Electronic Musicians are Talentless.

Electronic Musicians are Talentless.

Hi, I’m Dave from boyinaband.com This week I want to address the Accusation made by far too many people that, “electronic music requires no talent or skill”. Being someone that writes and performs electronic music, this pops up time and again in comments like this and this and this and this. You know so a track with heavy vocal processing comes on and…
“What happened to people who could actually sing?” Or the bass will drop in a more intense track and… “These are just noises made on a computer anyone could slap that together in 10 minutes”. But sit them in front of a studio computer
and they come up with this… And then you realize you had
Plants VS. Zombies installed in that computer and no one could be expected to produce with
that kind of immediate temptation so, you would uninstall it and give them another 10 minutes, and then they come out with this… [Wow! Master piece…] So! To enlighten those people,
I’ve come up with another thought experiment which, for the sake of internet attention spans, once again involves my cat Quistis. I call it “Davestein’s Theory of Relativity”. So we have two dudes, a cat and a dog. The two dudes are looking at the dog.
One throws a ball and says “fetch!”. When the dog does so, the other guy concludes that it’s pretty cool that when you throw the ball the dog brings it back for you. The same two dudes proceeded to look at the cat.
The first dude is like… “Aw! That cat looks cute!
I might post a picture of it to reddit” But the second dude throws a ball, notices that the cat is not about to go get it back for him and gets horrendously angry saying: “This animal can’t do anything! What a waste of space!
Why would anyone want to even get a cat?” Completely ignoring the fact that, the cuteness of the cat is already pleasing millions all over the internet
and in clubs the world over. The reason dude number two feels it involves no talent
is because he’s comparing these with these. Or rather these with these. There are talents involved,
he just doesn’t understand what they are yet So, for the benefit of people like dude number 2, let me take the liberty of roughly outlining those talents with some of the most commonly contrasted composers that these arguments are leveled between. So we’ve got our guitarist and our computer musician, so argument number 1: “Mr. Guitarist to has spent years developing his skill in the guitar so we can write a song, Mr. Computer Musician could knock
up a song in 10 minutes!” And as we’ve established, he sure can if he wants it to sound like a Casio Keyboard Preset. It can take freaking years of study and practice
to make a professional sounding track! Argument number 2: “Mr. Computer Musician music is too processed.
There’s no imperfections. There’s no talent involved because it doesn’t feel human anymore”. For sure! A lot of electronic music is quantized and auto-tune to be precise, but there are still talents involved. So everything for instance. Not just anyone can write a catchy riff or make a clean and powerful mix, or think of a memorable sample to put before a drop. Argument number 3: “But they’re not even playing anything” No matter how annoyed you get,
that cat is not going to catch that ball It’s really narrow-minded to suggest that, they are not artists because nobody can play the guitar. Anyway! Some electronic musicians do play instruments,
just look at Em PCS or Chaos pads or… Argument number 4: “Those aren’t instruments!
Anyone can press a sequence of buttons!” “There’s no technique involved!
They may as well be playing a video game!” First of all! As the millions of people who watch
the world’s Top Gamers will tell you: “Someone who can press a complicated sequence of buttons in a specific order, can be massively entertaining” And as they probably go on to explain, there’s more to it than that. Take a look at a piano. It’s essentially pressing things in
a sequence at different intensities. Same with drums and a plethora of other instruments that many people making this argument would suggest are legitimate… Argument number 5: And when all these run out, a common retaliated argument I hear is that,
it doesn’t have any “soul” or “heart” in it. Which is another way of saying: “I can’t think of a word that actually has a meaning to express why I don’t like this”. Perhaps, we should give them the benefit of the
doubt and assume they’re talking about how emotional the music sounds… In which case, I could easily say that some of the chord
progressions and synth sounds in trance music give me chills. Whereas a performance from insert well-respected
guitarists, would probably leave me cold, or I could argue that some
of the screamers in Metal bands, show so much raw emotion with their voice that, they can’t even control it! Meaning, they’re more emotional in that respect than a soul singer
who is capable of a perfect vibrato for instance. And it’s not that these people don’t have talent, it’s just that it’s a very different talent
and I just don’t enjoy it as much. I feel that in order to respect the effort they’ve put into cultivating that talent, that’s an important distinction to make. If you stop expecting the talents from different genres to match up, then you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of time that you would have spent getting angry at people. Maybe you can take up a hobby in that time. Tennis, for example. So, those are my thoughts. What do you think on the “electronic music talent thing”? From both sides of the fence, I’d love to hear opinions. So let’s have a discussion in the comments! Don’t forget to hit like and favorite if
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Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Electronic Musicians are Talentless.

