Elder Scrolls Online Which Edition to Buy ? Elsweyr, Chapters, DLC, ESO Plus Explained! TESO

Elder Scrolls Online Which Edition to Buy ? Elsweyr, Chapters, DLC, ESO Plus Explained! TESO

hi thanks for watching so I’ve seen this question asked loads of times on reddit on the forums from new players wanting to get into Elder Scrolls online but it’s very confusing as to which edition of the game you should buy depending on what you’re looking for whether you want to try the game whether you definitely want to buy everything that’s currently available or you just want to try certain bits so hopefully I’m going to explain that in this video if you do enjoy the video please give me a like and consider subscribing to the channel there’s going to be more Elder Scrolls online videos coming so subscribe so you don’t miss out so the Elder Scrolls online is basically split up into the base game which is the original game that came out five years ago with the original zones and quests story dungeons Trials everything that came with the original version of the game now that has been updated and patched over the years but the fundamental aspects of that of the game remain the same now you’ve also got chapters which are expansions to the game that come out every year or so so the first one was morrowind we then had somerset last year and this year right now is elsewhere which is also part of the season of the Dragon a year long story that’s happening this year so these expansions you have to buy separately you’ve then also got DLC downloadable content these smaller packs include things like the Dark Brotherhood Thieves Guild some smaller zone areas with more quests more story items collectible armor sets and things like that but you can buy each one of those individually add them to your game that you currently own and they’re yours to keep the final option you’ve got is also the subscription so it doesn’t cost anything to play Elder Scrolls online with the base game and whatever expansions you own that is it once you’ve bought them you can play as much as you want and there is a lot of content within that game but if you want to enhance your experience even more you can pay the subscription of ESO Plus this subscription gives you full access to all of the current DLC game packs for one monthly price you also get all the benefits such as unlimited storage you get sixteen hundred and fifty crowns per month that you can use to spend in the crown store you get bonuses to experience bonuses to crafting extra bank space extra furnishing space in your houses so if you do want the full experience of Elder Scrolls it is worth buying ESO plus as well but what you can do is any DLCs that you want to keep say you were considering cancelling your subscription you can use the Crown’s that you get every month to buy the individual DLC packs and then if you want to cancel your subscription you will keep access to any DLC that you’ve purchased outright they are yours to keep so just to be clear ESO plus does not include elsewhere you have to buy that separately so if you’re a new player and you want to get into the game but you don’t know which Edition to buy it’s obviously available on ps4 Xbox one PC and Mac on the official Elder Scrolls website right now the current basic version of the game is the standard edition now this includes the original base game and now the morrowind chapter which you used to have to buy separately is now included with that so if you’re not sure what you want to do with the game you could buy the standard edition gives you loads of content and you can build on your DLC or chapters from there if you’re interested in the new elsewhere chapter which has just come out you can buy the standard elsewhere edition of the game now this includes the base game morrowind and Somerset chapters then including the new elsewhere chapter as well so you get all of that included in one part straight away as soon as you start the additional option on top of that is to buy the collector’s edition of the game which gives you additional bonus items of mounts pets outfit styles but these are all optional extras you don’t have to buy that you can just buy the standard edition one other option you have got which is the option I originally took if there is an older version of the base game still out there on the internet that you can buy called Tamriel unlimited and now this does not include the morrow in chapter it is just the base game but you can pick that up for a few pounds or a few dollars so if you’re not sure whether you’re going to enjoy Elder Scrolls online and you just want to try it and you just want to see what you think that could be the cheapest option for you is to get that first then you could also look at get buying the chapters on top or you could get ESO plus or buy the individually DLC packs it’s completely up to you if you’ve enjoyed this video please give me a like please consider subscribing to the channel more Elder Scrolls online content coming very soon thanks for watching [Music]

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24 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Which Edition to Buy ? Elsweyr, Chapters, DLC, ESO Plus Explained! TESO

  1. I’m going to link to this every time I see the what should I buy question on the ESO subreddit

  2. So I'm planning to buy the standard edition on PS4, I'll get the Morrowind chapter, but I wanted to ask if I can buy the summerset chapter individually later on if I end up liking the game, I don't see the summerset only expansion on PSN store though…. is there a shop in game that allows me to buy the summerset only? I see that you can buy the upgrade but that includes the 3 current chapters, but since the standard edition already has Morrowind I think I'd be spending additional money for something I already have. So in the end can I buy Summerset or Elsweyr expansions only? I really want to try the game but I don't want to spend additional money on something I don't know if I would like

  3. I bought the sixty dollar bundle that included the 3 main dlcs, but it still says I need to buy it to access the areas. Great game.

