Elizabeth Warren’s Tremendous Gun Control Plan

Elizabeth Warren’s Tremendous Gun Control Plan

I believe that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth
Warren are both running really good campaigns in different ways. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has been detailed
policy proposals and last week I told you about Elizabeth Warren’s public option for
the Internet proposal along with her ideas for restoring net neutrality. We’ve previously talked about her healthcare
ideas, education, so many others, and she has been benefiting. She’s been gaining about a point a month for
the last eight months. She’s now taken the second place position
over Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primary polls, and I’m going to dig into that
polling data a little bit later. But what I want to talk about first is that
Elizabeth Warren has put out now a detailed plan for gun safety regulation. And it is really good and it addresses a lot
of the things that earlier in the show I mentioned have been demonstrated to reduce violent homicides
in other countries. So let’s look at it and pay attention to the
legality of all of this stuff because obviously a lot of gun fetishists won’t like what Elizabeth
Warren is proposing, but everything here is clearly legal, which is what’s really great. So first and foremost, Elizabeth Warren is
proposing to do some things by executive action and then other things by legislation. So that’s an important distinction. She is accounting for what can she do with
an executive order at versus what would she need congressional support to do. So, background checks for every gun purchase,
uh, by executive action, including at gun show or online obvious have got to do it. Uh, apply the 18 plus age restriction that
already exists on more sales. It does not currently apply to all sales. Closed what’s called the boyfriend loophole,
which there’s this reality where abusive spouses are banned from purchasing firearms in certain
situations but not dating partners. Uh, and that is what’s called the boyfriend
loophole. It should be closed, prosecuted, unlawful
gun trafficking and investigate the NRA. She can do this by, by executive action direct
the ATF to revoke gun dealer licenses. Um, and uh, that is a for violations that
they’ve already, um, uh, found or that have already been adjudicated or determined. Really important that we enforce a lot of
the rules, uh, that we have. And then Elizabeth Warren also wants to create
a federal licensing system for any gun and ammunition purchase with the idea of tracking
purchases across state lines and tracking concerning, uh, gun purchase behavior or patterns. A one week waiting period, increasing the
minimum age to 21 after the executive action would increase it to 18 plus. In all cases. She wants legislation passed by Congress to
up that to 21 years old, prohibit anyone convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun, boost the
excise tax on handguns to 30% from 10% and on ammunition to 50% from 11%. Chris Rock said this years ago, make the bullets
really expensive. And that’s exactly what Elizabeth Warren is
proposing here. If you look at studies that look at violence
as a public health issue, they find that we have a problem that other countries don’t
have. Uh, with regard to gun culture. And one change alone won’t solve this. It has to be comprehensive. And what’s great about Elizabeth Warren’s
proposal is that number one, it attacks a lot of the different issues surrounding gun
violence in different ways. But number two, it doesn’t violate the first
amendment. Uh, the Second Amendment, obviously it doesn’t
violate the first amendment. It doesn’t focus in just one area. It’s tailored to the problems we have in this
country, uh, other than the cultural ones, which again are difficult to deal with and
it doesn’t violate the second amendment. Now, all of that being said, and given that
I support this plan, I am concerned that ELAC totally, this may not be the most advantageous. Uh, what I mean by that is the left does not
tend to see guns as a voting issue based on polling. This isn’t my opinion. The right also doesn’t see gun rights as a
voting issue nationally unless a Democrat is trying to restrict access to guns, in which
case, sometimes people who wouldn’t vote it all will come out to vote and vote for the
republican merely to oppose the gun safety regulations. It’s disgusting. It’s sick. But that’s the reality. So I’m behind Elizabeth Warren’s plan 110%
here, but I do wonder about the electoral implications, about focusing too much on this
issue over others merely from an electability standpoint. I’ve spoken with bill share about this in
the past, and I want to hear from you about that, aside from whether you like this proposal. And my prediction is a lot of people in my
audience will, uh, what do you think about the sort of elk Turrell, um, uh, viability
of making this a prominent issue? Let me know what you think.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren’s Tremendous Gun Control Plan

  1. I would like to add training like when you get your pilot licenses. you would need to do x amount of hours before you can get your gun licenses.

