[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.38

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.38

[Run BTS! Spin BTS] Run BTS! Hello everyone,
let’s all shout it out before we begin. Please go ahead Suga. – Run! – BTS! Happy new year everyone. [1st shooting in the new year]
Happy new year, happy new year. – It’s the first Run BTS! of the new year.
– Yeah. [What is the topic of today?]
What do we do today? Today’s topic is, – Spin BTS.
– Spin BTS! [Today’s Run BTS! Roulette Special! Spin BTS
Everything is settled by the roulette] [The 1st & 2nd team will be given snacks
according to the roulette results] [Which teams will get the snacks, and which
teams will get the penalty?] [Full of history and tradition, the members choose
the penalties] As the long history of Run BTS… I like what you’re wearing today. [They forgot about Suga’s penalty]
Let’s talk about him for a minute. [Hello everyone] Just pretend I’m not here
and be natural about it. [Do you remember?]
I can’t believe this day has come. [Jimin’s happiness for being 1st place at the
Manito episode…] Every since I joined BTS, [RM’s kind explanation]
I think it’s my first time to be 1st place. – My first time to be 1st place for a quiz.
– The 1st place has a prize. [The member who came in last has to wear the
character outfit to the next shooting] What is it? – The one who came last, has to wear the
character outfit and… – He has to wear it? – And advertise for it.
– On the show? [Oh yeah]
As if he had always wore that. [He looks so natural in it]
– Even his hair color is… – You look good in it. [So excited]
Say you’re Chimi for today. 1, 2, 3! [Say it with your eyes!]
[OK!] I’ll write it down. [BT21 character outfits have been prepared for
all the members] There are outfits that fit all 7 of us here. [Discussions about the penalty – Pick the biggest
one. – Can wearing that outfit be a penalty? It’s not that… The team that scores lowest has to wear
the outfits of the one with the highest scores. – Good idea.
– Yeah. [Adds penalty, “wear BT21 of the winner’s]
They have to wear the BT21 character outfit of the winning team. [All gathered around]
Number 2, number 2. [Thinking] – Nothing else?
– We’re using up all the time on this. Write what you’ve wanted to do.
Something like blurring out. – 1 shot blur out.
– 1 shot blur out. [Perfect]
OK. 1 shot, blur out. [Blur out added as a penalty]
That would be so sad. [No… Don’t worry about us…]
The editing team will hate us for that. You got to be strict about this. Mountain climbing. [RM’s suggestion for mountain climbing]
Let’s write down mountain climbing for one. If I land on that, I’ll spin it again. [Penalty added, “RM’s mountain climbing
partner] RM’s mountain climbing partner. I won’t land on that. That’s like a tiny section. [And one last slot]
Then the last one is… We wrote 4 penalties. – What would we really hate to do?
– Going into a stream. – Like “1 Night and 2 Days”.
– No way! – That could kill us. No way.
– One more mountain climbing? Sure. Once more.
It’s a tiny slot. Making RM’s a lunch box to eat on his
mountain climb. Hold on. [Jimin’s idea is excellent]
Making RM a lunch box! Making a lunch box! That’s awesome. [Penalty added, “Make RM a Lunch Box”] It’s getting hot in here. We wrote down all the penalties. [Roulette special! Spin BTS! Team Results>,
Red – RM, Suga, V] [Yellow – Jin, Jimin] [Blue – J-Hope, Jungkook] Those are our teams, everyone. [A new formation] – This is new.
– We’re not good at games. [Knowledge and strength] They’ll will win on the
thinking ones, and they’ll win on physical fitness. [Life is all about the luck]
– What about us? – We’ll win if we get lucky. [The roulette will decide their names]
Everyone, now let’s pick the team names. [Shout the name!] – Bang Shihyuk team.
– Bang Shihyuk is a good one. When we go on V LIVE we always call him
by his name instead of calling him producer. – We’re huge fans of him.
– Of course. [Suga’s prediction] Once this is aired, he’ll
probably screen capture it and post it on Twitter. [The CEO is watching] – “You guys”. – “You didn’t
think I was watching, huh”? That kind of thing. [Roulette Special! Spin BTS!
Happiness Evangelists – RM & Suga & V] [Golden Youngest – Jin & Jimin] [Cherry team RM – J-Hope & Jungkook] [Nervous]
I have a bad feeling about today. [Maybe next time for the legendary Kim Seok Jin
team…] – We should have got Kim Seok Jin. – Yeah. [The Happiness Evangelists team]
That’s long gone now. We have a new team name. Give us the next wheel. [Roulette Special! Spin BTS!
