EATING TOILET CANDY!! (5 Weird Stuff Online – Part 26)

EATING TOILET CANDY!! (5 Weird Stuff Online – Part 26)

How’s it going, bros? My name is PewDiePie! *spooky box* *more spooky box* *petrified Pewds* Geez… Today, we’re going to do what everyone did back in 2015. Eat candy, and react to it. “Skorchbox” (Skoshbox) sent me one of their exclusive packages, Of… their finest candy. And it’s all Japanese candy. I asked them to send me the weirdest shit they could find. So none of these have English labels, so. It could literally be anything- -there’s a fish on this one, so I’m gonna assume… What’re you doing?
(referring towards Brad and Michael) “WHAT DON’T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND”
– Christian Bale What are you doing? Brad: “What don’t you FUCKING UNDERSTAND?” Why did you place a Wii remote in front of me? Like- what- -How am I supposed to fucking focus? “A DA DA DA DA LIKE THIS IN THE BACKGROUND- WHAT THE-”
– Bale being Bale This one’s is hot, but other than that, I don’t know what it is! Could be tentacles, It- ooh! It probably is- I feel- Lookatthat. I’m gonna eat it, and I’m gonna guess what it is. Right now. Live on the PewDiePie channel! This one is opened…? *laughs* Uhhh… So that’s… I’ll- I’ll eat that. Pack of condoms. This could be a man’s urine for all I know. Each time I guess what it is, I’m- I could win £10. Brad has the- f- the- faucet- (?) -What is it called? When you have the right answer sheet? You don’t have a word for it? Okay, we’re gonna start with the- -this one. Ooh. *subtle sniffing* OUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
*sound of disgust* Dude, that does not smell good… Euugh- Oh, this is squid! This is squid! This is literally squid! *LOUD SNIFFING* *Pewds’ signature retching noise™* *bite* Ugh! Fu- it’s soft! *dramatic music plays*
*Pewds continues to consume the product* *loud chewing noises*
*God help us* **INHALE** *inaudible Pterodactyl screech* *the brass instruments kick in* Hold it… *the chewing noises continue* *swallow dat shit* Ahh- goooood! Aw man, it tastes so bad.
*eats another one anyway* (slurring) So risgusting. Yeah, it’s-it’s spicy squid. Michael: ?????? “THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” Brad: So you just guessed that right, that was- *clap* “-Spicy Kimchi Flavored Dried Squid!” I get £10? Brad: Here’s the £10! Thank you! Okay, this could be, literally anything. I… can’t guess what this is. *sniff* What is this? *loud sniffing* I literally can’t- *even LOuDER sniffing* -I can’t tell! *instrumental music intensifies* *oH sHIT* *THERE IT IS* (in a dying breath)
Oh- that’s sou- *slight vomit* ARGFH *THE BRASS INSTRUMENTS ARE SPEEDING UP* Ooh das saioiuerw Ahgisuadhb siouioru *deep inhale* *smack*
*breaks candy with tooth* It- -My tongue hurtch. I’m in pain. *painful chewing noises* *the face of relief* Once you go through the pain, this is actually pretty good. Alright, this is “Sour Balls.” Sour Balls? Brad: Flavour? Raspberry. Brad: It is… “Super Sour Lemon Candy.” Lemon candy! Brad: So you got it half right,
I think that’s worth £20. *laughs* I get £20 sterling, thank you VERY much. Gonna take Marzia out.
(Treating her right.) Okay. Next we got “Matcha Flavored Crazzauints.”
(Croissants, Pewds.) They look pretty interesting. Marzia loves matcha.
(Das so cute) So I’m gonna assume these are not that bad. *SNIFF*
*SNIFF* Ooh, they sme- *SNIIIIFFFFFF* They smell like licorice! *sniffs one last time* *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* *whispers*
What the fuck is this? This is so weird. *CRU- I can’t tell if I hate it or like it. Edgar, tell me what this tastes like. *SNATCH* Jesus Christ *excessive dog chewing* Edgar: Oh boy! It tastes… So good. I think that it’s green tea, Pewds! Green tea, is it green tea? Brad: Correct! Ohhh! Brad: €10. €10, thank you. Another one for the bank. “Pepsi Sakura Flavour” What is Sakura Flavour? Cherry Flavour? Brad: Why don’t you try and find out? I will.. tie and… find out… Mmm Yeah, it’s cherry flavoured Pepsi. Brad: Technically, it’s… “Cherry BLOSSOM Flavoured.” Did you get it right? You got it HALF right, so that’s £20. Thank you. Alright, so next up we have this thing that’s opened. *rip* I have a… strong feeling I should not eat this. Are they- *crunch* What is this? *ANGRILY CHEWS* It’s not bad. What am I eating? WHAT IS THIS? I dunno. I can’t tell you. “Fish Flavoured Potato?”