  1. I'm actually a rock,metal fan, also can play a guitar, but I DO like electronic songs tho. Both are great in their own ways

  2. Sometimes I think people should just not have technology at all people whine and complain like it’s nothing without the newest technology we would be dead already I HATE people who hate technology cause one thing is for certain technology IS THINGS FROM THE PAST AND PRESENT it makes them sound so hypocritical and foolish like a piano is technology don’t you want things easier better then manually doing things yourself I rather push buttons and switch things then manually doing it people who say these things are fucking retarded

  3. People who say electronic music requires no talent can't make anything themselves argument.
    I like.

    Cat argument.
    Like revoked.

  4. So acoustic guitar players are full of talent, but if they do the same thing on an electric guitar, they become talentless???


    You are a disgrace.

  6. I didn’t like edm when it first started getting mainstream but that was because it was new to my ears however i could’ve never imagined people actually made these arguments against it lol…too many people have too many opinions about stuff they don’t understand at all

  7. I’m on both sides. I listen to rock bands that DON’T use technologic instruments. For example: (mostly) Queen, Slipknot, System Of A Down, The Pixies, etc. I also listen to bands or solo musicians that DO use technologic instruments. For example: Robert Delong, Eric Prydz, Glass Animals, Sub Urban, Gorillaz, etc. So, in my eyes, both sides can be right, & wrong.

  8. There are two things to make music even if you have no talent in my opinion:
    1. A Musical Ear.
    2. You Like All Kinds Of Music.

    If you fit into both categories, you got all of my support to make music!

  9. lectronic musicians are like dj's or remixers or something if so they basically make music that usually consists of a band a. a guitarist a pianist a drumist and others

  10. I was about to come in here with an angry ass comment about how much we work on this. But thank you so much for your arguments and points made in this.

  11. people are comparing two very distinct things. you can literally create any music using electronics. saying that all electronic instruments are simple or not intricate is a vast generalization. there are so many possibilities with electronics.
    yes, many electronic musicians can not play the guitar.
    but yes, also many guitarists don't understand how to properly use electronic devices.
    two very different skills indeed.
    just because some electronic mucisians are unable to play an instrument doesn't mean they are talentless musically.

  12. Your wrong u try making a great EDM huh those ppl have talent dif ppl have dif perspactive of music some may hate EDM some may love it it isnt true that EDM music makers have no talent u need to have the reverb and stuff and they are the one that create background music so if there is no EDM music makers well say goodbye to all ur fav music

  13. If that's the case then why electronic musicians/producers still using the classical and real instruments that is not inside the music app itself such as piano, guitar, bass, sax etc. to produce music? Like it's just a mix and mastering to make a song right?

  14. I agree with you half in half because you can still put emotion in dubstep or EDM just look up panda eyes and his music.

  15. The people who disliked the video are fucking idiots because they can't accept the fact they're wrong and he's right.

  16. In general I think most people who say something bad about a type of music (or specifically type of musician) can't accept that they just dont enjoy something, and then try to make the argument that someone has objectively bad taste for disagreeing with that notion. For example, I'm not a fan of most rap, but all that means is that it's not my taste. I wouldn't freak out if someone told me they like rap, I'd just try to convince them that Soul Extract and The Anix are better.

  17. It makes more sense to me thinking "Computer" music instead of electronic. Because just saying electronic makes me think Gary Numan, and he's anything but talentless.

  18. Saying computer generated music has no soul is saying that both the undertale, and celeste soundtracks don't invoke emotions.