Spinning for the game order>] [1. Puzzle Tug-of-war 2. Sound Guessing 3. Clear
Box Challenge 4. Finding Words 5. BTS One Body] [You can tell by the props?] – Just by looking at
the props… – I can tell. – Can’t you tell? [Smart]
– Just tug on it. – I’m thinking hard. – I’m not sure how it works though.
– Just tell us which members should play. [Roulette Special! Spin BTS!
1st game. Puzzle Tug-of-war] [The team that finishes the puzzle first, with
their bodies tied to the 3 ropes gets the point] [There are 3 levels and they go higher] [Golden Youngest – Jimin, Cherry RM – J-Hope
will go again since they are 2 member teams] – You can go to the back and cheer.
– OK. [The youngest member is good]
We should take care of your condition. [I trust you]
Jimin, you’ll win, won’t you? – It looks hard.
– V, can you tug on it? [Me?]
Go ahead. Try it. Can you move? [The rope is harder to tug than they thought]
Hey! [Why won’t you go forward…]
Hey! Hey! Hey! [Harder than he thought]
– This is hard. – Don’t use up all your energy. [I’m not confident]
I’m not good at games using physical strength. [Taking off his coat] [Wow]
V, are you taking off your coat? [He’s going to try his best]
Look at his tie, so original. [I can’t lose to him.]
He took it off. Look at his sweater. [So antique looking] Wow, you get to wear clothes.
I’m so jealous. [What are you talking about?] You don’t have
clothes to take off. – You’ve got the best outfit. Yeah, that’s so warm. Get ready, go! [Struggling] [Wow~ Looking stable]
V is doing so well. He’s already got 2 down. [Jimin is very calm]
It doesn’t look like Jimin is struggling at all. [Let’s be calm]
Jimin has got the upper hand. [Jimin has the upper hand]
Since he’s in the middle. Jimin isn’t affected at all by the other two. [J-Hope is struggling]
You guys, we’re on V LIVE, say something. [The 2 members struggle at V’s strength] [Come on]
What is this? A bull fight? [This was a practice round]
– This was a practice round. – Yes, of course. [He holds on to the box] I don’t think I can play, because it’s so funny. Is that supposed to be an obstacle? [What do you mean?] The other team members
are holding on to the box so it won’t move. [Start!]
– Ready! – Let’s go! [What is going on?]
Hey! Hey! Come on! [J-Hope is doing so well thanks to V]
[Heehee] V has to go, V has to go. [Come on]
– Yeah. – Jimin, come on. [Runs!] [At one tug] [Jimin is so good!]
Jimin~ [I’m the strongest one here!]
– Jimin is like a bull. – Jimin is like a bull. [The youngest member looks most excited]
Jimin is at it again! He’s going for it. [So worn out]
Everyone is so strong. [Steps forward] [V stays calm] [Come on!]
Jimin, come on! [V stays nice and calm]
V is so calm right now. – He’s looking at the puzzle.
– Be calm, be calm. [Falls]
Jimin fell. This is your chance. Come on V. [Jimin, come on!]
Jimin, J-Hope is done! Jimin! [Jimin changed his route to bothering J-Hope] [No! No!]
The last piece! The last piece! [Jimin is being pulled by J-Hope]
Hurry up V! [J-Hope is done with his puzzle]
– OK, I’m done! – J-Hope is done. V, come on, let’s work together. [Round 1, Cherry RM team wins!] – I didn’t think J-Hope would win.
– Me neither. [Jungkook plays in the 2nd round]
Remember. You’re playing against Jungkook. That’s why Suga is playing. He practices Judo lately and he’s really strong. [An ace?]
Look at our ace. Come on look at him. [Everyone thinks he’s cute]
This really suits you well. [Excited]
I’m looking forward to this team play. [It’s all about the center of gravity, Suga]
You got to think about the center of gravity. [Talking nonstop]
You should bring down the center of gravity, OK? [Leaning funny]
Aren’t you bending too much? [Ready to play] [Start!]
Ready! [Jin, where are you going?]