  2. When did legislating control of women's bodies become a political debate issue? Was it before or after RvW?
    I think Warren's idea will excite the youth eligible to vote for the first time, and they are a force to be reckoned with. Sure a good many will be against her proposal, but the number of people affected by the uprise in mass shootings is tremendous.

  3. Imagine saying, let's tax voting. Owning a firearm is a constitutionally protected right. It's not constitutional to tax ammunition to the point where it is not affordable.

  4. OK you stupid sheep,let me make this VERY clear.You all seem intent on getting rid of the second amendment.A tax?????? wtf man?,hate crime??.Dont you morons get when you take guns away that ONLY THE FUCKING CRIMINALS WILL STILL HAVE THEM!? and the Goverment now has total control over you? This directly goes against 2AR and will without a doubt result in a Civil War as it should if maniacs like this crazy eyed old lady ever get into office

  5. Those last two I have issue with. Convicted of a hate crime could become a way to disarm people who have ever attended a protest rally and been arrested after some individual participant or insurgent got violent. And what could be classified as hate crime in the future could be so broad that any protest would lead to conviction. There is a dumb right-wing meme going about the interwebs making a comparison of burning a gay pride flag displayed in front of a business to burning the American flag. The caption reads: So now burning a gay flag is a 'hate crime' but burning the American flag is FREE SPEACH!

    The tax proposal will have a disparate impact on minority groups who typically have less wealth and are more likely to live in neighborhoods with slow police response time for home invasion.

  6. This Bullshit "plan" will not "solve" a fucking thing at all like any gun law.How about this plan……start a positive campaign on firearm safety and encourage every citizen in every state in every county to conceal carry and get trained and licensed.That way the next time you are at your local Walmart with your family and some lunatic decides today is the day for human target practice,that "crazy" republican next to puts down said lunatic thus saving your life and many more around you.ORRRRRRRRRR,you can wait 5 minutes for the "Goverment" to show up after 911 with body bags and clean up for 20+ people.This world is full of ignorant soy boy fire stokers like David Pakman here that are more than happy to lead this country to the end.Wake up and quit being victims,or as I like to call them…….Democrats

  7. The ammunition tax seems kind of stupid to me. If someone is going to go out and kill people and die in the process they probably don't care too much about how much each bullet costs.

    Edit: Ammunition also lasts a while so expect people to start buying multiple thousands of rounds now in preparation for any new taxes or restrictions. I forsee 22lr going up to ridiculous prices again which is just stupid.

  8. As someone on the left that loves guns, I'm with her on most of this, but the tax is something I really disagree with. That's clearly intended to discourage gun use, and lawful+responsible gun use shouldn't be punished.

  9. Sorry, this isn't an issue of making bullets expensive in order to deter gun ownership, it's about tax revenues…plain and simple. You know what outrageously expensive bullets will do? Because of the high cost barriers, they'll keep gun owners from going to the firing range, which is used to hone your skills. You take that away, you'll have a shit ton more gun owners less familiar with their gun and less confident on how to use their gun safely. Great plan.

  10. The president cannot make laws like this with executive orders. It’s wrong when Trump does it, it was wrong when Obama did it, and it would be wrong under President Warren. We are going down the path of eventually giving our country up to a strong man leader because we care more about what policies get passed then we do about how they are passed. We must STOP supporting illegal executive orders where the president can make the law of the land with the stroke of his or her pen.