(sounds like shit) Brad: Fish skin? Brad: You’re going for “Fish Skin?” Yeh. Brad: Final answer? Final answer. Brad: It is “Bonito Fish Flake Flavoured French Fry Crisps Yeah, that’s what I said. Brad: I feel like it’s close enough to earn the full £10. Brad: You’re welcome. Thank you! Brad: Congratulations. Y’guys want some?” They’ve been open. You’re-you’re eating… You don’t like it? Brad: Euuugh. *laughs* Next up we have the condoms… *tear* This is… Soy beans. I can’t tell the flavor.
It’s good, though! This is not that weird. Brad: What it says, “Fried Dried Natto.” And then open brackets, (Fermented Beans) *slop* £20 Brad: £20? *laughs* Brad: There’s £20. Thank you.
Brad: That’s £20! Congratulations! So next up, we’re gonna eat this one. Think it’s potato chips.
(Pronounced “ships” according to Pewds.) *sniff* This one looks the best, so far, by far. *crunch* Ooh. (While chewing) I know what this is. I really like it. “Wasabi Flavoured Spi-eh-t-Potato Chips”
(u ok poods) £10! Thank you.
Brad: £10! That was right, right? Brad: Dead on. Exactly dead on. They’re good! Ooh boy. I better wash that shit down, with this drink. *rip* The hell is this? Yes, this is how we do it. *SLAM* Ooooh! Japan, I like your style. Ohh, that smells like ass! *hefty sniff* What the fuck is this? *what’s a synonym for sniff?* Oooooogh Gglhlglgh *burp* *suffering* *sigh* *burrrp* (so attractive) It’s curry. It’s curry soda. Brad: It’s £40 because I’ve run out of £10 notes, You’ve got it correct, it’s “Indian Curry Flavoured Ramune Soda.” Brad: Congratulations! Oh. Thank you. *mumbling* Thankyouverymuch. “Hello, darkness, my old friend.” OH! WE GOT THE BEST FOR LAST GUYS THE TOILET CANDY I can’t believe~ Japan would do something SO crazy.
*nervous laugh* Woah, what the? *belch* What the fuck is this? What is- *GASP* -Oh dude! I KNOW what is this! I saw this on YouTube once! This looks like an iPhone charger. First of all, ya gotta build your toilet. Which is not as easy as people like… sss (???) This is gonna be so fucking good. I’m glad we saved the best for the last ’cause this is gonna be so fucking cool. *plop* Alright.
*horse noise* Toilet, *clink* done. Alright. There any instructions? Of course not. Brad: “Assemble toilet bowl, decorate the toilet bowl with stickers, choose a flavoured powder WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT I haven’t not decorated with stickers. Gonna put the Eiffel Tower on mine. And I’m gonna put the eyes there. Sorry, next step. Please. Brad: “Choose a flavoured powder and pour into the tank.” Wait which is the tank, is this the tank? Brad: Mhm, yeah. Alright, so, we’re putting this shit in the shi- -Oh shit, get it? *laugh* It’s in, guys. It goes in here now. It’s in there now, alright? Now I know- We’re gon’ p-put- Mhm. Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh *fizzling noises* Alright, let’s look at the magic. OH MY GOD IT’S FOAMING UP DO YOU SEE THIS?! BRAD GET IN HERE QUICK Brad: Woaw! *laughs* Yeah. Yeah, that’s some g o o d s h i t. This is fucked up! Thi- I don’t like this one. KKKKKLLKKLKLKLKLKLLKLHKLKL *slurp* Japan, you straight up weird, man, what the fuck is this? *tv static* Making me drink from a toilet. What’s wrong wit you? *more tv static slurps* *uncomfortable swallowing* *slurp* It’s good! … Brad: Alright, now… We’re gonna put one of EVERYTHING in the toilet, Pewds: Hm. Brad: And mix it with the curry drink as water. And then you, drink that. Pewds: Hm. Brad: Yeah? Yeah. Put some curry. Brad: Mix it with that. Brad: Oh yeah. No, I’m not putting that fucking shit in my mouth. *belch* Brad, I can’t. I’m serious. Fuckin’ hell. Oh, this looks great, guys. Good job! Brad: Guess the flavour! *laugh* Brad: For €50. €50… €50. *sip* Tastes just like Japan! Brad: Correct! Thank you VERY much! Brad: Congratulations! Okay.. I am going to buy myself a trip with Marzia, we’re gonna go.. to Mexico, and we’ll see you there in our next vlog. Thank you SO much for watching this video. If you enjoyed… Leave a like and I will see you bros, in the next video. *smooch* brofist “Hello, darkness, my old friend.”

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  1. I just had the horrifying realization that some day, Poods is going to retire from YouTube.

    Enjoy his vids now bros. Cherish these days. Nothing good lasts forever.


  2. 30 minutes ago I was watching Joe Rogan and now somehow I ended up here, for 10 years I have tried to find the lil snacks I ate when I was young living in Japan and the bag of Paicro Matcha is it. Now living in the states again nobody knew what the fuck I was talking about with crunchy green tea puffs, all I had to do was watch Pew to solve the mystery. BTW try the green tea Kit-Kats, you're welcome.

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