Eleven & Mike’s Cutest Moments | Stranger Things | SPOILERS S3

Eleven & Mike’s Cutest Moments | Stranger Things | SPOILERS S3

– Well my name’s Mike, short for Michael. Maybe we can call you El, short for 11. (slow music) Well, um okay, night El. – Night Mike. ♪ Just a little uncertainty ♪ ♪ Can bring you down ♪ ♪ And nobody wants to know you now ♪ ♪ And nobody wants to show you how ♪ – [El] Mike, Mike, stop. – Hey! Hey, three inch minimum. (upbeat music) – Ready, are you? What knows you are ready? His name’s Yoda. He can use the force to
move things with his mind. Like this. Brought you breakfast. Just trust me, okay. (laughing) – What is friend? – Um a friend is… – Is someone that you do anything for. – You lend them your cool stuff like comic books and trading cards. – And they never break a promise. Please, you have to get in
or my mom, she’ll find you. Do you understand? I won’t tell her about you, I promise. – Promise? – It means something that
you can’t break, ever. Eleven, is everything okay? El? – Mike. – Is everything okay? Are you sure? – I promise. (soft techno music) – Wow, she looks… – Pretty. – Will’s in fairy land now right? Flying around with all
the other little fairies. (gasping) – You’re dead, Wheeler, dead! – Dude, Troy peed himself. (crowd laughing) – El? – Yes. – I’m happy you’re home. – Me too. – Guys, it’s Lucas. I think he’s in trouble. – Maybe we can go to
the Snow Ball together? – Snow Ball? – It’s this cheesy school dance where you go in the gym and
dance to music and stuff. You go to school dances with someone that, you know, someone that you like? – Friend? – Not a friend, someone like a… (slow music) Just hold on a little longer, okay? He’s gone, the bad man’s gone. We’ll be home soon. My mom, she’ll get you your own bed. You can eat as many Eggos as you want. And we can go to the Snow Ball. – Promise? – Promise. (roaring) Hello, are you there? El? It’s me, it’s Mike. Day 352, 7:40 pm. I’m still here. – I know it’s difficult to accept, the stories she told you were not true. She’s a very dangerous individual. – [Man] If she contacts
you, you must tell us. – [Woman] Otherwise
you’re putting yourself and your entire family at risk. Do you understand, Michael? Do you understand? – [Man] Michael? Michael? – Mike. – I never gave up on you. I called you every night. Every night for… – 353 days. I heard.
– I can’t lose you again. – You won’t lose me. – Do you promise? – Promise. ♪ Every game you play ♪ ♪ Every night you stay ♪ ♪ I’ll be watching you ♪ – Do you wanna dance? – I don’t know how. – I don’t either. Do you wanna figure it out? ♪ Now my fool heart aches ♪ ♪ With every step you take ♪ ♪ Every move you make ♪ ♪ Every vow you break ♪ – I wish I was still with you. – I know, me too. But I’ll see you tomorrow, all right? First thing. – Tomorrow. I have to go home. – We’re almost there. – Sorry man, curfew. Come on, let’s go. – Good luck. – Curfew at four? – They’re lying. – It’s been like this all summer. – It’s romantic. – It’s gross. – It’s bullshit. I just got home. Well their loss, right? – Is there um… – Uh oh, I think we’re in trouble. Hello? – It’s 9:32, where are you? – Sorry I was just about to call. I um can’t see you today. – Why not? – It’s my nana, she’s very sick. – What? – Mom, get off the phone! How many times? – Did nana call? – No mom, just get off the phone! Sorry about that. – Is that your mom? – Yeah, she’s so upset
she’s making no sense. ‘Cause we have to go to the
nursing home to see nana. – You can come over after. – No, I mean I just think I need to be alone today. What are you doing here? – Shopping. – This is her new style. What do you think? – What’s wrong with you? You know she’s not allowed to be here. – What is she, your little pet? – Yeah, am I your pet? – What, no! – Then why do you treat me like garbage? – What? – You said nana was sick. – She is, she is, she is sick. – She’s sick, she’s super sick. That’s why we’re here actually. – Yeah, we’re shopping, not for us but her her, nana. – For nana. – Also we’re here to get a gift for you. Because we couldn’t find
anything that suited you and I only have like
three dollars and 50 cents so it’s hard. – Super hard. It’s expensive. – You lie. Why do you lie? I dump your ass. (upbeat music) ♪ You’re as cold as ice ♪ ♪ You’re willing to sacrifice our love ♪ – Hey. – Hi. – Does your species like M&M’s? (slow music) I like the new look by the way, it’s cool. – Thanks. – Seriously Mike? – I’m just trying to
demonstrate how careless Max is with Eleven’s powers. In fact how careless all of you are. You’re treating her like
some kind of machine when she’s not a machine. And I don’t want her to
die looking for the flate when they’ve obviously vanished
off the face of the Earth. So can we please just
come up with a new plan because I love her, and I can’t lose her again. – What’s going on? – Nothing, nothing. – Just family discussion. – Oh. Mike? – Yeah. – Remember that day at the cabin? You were talking to Max? – Um, I don’t think I follow. – You talked about your
feelings, your heart. – Oh, oh yeah that. Man that was so long ago. I know, it’s just heat of the moment stuff and we were arguing and
I don’t really remember what did I say exactly? – Mike, I love you too. (slow music)

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  1. i was going to say that all the people that watch this are creeps but then i relived that:
    I looked it up
    I'm a total creep

  2. I’m still mad at them for ignoring will:/ being a third wheel for two relationships at once sucks. Hopes he hangs out with steve since their both single

  3. Couples in series are pretty much lucky because they are in the series, not movies. They have relationship development year by year. But still, Mike and Eleven is my second cutest couple.

  4. Stranger things 4 prediction: that school started the gang ends up coming back together at thanksgiving they find hopper ends up connecting to mike walky talky and they tell wills mom and ele and ele ends up finding her sister again and they end up working together to find mike Lucas dustan and max and ele uses her powers to find hopper and ends up finding hopper and surviving barb and that’s when Nancy and jonthan look for barb and wills mom eleven and eight find hopper and barb then mike decide to go down their and make sure eleven is ok then out of nowhere they find one demgroanen and mike try’s to risk his life to save eleven and that’s when they save them and 1 mouth later it’s Christmas and their are move back where they were and eleven and mike are dating and Lucas and max are dating and they ending finding new creatures

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