  11. yes Yes YES and I don't care about 'electable" issues cause DEMs will vote for candidates pushing common sense solutions to Healthcare Drug Costs Guns Taxing the Rich will presumably be showing up in record nos and vastly outnumber GOPers no matter how energized they are AND if EVERY DEM ISN'T VOTING IN 2020 US is doomed anyway as it takes a 6% to 10% win by Dems to sweep races due to GOP Gerrymandering Voter Suppression and of course our founding fathers bribe to Red Slave States that they could control US the Electoral College.

  12. I want some kind of better gun control but damn I like to shoot and dont want to get a loan to shoot 200 in one day.

  13. I love her separation of: executive and legislation part. It tells voters: look, that part I can promise you I will do, that part I promise I will fight for. This is important, because I believe the country might give progressives a chance, but if they end up getting disappointed the next populist will be ready.. So they have to make sure to not give empty promises

  14. This is good! Would be better if the president helped create a culture where gun-ownership was done less 'sexy', but that would need a real president and not a #Crybaby.

  15. Yes, I like this proposal even though, if it were up to me, we would ban ALL civilians from having guns (I believe it would reduce a large percentage of cop shooting when they're not always fearful of civilians shooting them). At this point, any gun restriction proposal is better than the silent response that we've been seeing for decades.

  16. You are great, David, but I think your biggest weakness is that your seemingly unshakeable belief that "The way it has always been, that is the way it always will be."

    Now, in some cases that is justified, and in those cases you rise above the rest of the commentators. But that's just the thing: you not only have to observe that something has been an historical trend, you also need to justify that it is not likely to change any time soon.

    A good example is that, for the past 40 years or so, whoever was able to raise the most money from Corporate donors, was by far the most likely contestant to win. However, 2018 alone has proven that this is no longer necessarily true, and the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren proves the exact same thing.

    My point being: gun regulation wasn't a voting issue for Democrats. But that was before Parkland, and before Fight For Our Lives. Now, I suspect it is much more a voting issue for people than it was before. The fact that gun control comes up in the Democratic Debates so much this time around, where it never did before, is a very good indicator of that.

  17. https://www.ontheissues.org/domestic/Elizabeth_Warren_Gun_Control.htm

    She wants to extend the federal Assault Weapons Ban that the FBI said was ineffective and was to be voted on to renew by politicians if it was found to effective. Roughly 2% of gun deaths are carried out with long guns which doesn't necessarily mean assault weapons. Seems like an odd ban if she is considering the effectiveness of a ban.

    She wants to ban high capacity magazines but we know for a fact that the shooter in New Zealand acquired many illegal magazines regardless of the New Zealand's gun laws which are many times more stringent than the U.S. gun controls. This happened regardless and the shooter was entirely still effective.

  18. I think she should have strong messaging regarding gun control, but not get bogged down in details, people simply tune out. Her focus should be on the economy, that's something that resonates with every American.

  19. Even if a excise tax is placed on ammo, there are a lot of people that reload their bullets. I would ban private sales of handguns and AR styled guns. In my state, I can legally purchase a firearm without a bill of sale. So, the firearm may be registered to someone else, I can legally own it. I would put the sale on the citizen, where they would have to report a private sale of a firearm and the purchasee would have to report the purchase also. That way there is some form of paper trail on the sale. It's easier to buy the gun privately than go to a store and do it and that's what a lot of people do. I, personally, would be for that idea because I do not want my name tied to the firearm just in case I sell it to an individual that I am not familiar with. Just a thought. I sure there is a flaw with this idea, but it makes sense to me.

  20. I’m not sure of the 21 and boyfriend loophole.

    18 year olds who want to get training and obtain a firearm should have a chance to do so, even if it’s harder a bit. 18-year-olds, sometimes people even younger move out. They have jobs. Sometimes they have responsibilities like protecting family members who are younger for example. They should be denied the ability to protect themselves for three more years?

    I love the idea of bf loophole. Don’t know how we’d enforce it though. How do you avoid woman 1 who was banned because her BF is a pos with a record; she leaves him and wants to buy a gun. Is she to prove she not longer with the ass hole? How does one go about it?