Jin, where are you going? Jin? [Suga who talked about the center of gravity…]
Hey! Hey! Hey! [Looks so sad] [I can’t even touch it]
[Almost there] Hey! Hey! Hey! [Urgently]
Hey! I’m not even touching the box yet. [The puzzle is so far away]
He hasn’t even reached the puzzle yet. [Same here]
[Are you having fun? Or just a hard time?] [Being fussy]
Hey, get out of here. [Can’t hear him] [Calm]
– Jungkook… – Let go. [Jungkook is staying still while everyone else
is struggling] Let’s let Suga play. [I haven’t even reached the puzzle]
Hey, look at me. Jungkook is really clenching his jaw. [He’s having a hard time]
– Where does this go? – Hey, look at me! – Hey! – I don’t know what will happen now.
I’m going to cheer for whoever wins! Hey, just keep your hand covers on. [Here I go]
– Let’s go! – Let’s go! [Stumbling]
[A paper doll?] [Falls] [Jin, come on!]
Jin, come on. I can’t. [He must have different bones or something]
I can’t. [It’s almost like Jungkook vs Jin & Suga]
You should gang up on him. 2 versus 1. [He can’t finish the puzzle though]
I can’t finish the puzzle here. [He can match the puzzle but…]
Suga’s done quite a lot here. He’s got a lot of the pieces in. [Run Jin!] [Drags] [You tugged me?] [The power strike]
[Suga is being dragged helplessly] [Come here]
Jungkook is being pulled. [Leave everything in the past!] [I’m a dangerous animal!] [The puzzle falls to the ground] – Hey!
– Done done done done done. [Round 2, Happiness Evangelists win]
– Done! – Suga is done! [Surprised]
Really? [Finishing the puzzle is more important]
– This isn’t about who’s strongest. – I told you. [Perfect] [Urgently]
Don’t show him beforehand. [Scanning] [Start!]
You should mix those pieces up again! Whoa! [He’s quite stable]
Hey guys! [Surprised]
J-Hope is pretty good at this. [Jimin has changed his strategy]
This is Poli. Poli! [Jimin looks off of the others and runs back]
What are you doing? Are you cheating? [Jimin is struggling] [Dragged] [Come on, win! He decided to help someone else] [Bewildered]
Come on. Jimin, come here with your puzzle. Now it’s all about the puzzle. [RM doesn’t get it]
I don’t get what this is. [Come here] [He’s finishing the puzzle instead] [Talking to himself]
Yeah, be calm. Stay calm. Stay calm you guys. [Jin and Jungkook finish Jimin’s puzzle] I’m done! [Round 3, Cherry RM’s team wins!]
It’s perfect. [Roulette Special! Spin BTS! RM & Suga & V, Happiness Evangelists – 1 point] [Jin & Jimin, Golden Youngest – 0 points] [J-Hope & Jungkook, Cherry RM team – 2 points] [Curious]
What’s the next game? You have to guess what sound we’re playing. This is a good game. [Roulette Special! Spin BTS!

RM & Suga & V, Happiness Evangelists – 8 points] [Jin & Jimin, Golden Youngest – 5 points] [J-Hope & Jungkook, Cherry RM – 5 points] [Roulette Special! Spin BTS!] [1st place]
[Jin & Jimin, Golden Youngest – 16 points] [2nd, J-Hope & Jungkook, Cherry RM – 15]
[3rd, RM & Suga & V, Happy Evangelists – 14] Do you want to start with the penalties? [They will spin for the penalties and snacks!]
We’ll go with snacks first. [Roulette Special! Spin BTS!
Snack Roulette Results] [1st place winners spin for snacks, the
Golden Youngest team – Sandwiches and Juice] [2nd place will spin for snacks and spin once
more on the OX wheel for snacks] [Cherry RM team – Chocolate
(But they got X on the 2nd wheel)] [Happiness Evangelists have to spin the
penalty wheel] I think BT21 is a normal one. [Some are normal penalties] And the one with
the curly hair shooting is normal too. Yeah, at least that’s cute. [Snacks are ready] – Sandwiches were
a good choice. – They look good. They look expensive. [Cherry RM team come sniffing]
You can’t leave a thing. Got it? They’re not the main.
We are. – Let’ go.
– Spin the wheel! [Where will they land?]
This is our fate. Please, land on mountain climbing. [Please don’t…]
Please land on packing lunches. [Will it be mountain climbing?]
Climbing buddies? [The wheel goes back a little!]
