[Eng Sub] BTS on Korean News – ‘BTS Insight Forum -BTS Beyond and Behind’

[Eng Sub] BTS on Korean News – ‘BTS Insight Forum -BTS Beyond and Behind’

An international forum on analysis of BTS syndrome (phenomenon) spreading around the world was held in Korea. Both domestic and foreign scholars examined that BTS do not only spread positive energy but also lead social change. Journalist, Jung Sun Mi. BTS sweeping over the world with Korean songs. This one American university showed that Korean language course is getting very popular. And the positive influence reached the students who feel lost and isolated. Lee Won Ah (a lecturer at UC Santa Barbara): The students and I were connected positively through BTS. LWA: They play a role of gathering youth around the world. Even to the whole society, the positive and comforting messages were spread. While the Hip-Hop artist Eminem emphasized competition and winning, BTS sing about loving yourself instead of winning or losing. Shin Hyun Chul: (Department of Creative Writing at Chosun University): These lyrics talk about ‘it’s okay to lose’ instead of ‘you have to win’. SHC: BTS put armors on their fans with these spells. SHC: They created souls that are bulletproof. BTS’ behaviors such as wearing outfits with colors they want and expressing their honest emotions redefine the new notions of masculinity in the western society. Dr Colette Balmain (a professor at Kingston University, UK): So I think that they break gender stereotype. A man can be emotional.
…we traditionally don’t think men should be. This international forum analyzing BTS syndrome from various angles will be held in UK in January next year. Yeonhap News, Journalist Jung Sun Mi.

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  1. An international forum was done to study BTS artistry, cultural, historical, & academic significance.

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  2. I had a mental breakdown earlier. My horrible exhusband left me and my kids for a very younger woman. 4 years now he hasn't supported us and would even ask me for money for my youngest son's schooling because he lives with him. I am flat broke. Today I find out he flew to Australia (we are from the Philippines) with his Mistress and new daughter for a leisure trip when I have to eat scraps with our children. My oldest a BTS fan just like me pulls out his BTS uno cards and says why don't we just play and think about how BTS can make you love yourself more. I stopped crying. They bring me so much joy! BTS I hope this reaches you. Noona is all broken but you guys keep me moving forward.

  3. "Bts puts armors on their fans with these spells. They created souls that are bulletproof"

    My Army heart!😭💜💜💜💜

  4. I'm so freaking proud of them. I'm feeling really emotional right now. Keep doing you bangtan. We purple you. 😭😭💜💜

  5. That's why I say that I want a man in my life that is like them. A man that is respectful. A man that won't touch my skin when he hug me when I don't if I dont him or just met. A pure gentleman. I know it's a to good to be true kind of guy, but I want that. Unfortunately I always fall in love with the bad boys.

  6. "gathering youth around the world" while the screenshots are testimonies from older armies who are 30+ years hahaha. BTS protects everyone who needs healing and their message of love, age doesn't limit the bts phenomenon.

  7. I am a mom. All this time I was giving all my time only to my son, I was so exhausted, worn out. Inwas so strict to myself to become a good mom. I forgot that I am exist too. BTS makes me realize thay though I am a mom, I am a wife, I am also an individual. I should put myself first before I try to make other people happy. And now I am more enjoying my time, my life. I enjoy mylife as a wife, a mom, and as myself. I accept the fact that I can’t be perfect. Perfection will only killing me from inside.

    They say BTS is only for teenagers, their messages will only deliver to teens, youngs. It’s totally wrong. Their messages are so universal it deliveres to all kind of human 💜 Thank you so much BTS. You’ve saved so many souls 💜💜

  8. Im sorry but loose urself is about the same as BTS is getting want u want to do in life while don't caring what other think of u, and actually that song inspired a lot of people including BTS specially rap line, even nevermind is like the same vibe as loose yourself.
    Eminem is a good songwriter he even won an oscar for that song. BtS are good but I don't think u have to degrade someone that change the whole hip hop genre. BtS wouldn't like that cuz again they got inspired by him specially that song. The levels are so different.

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