    Ammo thing may help but doubt it’s passable.

    also bullets will just start being made at home so idk if that will have the desirable affect. But it could stop the loons who may not have the patience to learn how to make bullets so he shoot up the local store.

    Like the idea don’t know if it will work, both being passed and enforced.

    Others was good, still more to discuss.

    -2A, CC (conceal carry) for almost 5 years. Super progressive and want change now.

    Check our Sam Harris Riddle of the gun. Slightly aged but still incredibly relevant, and great basis for a conversation on guns. Just ignore all of the man’s politics please.

  21. Increasing tax rates on ammunition will disproportionately affect lower class people who need the ability to defend themselves the most

  22. Trump won’t lose in 2020 if you crybaby SJW’s decide to stay home when Bernie loses the nomination, just like you did last time. A united front behind Biden is the only way to end this rein of terror.

  23. Beto has a BETTER Gun Control Option.

    Proper Regulation, Buy Back Options and RESTORING both Clinton's Assault Weapons ban, and Bush Sr's UBC laws and Conceal Carry.

    BANNING Open Carry.

  24. Bernie or Warren would be the BEST OPTIONS BY FAR, over anyone else in the field, Dem or Repub.
    Bernie & Warren are good friends, never attack one another, and are both sincere & honest in their roles as "public servants". those 2 need to make a pact & ANNOUNCE to America NOW…. whichever one wins the Dem Primary, will choose the other one as their VP….. THIS WOULD GUARANTEE one of them to win the Dem nomination, and GUARANTEE them winning general election.

  25. The main problem with guns in the USA, i think, is the gun culture. Not just the lack of regulation. I mean, regulation can help, but you lot have a weird fetish gun culture that sees the arms themselves like pets with animal rights, rather than just a tool to defend against corrupt gov

  26. I normally would lean left on most political subjects but this gun control plan sounds terrible for me as a gun owner. Why should I have to suffer the consequences and impact of gun laws because some crazed white fella shoots up a Walmart.

  27. Something I like about it. But by raising prices on bullets and shotgun shells and ammo that we buy then we can't go hunting. Because hunters can't afford it. It will be for the very rich only. Hunting for the middle class will be hard or end . For getting to go hunting now is high now. You don't understand it high as it is for hunter. It is something that lots of hunter do for fun for meat for sport just to get out . We also help out the people up north or in rural areas and farmers. like restaurant store and bring income to people that need are money to live .By raising prices on ammo well hurt everyone except for the ones that sell ammo . You see it's more than just hunting so why make it harder. For the middle class hunters. And people that need money were it makes a difference.

  28. The problem, as I see it, is that our second amendment is an 18th century law and we live in the 21st century. The amendment needs updating. A law that governed single-shot weapons mostly (though not entirely) so that state militias could be maintained for the protection of our nation (the founding fathers didn't want a perpetually standing army, and we HAVE one now) has become obsolete in SO many ways. I don't want to see a ban of firearms, but we do need to move out of the 18th century and into the 21st.

  29. Dang it, David!

    Elizabeth's plan re gun control makes good sense.
    That all sounds great.
    But then you toss a bucket of ice water on me and suddenly Jimmy Bob is gonna register all of his cousins (male and female) to vote red "so the gub'ment don't come a'stealin' yer God-given rights".

    Elizabeth "has a plan for that". BUT…..
    Imagine the fearmongering attack ads against her from the NRA-backed (Build That Wall!) party.
    For Elizabeth that's a high-wire act if ever there was one!

    As always, I appreciate your deep insights beyond the headlines.

    And now I'm going to towel off and get warm.
    I appreciate the ice water, brother.

