [Nice] [Jimin wants to give Jin a bite] – Seokjin!
– Yes. – I want to give you a bite. [You’re so kind]
Our kind Jimin. – In celebration of your 27th year.
– What? [A bite]
Or cool handsome Jimin. You should age one more year too. [He reluctantly takes a bite]
Should I have a bite? [Pretending he’s really old]
I’m one year older now. [Yum]
Happy new year. [Jin is eating the tteokguk so well] – It’s good.
– Isn’t it? [Jimin teases Jin] – Congrats at aging 1 year.
– It’s so good. – Thanks.
– Sure. [Saying happy new year again]
Happy new year. [Complaining]
There should be some dumplings in this too! – Rice-cakes with dumplings.
– Yeah. I’m good at making that. [The other members happily ate the tteokguk
Jin made them] Jin made really good tteokguk. – On the day of the new year.
– It was amazing. [It was awesome]
It was really good. [The members are aging one more year] [Happy new year BTS] [The members get up after they’re done] [The oldest and youngest members are left] [And this one person] [It’s so good] [Suddenly talks to the viewers]
Everyone, I hope you have a happy new year. And all enjoy a bowl of tteokguk. [I’m confident they will]
Happy new year. [Have a happy new year, Jimin] [So sweet]
I love you all. [And Jimin also get up] [Run BTS! 2018! Happy new year!] [Run BTS!]
[Lunar New Year Special]

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