47 days without internet that is the
only number you keep hearing in this post 47 goddamn days man. hello Internet
I did a review video a couple of months ago regarding Philippine internet
providers and when I got the PLDT I was actually quite complimentary some
basically for reliability for how is it with the line PLDT not quite well in
fairness to them and I don’t know if somebody from PLDT watched my video or
somebody up there just hates me shortly after I did that review video now this happened December 6 my PLDT line went down and it took PLDT 47 days 47 days for my internet connection without
a muscle and was named possible but people don’t but not with a Chinese New
Year and no goddamn internet basically what
happened would be finally appeared enough when a repair guy finally came
there was a break in the fiber line outside my house so I had nothing to do
with it come on Aaron the modem I did not creep along the wires causing a
break or anything like that there was a break outside my house
that’s the three sauce why I got no internet for six weeks so let’s break it
down by the numbers that’s 47 things without internet or around six weeks the
fiberline was actually quite new I only got it in September 2018 the very next
day that they repaired it my cancel the subscription so I had that line for 125
days and out of those 125 days 47 of those days the internet and the landline
was down there for that downtime of 37 percent really ridiculous
downtime really crappy service of the part of the LVP
and it took me six calls to pldt customer service I did not call every
day in fact I would expire but I was trying to give them time to work it out
on their own so a PL DP like a lot of the other dental providers or even sky
cable or other utilities when you call them for support they ask you to input
your account number or customer number or things like that but it drives me
insane after you’ve done that so you’re at the robo prompt and you key in your
account number when you finally get a person on the line the person asks you
for the exact same thing um can you repeat the part of the stuff where you
said all about the things the things sir can I have your phone number
and I’m like why the hell do you need my account number if I already keep it in
before we started this cool why I asked that information if you’re just gonna
ask me to repeat it later on and it really drives me insane
so I asked one of the pldt guys I talked to why they asked that why is the
procedure like that and he was like for security or security
I won’t even come up with some imaginary justification how via de or the
subscriber is more secure if you input your account onward therefore the
customer service gets to you and when for the CES finding against the who they
ask you for your account number again do I feel more secure
no I feel more frustrated just from the get-go because it’s just a stupid
procedure yes and the stupidity doesn’t end there for pldt at least they ask you
for your account number you give it and they make a service order a service
request so that’s filed under your account number the problem is every time
afterwards so you know my problem didn’t get resolved and after the first time I
call customer service so I had a reference number and they told me I
could walk back and buy them up and we think I found the duck to us again I had
to call out six times before I finally got my internet herstory
the problem is now that you have a reference number saved with them an
active reference number every time you put in your own account number you won’t
get a person you won’t get a customer service representative you will just get
an automated response from the BLET system saying that yes we know you have
an active reference number and here is the status still working still working
you are in the list in chapter i chapter so you can’t really follow up you can’t
pastor somebody you can bother somebody of PLDT and tell them that you know it’s
been 10 days 20 days 30 days 47 days that i have no internet once your
reference number is saved under your account number there is no way you can
get a real person on the line and so of course you’re asking all did I do it
other than I managed to get fortunately as you know if you’ve seen
my last video regarding internet providers we have a bunch of different
lines from be led because of my business and so I had to use a different account
number still under my name but I use a different account number and when I
finally got the customer service representative on the line that’s what I
said this line is fine this is the life of the problem tell me what they’re
doing about this and it got so irritating because all of my other
nights are not fiber and the fiber service is separate from the regular DSL
service one of the customer service representatives he was like you know
you’re right there’s no way that you can get a human on the phone with your
current account number and here I will give you the account number of somebody
else I will give you a clean account number I think it might have been his
own actually I’m not sure you can use this number when you call appeal DTS so
that it was scanned as okay this account does not have any existing reference
numbers service request saved to it and that will send you to a different person
and then you can tell the you in person that this time this number I use
initially is fine but this is a real number with the problem so how crazy is
that a PLDT service representative had to
give me a clean account number just so that I could follow up with the proper
account number my own account number and see them a you
know it’s been so long since I’ve had internet what’s going on and of course
whenever your online will be led you’re talking to their customer service
representative they’re always very very sorry we’re so sorry this is happened to
you we’re doing everything we can you’re on the priority list to get
things repaired over and over again I heard that priority list message I spoke
to them so many times over the course of 47 days and I’ve already memorized how