  30. Nah – Warren, may be full of wonderful plans, but will she get them done? Her record shows otherwise -.spotty, with cop-outs and career moves like backing Hilary. Only someone like Bernie could turn things around. Warren's plans could only ever be implemented in a Sanders presidency. and Bernie''s got enough good plans of his own! Bring on the American Renaissance – BERNIE / NINA 2020!!! The REAL deal!!! No middle ground! No more centrist establishment Kool-Aid from corporate shills like Biden, Harris, Buttigieg ad nauseam!!!!

  31. How about a tax break on ammo that is bought and used up AT the range? That would allow people who would oppose because they shoot often for sport or training to avoid the spike in price while preserving those intended benefits outside where we DON'T want people shooting. It would encourage people to shoot in a safe place and boost the business of shooting ranges.

  32. Warren is a faux progressive & all her so called plans have been ripped off from someone else. Packman she’s fake

  33. I would also add to her legislative agenda would be a Gun Buy back program for a minimum of 1 year. $200 for long guns, $350 for handguns, and $500 for AR-15 and other semi automatic weapons. Because as the numbers say you have 350 million guns out in the public and you need to reduce that number.

  34. How about fully prosecuting – with a no-tolerance policy – ANYONE who fails a background check? That is something that never gets talked about and it is RARELY prosecuted. If you fail a background check, and you're a prohibited buyer, you should have an LE Officer knocking on your door that DAY and you need to be charged immediately. Right now, if you fail a background check, you simply get to go about your business and find a gun somewhere else. this is a relatively easy fix and requires basic communication between the FBI/ATF and local jurisdictions. FFL holders would be happy to help, too.

  35. I’m wondering how these changes might help Jessie Lee Peterson and his followers realize how much of a beta he really is.


  37. I'm in love with the legislative proposal with one exception I believe but it is absolutely pertinent to increase restrictions on the minimum age of purchase and possession to the age of 25 for everyone excluding police and military members for use in service; with heavy consequences for violation.

  38. I'm for a good deal of Warren's gun control plan, however, making the ammo more expensive will mainly affect the lower classes, those who are most in need of effective ways to defend themselves. Also, it will put a strain on access to training at shooting ranges, which will lead to even more potentially fatal accidents.

  39. In 2018, El Paso, Texas, population ~ 650,000, had 23 homicides. The same year, right across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, population 1,300,00, there were 1247 homicides. Both cities have large hispanic populations and very similar cultures. The big difference, Texas allows law abiding citizens to carry weapons concealed or openly. Mexico has disarmed its law abiding citizens. Simply by disarming the law abiding citizen, Mexico has increased the homicide rate ~ 25 times that of Texas. But I'm sure the Democrats will come up with another law, that the law abiding will comply with, in an effort to stop criminals from breaking laws.

  40. Gun control is not a left-wing position. No progressive should support it, read Marx, he realized how stupid gun control was.

  41. I like Warren, but I think these suggestions are WEAK and largely ineffective. She's timidly tip toeing around the edges of the issue. I'll never understand why so many people wet themselves with excitement over "background checks". In the vast majority of cases, back ground checks will go like this …"Are you mentally ill?" .. "No" …"Do you have any record of being mentally ill in the past?" …"No" …"Ok, here's your AR15, have a nice day!" ….That'll be the crux of it! It'll deal with such a tiny minority of problems it'll barely register. There's so much undiagnosed mental illness out there (partly because people can't afford to get diagnosed!) There's people buying guns who later develop mental illness. Some checks won't be implemented properly. This and the other things on that list will achieve negligible progress. What did Australia do that achieved a massive drop in gun violence? They banned guns. What did the UK do that achieved a massive drop in gun violence? They banned guns. Why does the US have A LOT more gun deaths per head of population than most other developed countries? Because they have some 300 million guns!! ..If guns made a country safe, the US would be one of the safest. Guns should be banned and the NRA should be declared a terrorist organisation. Together they kill FAR more Americans than terrorists did on 9/11, every.. single.. year. It's beyond sad that more people don't see the truth for what it is.

