EndNote Online: A Live Class Recording

EndNote Online: A Live Class Recording

Logging in to EndNote Online or Basic Adding References: Online Search Adding References: Direct Export without a Plug-in Direct Export: Web of Science (without a plug-in) The Unfiled Group Direct Export with a Plug-in Direct Export: Downloading the Plug-in Direct Export: PubMed (with the plug-in) The Capture Bookmarklet with PubMed Capture Bookmarklet: Capturing a Single Record Import a Text File Finding Duplicates Syncing EndNote References Using Prefixes with Online Groups to Keep Similar Groups Together Adding References: Manually The Organize Tab: Manage My Groups The Organize Tab: Other’s Groups The Organize Tab: Manage Attachments Sharing Groups Sharing a Library: Background Creating Groups on the Desktop: A Desktop Power Feature Sharing a Library: How-To Opening a Library Shared with You The Activity Feed Creating a Backup of the EndNote Library Cite While You Write (CWYW) CWYW: Switching between Desktop and Online Libraries CWYW: Adding Citations to a Word Document CWYW: Setting Favorite Styles CWYW: Formatting the Bibliography CWYW: Editing Citations CWYW: References in Groups Shared by Others CWYW: Switching Back to the Desktop CWYW: The Traveling Library Searching the Online Library Manuscript Matcher: A Tool to Find Journals Likely to Publish Your Paper

Danny Hutson

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  1. Index of topics by timestamp on the video. Where differences are noted between Desktop and Web client, or browser, these are listed. Hope you find it helpful!

    0:00:00 Creating an EndNote account
    0:02:30 Adding references to my library
    0:02:50     from an online search within EndNote
    0:07:20     adding a search result to my library – one reference or many
    0:10:11     direct export from Web of Science or EBSCO
    0:10:26         Web of Science search and direct export
    0:13:42         Viewing exported results in EndNote (unfiled) and moving to specific group
    0:14:33     Explanation of plugins available for Windows/Mac and different browsers (Capture Reference feature)
    0:17:47     Using the Capture plugin in PubMed to import search results to EndNote
    0:19:43         Opening the PubMed exported file in EndNote
    0:20:55         Adding the PubMed imported references to a specific group
    0:21:18         Mac or Firefox specific instructions for Capture
    0:23:23         Adding these records to EndNote Group
    0:23:43         Adding a reference from Amazon or another site (newspaper)
    0:26:03         Viewing the new reference in EndNote
    0:27:04         Adding references by text file – saving from PubMed – for lists of >200 references
    0:29:07         Importing PubMed text file to EndNote using Collect feature
    0:32:47     Removing duplicates
    0:33:49     Synchronise references between Web and Desktop (smart groups and combination groups are not sync’d from Desktop to Web)
    0:36:58     Renaming groups (Desktop)
    0:38:30     Creating a new (manual) reference 

    0:40:30 Managing groups – seeing groups others have shared with me
    0:42:08     Viewing a shared group of references

    0:43:00 Managing and attaching files to references
    0:45:50 Sharing groups and libraries with users
    0:45:50    Sharing groups giving each email user read or read/write group access
    0:47:33     Desktop – sharing whole library
    0:49:02     Desktop – smart groups automatically update using searches
    0:50:09     Desktop – share entire library
    0:53:49     Desktop – track changes in references
    0:55:49     Desktop – taking a backup of the library

    0:56:39 Cite While You Write in Word
    0:56:39     Inserting a citation in your article
    0:58:30     Change style of Reference
    0:59:27     Configure bibliography – change font/spacing
    1:00:50     using desktop to manage citations
    1:03:03 Searching – different methods of search
    1:05:19 Manuscript matcher – finding a journal closely related to your abstract, including journal impact

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