EASY WAY TO EARN ONLINE IN 2019 घर बैठे कमाओ BY SeeKen

EASY WAY TO EARN ONLINE IN 2019 घर बैठे कमाओ BY SeeKen

Hello Friends, today i will share some interesting facts related to earning money and jobs it’s important for you’ll to know that as per the 2018 September article around 31 million people are jobless in India but truth is, number of jobless people must be more than 31 million After 2016 Government has stopped labour bureau survey, because it reveals the Unemployment Population In India 12.5 % people are Below the Poverty Line, fails to earn 130 rupees a day however maximum population means 67 % family income is not more than 10 thousand a month Forbes magazine has showed in a report that almost 90% people all around the world is not engaged in their jobs means they don’t love their jobs they don’t have passion for their jobs they work, do job just to earn money and not for anything else in facts In Asian Countries 94% people feel stress instead of excitement to go to job on Monday’s in fact in India more than 54% people every years think changing their job and they change as well because of such reasons every year In Asian Countries Rate of Suicides, burn outs and stress are increasing now after all these facts two important points which you should understand is: first:There are Lack of jobs availability especially in India second: Those who have jobs they are not happy in their lives because they are asked to do a lot in very less salary, they don’t get as much they truly deserve therefore in todays Book summary video i will share few very important and useful knowledge and information i will share how you can stay away from these two big problems by Earning Online Just like Author and Like me.. So Let’s Begin No.1) Passion Vs Profits author says that if we make passion and profit graph then almost everyone will come in one out of this 4 quadrants let’s first talk about Quadrant 2: Job Doers will come in this Quadrant they usually don’t have love or passion for the work which they actually do but still they are forced to do a lot of work for very less(small amount) salary which they get every month means nor they work on their passion, nor they earn good money Third Quadrant : Here Starving Artists will come means people who are working on their passion but they usually don’t earn money and most of the time stays bankrupt exact opposite of Quadrant three is Quadrant one: In Quadrant one those people will come who earn a lot by doing a big job, here they will be a doctor, banker, lawyer or any big professions but still they never stay happy in their lives, because they don’t get a chance to do what they truly loved and last 4th Quadrant : Here Click Millionaires will come means people who live their lives as per their terms and condition they do a job which they truly love and has passion in it and along with it they earn lot of money as well Author himself comes under Quadrant 4 and even your aim should be to come under this Quadrant now to come under quadrant 4 ,the very first thing on which you should work is”Your Time using Mentality” Example: suppose there are two boys who have completed their graduation but still they are jobless, the only thing which they have is The Internet now the first boy do time pass whole day, because he doesn’t have a job so he plays PubG watches Tik-tok, sometimes go out for a job search, also gives interview, but still fails to get a job however what second boy does, instead of doing tp(timepass) whole day he utilises that time to learn few new skill everyday which he came to know through internet that few skills are in demand and it can be an added advantage for him to get a job hence he used to learn that skill everyday and along with it he used to read a book for few minutes he used to play PubG as well, he also used to have fun but after one month when he moves out to search a job he finally gets a job, why? because he has improved his knowledge by reading book, and also improved his communication, plus the skill which he had learned was also helped him to get a job similarly, if you want to be a Click Millionaire want to earn money online then the very first step is to have such Mentality- Time using Mentality No.2) Online Expert you must have at least some knowledge or wisdom in any field which can be valuable for someone else but the biggest problem before internet was, earlier it was hard to get that Right People the people who actually had the knowledge and information which they actually needed but today things are not same today when you have knowledge then you can easily share it with others and can also earn money through it but to earn money it is important for you to be known as an expert of that field before internet only those people were known as an expert who either has a degree in particular field or who has a great networking but things have changed after internet and social media example:today when you search anything related to bodybuilding then you will get many websites and videos which will share information related to bodybuilding because of which slowly and gradually maximum people start knowing them as an expert in a bodybuilding field whether they have degree or not, it won’t matter much after which that person can easily earn money through that field therefore the second lesson author says, that you should become an expert in the field which you love should have lot of knowledge and information related to that field and with the help of internet share it with people by creating your own brand No.3) Lifestyle Business when Dev was in School, his dad gave him a RC Remote Control Aeroplane he loved that Aeroplane and used to play a lot with it his life was going normal, and he also became a personal professional Trainer he used to earn good from his job. but he wasn’t happy with his job for which his friend suggest him To do a business to which replied (jokingly) Which Business i should do? to which Dev’s Friend Replied Do Remote Control aeroplane business Dev took his friend Advise Seriously, And started doing Toy PLANE Business with the use of internet he searched many airplane manufacturer then he went to different-different forums, made friends talked with people and he slowly made small fanbase he used to buy plane from manufacture and used to sell it to his fan base with a profit margin slowly and gradually dev’s business started working but when China started selling same product directly at lesser price then his business started facing problems to fight with this problem he again used the internet, this time he used Youtube he saw that many people has lot of questions and issues related to Rc Remote control plane use then he started making youtube videos answering those questions and queries and also start making videos for his new products by doing this he created a strong community and lakhs of people started watching his video people used to love him a lot and many used to buy his $47 dollar product by selling that product Dev Earned lot of money similarly, if you want to earn online, then author says that you have to make your strong community search few people and solve their problems, give solution instead of just focusing on the product Focus more on people because if you get people who are interested in listening to you then by understanding their problems you can sell many product and service to them and can earn lot of money like dev No.4) Others Product suppose you want to buy a new cell phone, then what you will do? well if you are like me then you will search mobiles which comes under your price range then maybe you see reviews of different cell phones will watch youtube unboxing reviews. features, specifications.. will check everything from the internet and the best mobile you will find you’ll buy it now many a times what happens people who give mobile reviews on internet usually shares Affiliate link in the below description. and says that if you want to buy that mobile then can click the link then few people who purchase that mobile they don’t have to pay any extra amount but many a times they get discount and the Youtuber who puts the link gets Referral amount means win-win situation here if you notice, mobile wasn’t of that Youtuber, but still he earned money from it means he earned from someone else’s product, because people were interested in listening to him best thing about community is that to earn money you don’t need create your own product or services if you understand your people problem, if you give good information to them if you give solution to their problems if you answer their questions, and recommend them a good product that is genuinely good for them, then it will benefit them as well as you because by recommending you can also earn money, which is done by me as well i search good books, i read it, i listen to it and make summary of it and give it free to you’ll and at the end i give you a link, that if you want to buy a physical book then can buy it from the description, through it you get a new good book to read in less price and even i earn money from its Referral,only if you buy that book from the given link not only this, if you want to buy anything from Amazon instead of going to amazon, if you buy anything by going through my Given Link mentioned in the description then you will support me and my channel without giving direct money to me similar thing you can also do to earn money No.5) Riches and Niches Through affiliate marketing, through blogs, products youtube or through your own product you can earn money online, but to do it easily its best to have a following, to have a community and best way to create a community is to work on the Niche Topic means a topic where not everyone but only few are interested Example: when i started my youtube channel i thought of Sharing Book summaries which was fortunately a niche on which no one else was working in fact my channel SeeKen is the first Indian Youtube Channel who shares book summaries in hindi that too with the use of Animations however there were very few people who were interested in reading books, so no one was working on this sector they didn’t thought that there can be people who can be in need of Book summaries hence i able to grow my channel because there was no competition and my content was also good Similarly, If you want to make a good community then you too focus on a niche topic and make a content and to know your niche. You should focus on one P out of these 4 p’s First P is of Passion means choose topic in which you have an interest, or if its your hobby or in which you are an expert second p is of People see with whom you love to stay around, then select a work or business through which you can be around people whom you like Third P is of Problems: see what problems people have, what actually they need where is inefficiency, what inconvenience people are facing and then solve it and last p is of product: see which product you are using or wanted to use in your life which you think should reach to more people, because its that great this thing will give you an idea from where you can start to sell these were 5 big points which i have learnt from Click millionaire book if you want to learn more about online earning then can buy this book from the link mentioned in below description and if wanted to buy anything from amazon, then even that you can buy from the link mentioned below if you want free audio book of this book, or want any two free audio books then can take it from seeken.org/audible Audible is an Amazon company which gives 1 month free trial only then charge you share this video with people who are interested in earning online or wanted to earn online and don’t forget to click the bell icon after subscribing my channel or else you will miss my videos which i upload on every sunday like if you find this video useful, comment on which topic i should make more videos and finally thanks for watching…