  42. If Democrats would leave gun rights alone, they would probably never lose another election. If they win elections they can enact policies that reduce desperation, poverty and inequality in the populace and address mental health issues on a real level. They can also work to reduce our lethal use of weapons on populations around the world. This would save far more lives and likely lower domestic homicide at a far greater rate.

  43. For a Progressive, it seems that "Prohibiting anyone convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun" is problematic and hypocritical. Progressives want convicted felons to have their 'right' to vote restored, so why should someone who served their time have to permanently lose a different 'right' – the right to bear arms. Less than 10 years ago, the Democrat party had a leader (Senator Robert Byrd) who was third in line in the presidential succession but had previously started his own chapter of the KKK. So, it's odd to see a Progressive Democrat support a policy that would permanently punish someone for a belief that a Progressive Democrat should know can be overcome. Consistent with David's point in the video, the promise by Warren to target the NRA, by name, seems politically unnecessary and unwise as it's not likely to help get out the vote from her supporters but would certainly be used as a call to action by voters in the opposition.

  44. Hey David, you can do better. You clearly copied then slightly edited the bullet points from cnbc's article, but those were cnbc's summary of the plan. You could've cited and linked directly to Warren's plan and wrote a summary of your own, which I expect would've provided more emphasis on how specifically she targets the NRA by name, which actually would've added to your points. https://medium.com/@teamwarren/protecting-our-communities-from-gun-violence-a2ebf7abd9be

  45. They will always try to tout the 2nd Amendment, but newsflash to them: Do these look like the actions of a well regulated militia to you? All I see are unhinged, gun-hoarding loners shooting up defenseless civilians for no reason other than being different. If the right won't even at least consider trying a solution to the gun violence issue, then they're part of the problem.
    Warren has laid a solution on the table, people should at least try it to see if there is an effect over the next few years, and if it doesn't work, try another approach, don't dismiss it out of hand just because it came from the other party. Progress does infer risks, but so does inaction infer stagnation, and in this case as well as many other issues, exacerbation.

  46. the courts will shoot it down easily. Demexist I'm Independent now will be voting against dems in the next elections. Gen X

  47. I think with gun regulations you have to be pragmatic with your approach. You absolutely have to start with gun laws that even gun owners can get behind.

    Raising the age to 21 and having a 1 week waiting period will probably have too much pushback to get through. But Federal licences is a good idea with the purpose to stop gun trafficking. Gun owners should recognise this is an attempt to stop guns getting into the hands of the wrong people without infringing on rights of responsible gun owners.

  48. Some ideas Warren puts forward I like, some I really dislike. I won't vote for a candidate that goes as far as Warren. Increasing taxes on firearms and ammo? So realistically only the rich would have access to firearms and ammo. The "boyfriend" loophole, which I am assuming falls within the red flag laws, is ripe for abuse as we've already seen with the current laws and is unconstitutional.

    David, stop with the ad hominems as well. It's beneath you.

  49. What these people fail to understand is the fervor and ferocity with which I will defend my family, my rights, and my weapons. I don't care how many people die. Not even a little bit. I simply do not. Hypothetically speaking, if it was between me giving up my firearms and millions of people dying, tough shit. I unequivocally refuse. To anyone who thinks they can expect me to relinquish my best method of protecting my wife and daughters from the glut of despicable creatures that populate this country, then you are dead wrong. I will hold on to my weapons until my dying breath and I dare you to try and take them. Fuck you. Free men don't ask permission.

  50. I've also seen a suggestion to limit the amount of ammo someone can have and I honestly like the idea. I don't know how to implement it, but i think there are countries that do something like this. I think it might help our gun violence problem a bit

  51. I totally agree w David on the policy and politics of this. Good policy, dangerous presidential politics. The left underestimates the intensity of pro gun support even among people who aren’t diehard republicans or far right. I also think the decriminalizing border crossings is a big risk.