  19. Thanks to electronic music though, you can make an entire orchestral score while just being one person, since these days, people can’t devote their time to showing up somewhere to run a musical session except five-man bands, where the case is that they are most likely neighbors. To get hundreds of people involved is to most likely impede on the time that they need for something important, or for them to impede on their own time against their own important needs. In fact, as someone with a youtube channel that is entirely a one-man effort, I see a lot of talent in people who can essentially “play multiple instruments at once” with electronic music, and that isn’t me being narcissistic, there is nobody who knows more about you than yourself, so it is more efficient to think about the same thing rather than attempt to imprint a desired pattern into what may likely be a stubborn mind.

  20. …..Okay so a guitar has 6 snares,easy to find easy to use
    And a program to make electronic music has like….i dunno over a 10quantilion buttons?

  21. Dont some electronic artists even synthesize real instruments? If so, then even MORE effort is put into creating some electronic music

  22. Thank you for making this! I can tell your intentions are good and you simply are just trying to give people more understanding without getting aggressive

  23. Nitro fun Tokyo machine pegboard nerds Zef dannimal cannon destroid noisestorm gurazy Tristan braken hyper potions cardi monstercat barely alive nanobii ftw hold my beer

  24. I have no problem with electronic music.
    Heck it's prevalent in games.
    I do still like instruments more though .

  25. Besides the title not reflecting the opinion given in the video – come on, this title blatantly aims to upset people who read it – I liked the video. Some solid counter-arguments against EDM haters

  26. I wish I were much younger because I assume electronic music would sound fresh and original unlike it does now. maybe not, but probably it would. as I get older (I'm 46) I find it MUCH much more difficult to find electronic music that moves me enough to want to listen even to one single song from start to finish. it might also be that this percieved glut of mediocrity in electronic music that I have really IS a glut of mediocrity. I mean, for instance, why does electronic music need so many so-called "genres"? it should just be identified as "electronic music" and that's it. not "edm" or "chill house" or "techno wave" or whatever dumb and pretentious label people can come up with just so they feel sophisticated. let's just stick with one category: "electronic music" and two sub-categories "electronic music that is good" and "electronic music that is crap" (the sub-categories being subjective of course). someone told me recently "for a lot of people it's about liking what they know rather than knowing what they like." with the zillion pretentious labels that have been dreamed up for electronic music one has to wonder if this isn't all too true. it seems to me the most fascinating and original music ought to come from the electronic music world. after all the sky is the limit in terms of the aesthetic one can create… there are so many sounds and fx and ways to shape those sounds and fx (in addition to the detailed attention which of course can and should be given to harmony, melody, rhythm etc) that are at the immediate disposal of the electronic or computer based musician. this considered has me wondering just why I can't seem to find anything that lights my fire. oh well, like I started out saying, maybe it's just my age. I always hoped I would enjoy music (electronic music predominantly) for the whole of my life but I'm starting to wonder if that will actually not be the case…

  27. I'm not an electronic music fan at all but I love Dave's channel. He's probably the only person who could ever get me to listen to that stuff.

  28. If a individual can distinguish "sound" made from daw vs real instrument, I think their argument is valid, otherwise I have seen persons lip singing in studio environment and playing wrong chord just to look professional, under title "the making of…",

    Yup daw artist tends to add much more instrument backing the vocal which makes it differentiable, but it's their personal taste

  29. I don't know if there is a word for it but there is a tendency for people to look down on something when technology makes it really easy to put together something quickly compared to someone that makes an effort to learn something that can't be thrown together quickly. Personally, I'm about the end result. If it sounds cool and a talented electronic musician only needed a half hour to put something together, so be it. Unfortunately, it's usually the "analog" musicians that perform something while being recorded that get all the thumbs up and the praise, and the guy who puts together a song on the computer with several tracks and posts it doesn't really get any praise unless they're already famous. I compose electronic music that sounds good to me and if one or two other people notice it and like it, I've done enough. I don't do it for money. That's why I'm a plumber. 🙂

  30. EDM Is Pure Dogshit! Hell Even An Acoustic Singers Sounds Better That This Pure Garbage. Seriously You Know Why EDM is Easy To Be Forgotten? They Suck At Legacy Music Not Even An Inspiration At All EDM Sounds Like A Bar Disco Shit, Rather Listen To Nashville Than Hear Music That Makes You High Like Drugs.

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