  4. I bought a summerset pack but i dont have the standard version, when i installed summerset it got updated to Elsweyr , is it possible for me to play the game withought the standard version?.

  5. I recently purchased the sixty dollar bundle that included tbe base game along with the Morrowind, Summerset, and Elsweyr DLCs. The problem is any time I try to access any of these mentioned areas in the map, the game doesnt register them as purchased, and says I need to buy them from the crown store, even though I already purchased them in a bundle. I play on Xbox, and I’m wondering if it’s a glitch or something. Or Does only the account who purchased it get to access it? I’ve tried restarting my console and uninstalling and reinstalling my dlcs, but nothing is working. What should I do?

  6. I have the Gold Edition (from 2016) + the Morrowind Standard Edition + Discovery Pack (got this for free). If I upgrade to Elseyr Digital Collector Edition Upgrade will I get also the Summerset DLC? or what's the best path for me to get all DLC.

  7. I'm late to the party but just a quick question. Did you pre order Elsweyr or did you just buy it post launch?

  8. Hi, I'd like to know if I can redeem a CD key that I bought online (not on TESO site) of "The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Standard Edition" on an already existing account.
    Basically I have a retail version of the TESO Gold Edition, which comes with the Base Game and 4 DLCs. I'd like to activate these ones (so, of course the base game, plus the 4 DLCs) and then, on the same account, redeem the code for The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Standard Edition, in order to get access also to the Morrowind, Summerset and Elsweyr Chapters.

    Is it possibile? Will it work?

    PS: I play on PC, via the official TESO website.

  9. I have the basic Elders Scrolls online , But is Summerset Rejoin included with The Elder Scrolls Online " Elsweyr Collector's Edition Upgrade " Digital Download ? I see that it is included with " The Elsweyr Collector's Edition " But not sure about the " Upgrade Collectors Edition " .

  10. I want to get the elsweyr digital collectors edition which come with all expansion, so does it come with imperial city dlc and orsinium etc

    Edit: I got the collectors edition and I only got the expansion dlc like morrowind, summerset and elswyer dlc, I got a few collectables like some emotes, mounts and non combat pets though I didn't get any small dlc like the thieves guild, dark brotherhood or orsinium.

  11. Hello my name is Dragon. I am a long time Elder Scrolls fan. I honestly started on PC with the Morrowind GOTY edition which I still love to this day. I then bought Skyrim on PS3 and really love it a lot. Then I got Oblivion as well on PlayStation.

    Eventually I got Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited on PS4. I enjpyed it but had stopped because I had no friends and the guild I was in was too big and way too ahead of me and had inner circles of friends. So I had just quit.

    But I have always been really fond of the lore and love dragons! I personally love Elsweyr and always wanted to see it.

    So my question is there currently is a sale on the Elsweyr editions, standard and collector on PS Store and I was wondering which version do I need. They are offering the Bundle packs and the Upgrade version. I was wondering can I buy the upgrade version which is cheaper and would it still register to my ESO account.

  12. New eso player here! Someone please help!
    I purchased the Elsweyr Collectors Ed. Downloaded the whole file completely, but I'm not seeing Summerset or Morrowind under "chapters". The only thing showing up under chapters is Elsweyr.

    Am I missing something or does the other chapters just not show up because I bought them all together?

    Summerset and Vvardenfell (Morrowind) show up on my map and I can go to these places… but I don't know if that means anything.

  13. Note if you have the base game already and are considering the "upgrade" version, then please be aware the upgrade version does not come with the Summerset or Morrowind content. Additionally if you choose the collectors edition NON upgrade version, then I believe you also get existing collectors edition content for Summerset and Morrowind too. As of writing this, the content is currently on sale via Steam and through the ESO store.

  14. I just bought Elsweyr Collector's Edition bundle for 25€. I think its just perfect price and worth it. I played it before and I know I goddamn love it.

  15. I'm really confused… I bought the elsweyr edition that came with tamriel unlimited and all dlc but it default brought me to elsweyr and it's all I can play… And it won't let me play the base game nor did I get the tutorial I see in all the walkthroughs

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