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  2. Sir how can I contact that company like Amazon and how give link . So by giving the link , I got money from company

  3. Is there anybody here whose life has changed drastically because of watching and acting upon such videos. If so can you share your stories here in short. Thank you in advance.

  4. Deep thoughts… proper planning… Great knowledge… Well presented point to point… good job brother. Proud of you🇮🇳

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  6. Hi… Seeken… Can u please compare… Which board is good as a student prospectus…. CBSE/ICSE…

  7. Such informative content, great job. I am a new YouTuber and I upload videos on Education and Career. Can I get some support?

  8. I just started Blogging, by frankly speaking for money but could not get views. now i want to make a youtube channel or to write a E- book. what do you think is better? And i have good materials for youtube channel but don't have any idea about how to make animations like you. by the way, I am a huge fan of yours and have studied some books after watching your summary videos like 48 laws of power, the four agreements, how to make friends and influence people and many more.

  9. The real reason is that the students are just focusing on getting marks although they get knowledge but their main focus is to get marks but eventually they have no knowledge and after getting degree which tells that how much knowledge they have but in interview they have no knowledge so they couldn't get job as they cant help the world
    And we study for getting knowledge so that we can help the world and then we get something in return (money) but we should never seek for it as a reason of doing work , remember if your focus will on money for doing anything you will never be succeed
    Money is an important aspect of life but not every aspect of life.
    If we have knowledge and degree then we can help world if we have knowledge but no degree then we can also help world by giving test of knowledge (or any other method) but if we have only degree but no knowledge then we are obviously not qualified for helping world and if get job so by source then we could not do work and couldn't help world due to lack of knowledge .Aur ha steve jobs ka jo bhi percentage ho ya bhle hi vo college dropout the but apni line me interested the air usme bhot hardwork kiye with consistency and patience but aur agar students bhi apne INTRESTED line hardwork patience and consistency ke sath kam krenge to they will also be successful aur ha ye bs excuse hai na pdhne as marks tell how much knowledge we have aur ha
    And if you give exams there your knowledge is tested so that you have enough knowledge to get into next class and if you are giving competitive exams then you only get selected if you have scored enough(based on merit) which shows that you have enough knowledge to goto institute for taking further knowlege in your intrested line as you have enough knowledge of previous things to gain next so that you have full knowledge and you can help the world at great level although there also you requires a lot of hardwork to get experienced and can improve,create or run the things to ease people and save their time which they can use in other work
    If you do the work in which you are interested with hardwork patience and consistency smartly then you will be successful .Smart work with hard work is key to success now smart means doing the same work with efficient manner with minimum time and doing more work in your line smartly it is hard work .
    In some schools the rules are so strict that they just focus on rules instead of studying instead of it the school should focus more on studies/or any other curricular activities like sports e games etcwith moderate rules and regulations.
    If you do the work in which you are interested with hardwork patience and consistency smartly then you will be successful.

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