edX: The Future of Online Education

edX: The Future of Online Education

L RAFAEL REIF: These very early stages
where something’s so novel, so new, so different, is for many faculty and
students at MIT very exciting, at the same time and scary. It is something. It’s different. It is potentially disruptive. MICHAEL D SMITH: Harvard and MIT
recognize the incredible effect that technology’s having on
education today. ALAN M GARBER: It’s opening new
vistas in education for the world, for our campuses. ANANT AGARWAL: Online education for
students around the world will be the next big thing in education. This is the single biggest change in
education since the printing press. DREW FAUST: Together, Harvard
and MIT will be sharing knowledge more broadly. ALAN M GARBER: We plan to make available
courses and educational materials to anyone who has
an internet connection. MICHAEL D SMITH: Technology can
strengthen education, both for our on-campus students, as well as
for those around the world. ANANT AGARWAL: I’ll goal is to educate
1 billion people around the world. SUSAN HOCKFIELD: Online education is not
an enemy of residential education, but rather a profoundly liberating
and inspiring ally. STUDENT 1: So I see technology-enabled
education to really democratize learning. STUDENT 2: It’s really transforming the
way that we see material, access material, and interact
with the course. STUDENT 3: It really tailors the
experience personally to whoever’s trying to be a part of it,
which is huge, I think. DREW FAUST: Beginning this fall, an
array of courses developed by faculty at both of our institutions will
be made available online. L RAFAEL REIF: This is not to be
construed as MIT lite or Harvard lite. The content is the same content. ALAN M GARBER: This will make tremendous
resources available to people everywhere. We expect to transform learning in the
classroom along with learning online. SUSAN HOCKFIELD: edX is, in the very
best sense, a work-in-progress. But it is also an act of progress. L RAFAEL REIF: Combining forces from
Harvard and MIT, we can do amazing projects that will further enrich how
to develop an online learning environment, and how to develop the
content in the right away for delivery on campus and worldwide.

Danny Hutson

41 thoughts on “edX: The Future of Online Education

  1. At this point in time no. No company is going to hire you because you went on the internet and watched some videos. I just got my mechanical engineering degree and the point of the degree isn't to learn skills you use at work, it's to prove you can learn complex concepts and apply them. That why we do labs and exams. Until these online courses can test the knowledge in the same way and prove that someone did it without cheating they won't get you a career. But one day they might.

  2. I love this! The sooner people realize the amazing power of online learning the better. With online lectures you can have the best lecturer in the world give a lecture, and it can then be made freely available for the world forever – and there are lots of things that you can do to greatly enhance an online learning-video that cannot be done in a classroom.

  3. You´ve probably thought a lot of it out already, but I hope you will release high-quality snippets yo Youtube that explain specific concepts. These can do the job of both helping the people who are searching for an explanation of these concepts and of letting people know about your website. The best of luck with your project! If done right, this can revolutionise the world for the better! 🙂

  4. the edx system is great and also this trailer is awesome. what's up with people? this video has so less view while some celebrity like jb gets millions of views.

  5. holy shit…..First let me say WOW, if this is legitimate again holy shit what a fucking beautiful concept. Second, why did i just hear about this yesterday? This is front page information that everyone with a computer should be made aware of…although i am a bit skeptical, i registered today and will continue to look into this but if it is what it say's it is…..HOLY SHIT….for the love of god please spread the word.

  6. This is an excellent EDucation eXchange that is opening doors across the globe for people with passion and purpose to access top academic courses and technology resources that would have otherwise not been available at this scale. I'm looking forward to learning more. 🙂

  7. great work. I like this video. E-learning software with no initial investment, easy to use ,suitable for everyone.

  8. At 1:15 the guy says his goal is to educate "a billion people around the world."

    Hunh? The population is seven billion and counting and will probably level off around nine for a few generations, until we get this Mars thingie on line. I can see that the marginal cost of adding the half billion babes in arms — presumably integrating the electronic nannies with their doc-watches and their parents' programs, yadda-yadda — might be a bit, so let's leave them out. For ambulatory kids, for students, and for adults, what is the marginal cost per billion?

    What is the guy's problem?


  9. I have some question = I want to continue my studies but some money and family problems always stop me, So I downloaded edx app for continue my studies, but

    I don't know how can I continue my studies?

    EDX courses make students better?

    What is the value of of certificate, is it original??

    How can student will get advance knowledge and make themselves best in there field?

  10. I thank you; the world thanks you. Education is free for all. Creating a better future = a better world. Everyone is working for a common good.

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