their CS service works how it gets shut down from the initial point of contact
the CSR to the technical group inside eternity and why they can’t give you the
number of the technician and it’s it’s Byzantine it’s crazy and super
frustrating another excuse or reason that they kept giving me for the
downtime and why they couldn’t repair it right away was that there was a lack of
technicians and it’s true if you go back to the news reports around that time
BLET was having a label three party contractors or technicians
but a skilled worship because on December 14 that is eight days after my
internet went down I found a PLDT truck parked right
outside my house and I was super excited I’m like oh my god laughter that’s going
to get repaired it’s only been eight days only two days and you know that’s
not so bad reality eight days okay I see a pardon and I was super happy to see
that god damn he led truck outside my house so I go up to the guy I got to the
driver I’m like are you here to fix in search my house address my Internet’s
dumb he looked at me in Chester V sir Quebec condominium internet capybara
move and he points down the street to my neighbors and I’m like what how can there be a technician shortage
if they are still installing Internet fiber internet at the same street as my
house at my neighbor’s place and you know I kept hearing that there’s nobody
that can fix your line because there’s a technician shortage and I kept bringing
it up I am like here’s the picture of the P LED truck right outside my house
he told me my neighbor is getting a line install the fiber line so if there are
technicians to install lines why aren’t there enough technicians to repair life
simple answer because p LD p cares more about getting new subscribers than
repairing of their existing subscribers and sure
you might think well that’s all business words you know what do you expect you
must be a moron to think that the MEP cares more about an existing subscriber
rather than getting new subscribers I’m like that’s BS man think about it
he LDP is a telecommunications provider which means that aside from their many
many land lying scattered all across the country and there are many many Internet
gateways and all of the money they can spend on marketing and you know it’s
already gigantic humongous company Mike white SP on DT has resources and
resources not enough minerals if your favor subscribe burn does not have
internet then you know what oh my gosh you also own smart we can give that poor
son-of-a-bitch who has been suffering one week two weeks three weeks permits
by week six weeks without internet why don’t you give them a mobile data plan
and say that you know we’re super sorry you’re paying for fiber internet speeds
but it’s done and we can fix it by but here you want to make it up to you
somehow by giving you this mobile internet that’s super easy for pldt to
do and I told the ESRB father I’m like don’t you guys also own smart you know
how many millions billions whatever not dreams if I’m also vessels are you
making can you not just give me something to tide me over
can you not just give me a mobile data hotspot and the CSR people were like you
know we can’t commit to that serve and you can’t do that we can do that for you
yes we know you’ve been waiting 10 20 30 40 47 days the internet but we’re very
sorry super sorry this is happening to you but even though it’s very much
within our power to fix this or to at least do something to make it less
terrible you can’t do that and when I finally went over to the BLET main
office in mahaki the Roman Colombo building on a an Avenue when I
terminated my line I told the girls I hope to finally have stopped in Tahiti
someone from the LED database and then you know you guys have so many resources
to dispose of you own bars for God’s sake why couldn’t you just give me a
mobile hotspot think of something think of a way with our building she said oh yeah we’ve
done that for you bullshit and my goal in going to the Guangzhou
building was to one get a rebate for the 47 days that I had no service and number
two was to cancel my line that’s very important if you’ll remember
I got my line in September 2018 and I was canceling it already in January 2019
so usually most I’ll post it included have what they call a lock-in period
where if you cancel the service before two years let’s say you will have to pay
a penalty amount and I was like hell no I went 47 days without internet no one
got back to me the LED service is ridiculous I am NOT going to pay the
penalty for cancelling this I had already prepared my letters these are my
documents saying that this is my reference number I was calling and
calling your service hotline I went 40:17 without internet and here’s
everything in writing and I want these two things I want the rebate for the
time that service is down and number two I want to cancel the service without
being not Imperial violation penalty I got to the CS person I chose I gave her
my letter and the notice times are curios will she honor my request not to
pay the penalty and why I need to get upset yes I was super ready to get upset
he’s imagine forty seven days without internet but ask you to approach all
these kind of things you keep your food first and so very relaxed
I prepared camera for the documents on the written things were there for them
and I was just waiting you know present yourself as a reasonable person
explain what Blvd did to you they yu1 your remedies meaning through
payment of the penalty clause we have a rebate and if they are unreasonable then
you can be also a little unreasonable let’s see a person listens to me he
looks up my letter he says I need to get this approved in the back and she
disappears and five minutes later or so she comes back and tells me that both my
requests submitted so to be fair at the end of the day a ple did not fight me
for the penalty clause and at the end of forty seven days without internet
perhaps the the only nice thing PLDT the only decent things he indeed
did for me and I’m happy to share that that when faced with the enormity of