Now it’s spinning backwards. – What’s that? – Wait. [V – Let the staff do what they want with him]
Allows the staff to do what they want. [It’s not that good?]
– I’m jealous. – That’s not a good thing. You might have to go mountain climbing. [Looks at the staff] They wouldn’t do that
to me. The director is close with us by now. [What will RM land on?] Namjoon.
Don’t look. Don’t look. – Here you are. – We’ll look at it and react for you.
– You can guess with our reactions. [So nervous] – It can’t be…
– It can’t be. [Are the members fooling with him?]
Really? [RM is so nervous]
You have to spin once more. [RM is already going mountain climbing]
– Spin again. – Why? Is it mountain climbing? That was close. Oh never mind.
I have to go anyways. – Once more.
– Let’s go! [The roulette spins once more with a heavy sigh]
RM, just stay there [I’m not going to watch] OK. It might be fun if he lands on making lunch boxes. [That’s no fun for me]
Then he has to pack his own lunch. [The roulette is moving…]
– No? – No way, that can’t be. [What will RM land on?]
Wait up. [1 shot blurred]
Congratulations. – Congratulations.
– Why? [RM’s penalty – 1 shot blurred]
– Blurred 1 shot. – All right. Not bad. [Just saying whatever comes to mind]
Just blur me out. I like it actually. [Penalty]
Please, blur me out. [For those of you who want to see RM,
we will blur out his body only] [Lastly, it’s Suga’s turn to spin]
You know how I roll right? Straight up. Climbing partners would be amazing.
Just once please! [Spins as if he doesn’t care but looks nervous]
Partner! [RM wants him to land on partner] I think that
you might land on being my partner. [Why are you standing behind the wheel together?] [Nervous]
– Don’t touch it. – I didn’t. [Hey…] [Am I shaking?]
For real? [Gets up] [V is surprised] [What?] [Penalty]
Hey! What? [Suga landed on pass?]
What is that? [The members are trying to trick him]
– You can switch. – We’ll give you a chance. – Don’t touch it.
– Hold on for a second. [Worried about his shot] – It’s not decided yet.
– Get out of my shot. [The members are tricking him]
It’s like fate. [Suga isn’t persuaded]
No, I’m not going to switch. [The arrow moved] [Penalty]
– I stick with it. – Are you sure? – Yes. [Sighs]
Yes I stick by my choice! [He’s amazing] [Excited]
Again? [So funny]
– Again. – Yep, once again. Hey it’s better than being blurred out. Yeah it is. So I have to wear this again? [Almost in tears] So whose outfit
do I put on this time? [Suga’s penalty – Jin’s RJ character outfit]
– Jin’s outfit. – RJ. [Making fun of him]
Yep, again. [Given up]
– RJ is cute. – I’ll come back as RJ. We’ll let V select. [I didn’t think you were this bad…]
You are too mean. [Staff decides to use V this way]
I would spin once more if it was me. – I’ll do it.
– Go back. [I guess everyone wants to go mountain
climbing?] He should land on climbing. [Will the gods of entertainment shows help?]
Will the gods help us out? [What’s this?]
Hold on there. [Eyes wet]
Wait, really? [V – Has to shoot Run BTS! in curls]
Really? [Gives him an option] Will you stick to this one
or do you want to change to mountain climbing? [Tries to trick him] I think they’re
similar choices. What’s the difference? [Tries to trick him 2]
V, mountain climbing might be better. [Tries to trick him 3]
You can bond with RM. What will happen? [Wavering] – We’ll count to three now.
– Make a decision. – Make a decision. [Now it’s time to decide]
Three! – 3! 2!
– I’ll go mountain climbing. [This innocent sheep gets caught in the trick]
It was shooting Run BTS! in curls. [He has to go mountain climbing]
But you chose to go mountain climbing… [Oh no…] – Achasan Mountain is waiting for you.
– I’d go with the curls. [Penalty] I didn’t expect this to happen but
I’m happy that I have a partner now. [RM could have been lonely but now he has
someone] At least you won’t be lonely. – Hey, it’s a good thing for you.
– I know, I didn’t say anything. [Penalty] [Very happy] [I love this]
We wanted you two to bond. The penalties are fun.
It’s fun since we don’t have to do them. – Run BTS! will continue on. Run!
– BTS! [Next time, it’s RJ!]
– What’s next? – RJ. – Back as RJ.

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