    This doesn’t apply to warren but it’s illustrative of how most dems go further left on non-economic/war issues, even to the point of risking support, but refuse to on populist economics issues. And Poverty and alienation and lack of services is a big cause of violence so it’s even worse cycle long term. Somehow even among progressives this isn’t popular to say anymore.

  52. Gun shows are not exempted from background checks. What is exempted is private sale. How about address the real issue: black gun crime in inner cities. In NY for example 97% of shooters are black or Hispanic.

  53. Elizabeth Warren Took On Obama Over Student Debt Forgiveness. How She Won Is Central To Her 2020 Campaign-https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/mollyhensleyclancy/elizabeth-warren-student-debt-for-profit-colleges

  54. Wow, great way to punish people like me who love to go shooting, David. How can the Democratic Party say that they defend the little guy and then simultaneously punish law-abiding citizens? You're making gun ownership impractical for the little guy by making it too expensive and putting so much red tape around it that most people either won't be able to afford it or won't have the stamina to complete the process to buy a new gun or buy ammo for a gun that they already legally own and shoot responsibly.

  55. What's missing IMO are laws mandating that if a child lives in your home, you have to keep your firearms under lock and key. The Family Fire initiative needs support. On average, 8 children are shot in the US every day and that simply is unacceptable.

  56. Increase taxes on handguns and ammo? How the hell does that help. That literally just poses a financial burden on sport shooting.

  57. I have a legitimate frustration With Warren. She had get chance with the Draft Warren movement, and she refused. Now that Bernie is the best candidate, she's undermining his candidacy

  58. I'll admit I'm not a fan of upping the age to 21. I believe requiring everyone in the household to get general gun safety course could help better inform younger kids into not playing with guns they find in the home. Also have the government provided locksafes or other restrictions gun owners can use to make sure no one gets to it unless they're in use.

  59. No matter what you try to do Pakman, we see your push for WARren and we won’t vote for fake progressive WARren. She can’t beat trump and is a flip flopper. You seem to not give a crap about the equally important foreign policy which Warren is very much neoliberal on. She is for the russiagate propaganda, impeachment, manufacturing consent in Syria and Venezuela calling Maduro a dictator which is a lie, didn’t stand up for Bernie in 2016, will take corporate money in the general election, she would get crushed by trump, flip flops on Medicare for all, etc. not sure how she’s really that good, she’s a distant third oh and I forgot voted for many military budget increases is VERY anti BDS which I guess you like cause your also anti BDS.

  60. What was the law in 1972 or so, that stopped tracking ammunition sales. Maybe Im not saying or wording that very well, but Im pretty sure it was pushed by the NRA.

  61. Conservatives are calling this tyranny. That "make hate crime convicts unable to own guns" is going to cause a right wing feargasm.

  62. How about just banning all guns? Which is stupid. The real problem is that it is not legal for everyone to conceal carry. If you take the guns away the mass killings would be much worst. They would just use a bomb or a F150. Stop focusing in the tool and focus on the real issues which is not guns. Take Chicago's guns laws which are the most restrictive in the country by far but has one of the highest murder rate. What you are actually doing is making the criminal more powerful. See I have never heard of a mass shooting at a police station and more than likely you never will because they have guns to protect themselves.

    If you plan to dearm us the damn police and your security team needs to be dearmed too. Or better yet don't have secret service team if you when and walk around with the rest of us unarmed as well then you can talk about how we don't need them.

    If you haven't notice the vast majority of mass shootings happen in places that we as citizens are not supposed to be armed. Won't be no mass shootings if we are able to shoot back.

    If you look at the statistics crime is lower in places where the gun laws are looser for the law abiding citizens. Doesn't make sense to dearm us while the criminals are running around terrorizing the unarmed public.

  63. Taxing ammunition and handguns will make it harder for people with less income (disproportionately minority groups) to defend themselves with a firearm.

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