their screw-up they said you know that’s right okay let’s not pursue this matter
anymore yes he’s cancelling before the end of
the Lockean period but you know we did kind of screw him over with six weeks of
no internet and you have to keep calling and things like that so if you’re
looking for a way to get out of your lock-in period there it is go 47 days
without internet right recent letter explaining the situation and perhaps
Blvd will not enforce the penalty and really the nerve man the nerve
if they decided to enforce that penalty clause I think you did the letter in the
links below in case you would like use it for whatever purpose it may serve of
course you need to edit the details put in your own reference number and change
the details and things like that but I’m more than happy to meet you guys in a
similar situation actually pldt was taking so long that I contacted another
provider that had fiber in the area I want the code but Bill did not have
fiber in my area so I find he settled on converge and converge from the time I
spoke to converge and the time they installed them pldt still had not fixed
my life can you imagine I had enough time to pull up another provider process
their paperwork and they installed the line and after all of that the LDP still
had not fixed my time so actually the last few weeks or so I already had the
internet at my taste but I just really wanted to see how long it would take PL
easy to repair my line that’s why when they did repair it experiment over the
very next day I terminated it actually my experience isn’t even that bad I was
talking with one of the customer service reps one of the six or eight or so that
I spoke to on the phone over the course of the forty seven days and I asked her
mum in your experience what’s the longest service request you’ve handled
like from the point that the service went down up to the
is restored how long did that take and according to that tas persona fufu
he has on the case where the service went out in July and was restored in
October with us today August September October for freaking months that poor
PLDC subscriber waited to find any to get sort of its restoration back on that
is crazy a piece I only had six weeks that was one son Peggy Johnson photo op
47 days and you know again I like blet service how is from original the Merc is
OK reliable it hasn’t got nothin eat but there is noticeable latency when I blame
it on that meat such as super watch which I did not experience the pm/et
sometimes also the circuit suddenly drops like for a split second it drops
and you’ll get that notice on your desktop that oh you know you have no
internet so Convergys not as reliable as the LDP but I will never ever ever in my
entire life God willing that’s still a long span of
time I will never go back to be led I will never get them from
apartment the other business I have I will never get a smart night I do
actually have an existing smart line again for the business but that’s even
we do have existing uniquely lines for the business we have not kinds of laws
but I will never get a new line and then Blvd too little too late and you don’t
care I after 47 days I am at the loss of how to conclude this video you know the
emotions you feel its aspiration anger actually my joke was you I went through
all the stages of grief if you’re familiar with those stages if somebody
close to you you know dies are supposedly you go through the survivor
goes through stages of grief there’s anger and don’t take my word for it you
google the exact steps but I believe there’s anger rejection or denial
frustration depression and then acceptance something
those are roughly the steps and I went through all of those steps anger
frustration depression and finally acceptance that PLDT does not care let
us not give a damn about any of its subscribers it’s chasing new subscribers
over prioritizing the needs of their existing subscribers and basically they
just don’t give a damn but so that we can end it on a happy note you know who
does give a damn Hardware sugar and I will plug my own business hardware sugar
is a PC shop here in the Philippines and our goal is to make things less
difficult we want to eliminate all of the pain
points that you have in buying computer parts whether that’s an inventory list
that is not up to date weather that is shoddy pricing whether that is warranty
we take all of the frustrations you have with buying computer parts here in the
Philippines and we try to get rid of them and if you don’t believe us try us
out you can contact us here in youtube if you’re looking for a pc part or if or
they’re you know are we’re super easy to find online on Facebook or on lozada and
because we are pc component fans before we put up the business we we are gamers
and be like setting up our own rings and actually my thing about business here in
the philippines there’s really a lot of frustration it’s like any business PL DP
name a business and most likely simple pacific but you know all those big
companies and even the little guys everybody like you going to be PC a lot
of them are these kind of shoddy kind of like they don’t give a damn about you
they just want you to buy the product and and I hate that I hate be customer
and not being taken cared of so we put a partner sugar if you’re looking for PC
parts do check us out if you’re considering PLDT as your
internet service provider you can consider them but good luck

Danny Hutson

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  1. this is almost 100% exactly what is happening to my PLDT CONNECTION right now!! its been 3 weeks!

  2. What about internet too slow i have a 50mb connection most of the time im getting only 20mbps wich is a breach of their contract that the slowest you can get is 60% of the 50mbps can i still cancel my contract without paying the lock in fee

  3. Sana mgkaroon ito sa Cebu nakaka bwesit na itong PLDT kakapal ng mukha bayad magaling mamutol bayad ka ng tama may sira 47 days ka rescue kapal. No prang may ari din di nagbbyad ng buwis ng tama

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