Ha ha ha HAAA! (coughs) Some words about Dry Ice safety hazards.. This video isn’t for kids. It’s really suggestions
for science teachers and physics lecture demonstrations. Dry Ice hazard isn’t only frostbite. If you seal Dry Ice in a container,
the container can explode. Doing this intentionally is illegal in
some parts the United States. Also, don’t thoughtlessly drink beverages that
have Dry Ice in them ’cause even though it’s heavier than water, the little tiny pieces can
float to the top and you risk getting frostbite on your esophagus. My trick with chewing up dry ice…
I’m willing to take the risk of maybe inhaling a tiny fragment, or getting frostbite on my gums, but you might want to avoid that one. If you have kids work with Dry Ice they need
close supervision to avoid frostbite or any of the other hazards. So mostly enjoy my performance here with
the dry ice but think twice before you try doing any of the ones in this video. Oh, you can get frostbitten if you touch dry ice with bare skin, but it’s not THAT cold. If I pushed hard on it, I would
get “bit,” suddenly get a sting, but as long as you keep moving, Well, it’s a safety hazard but not THAT unsafe. Let’s see how long before i get “bit” if I hold a little piece in my hand. ready… One, Two, Three… Ouch! Coke Bottle. And i don’t know how hazardous this is; it’s not very hazardous I’m going to take my Swiss Army Knife and poke a hole. And I’ve got the “Slab” type of Dry Ice here. So I’ll chop it up into pieces small enough
to get in to the coke bottle. wire cutters… even needle nose pliers… Because we want to get it small enough to fit into… the Coke bottle. And our other ingredient is hot water. HA ha ha HAAAA! (Coughs) Ta Da! Now, Carbon Dioxide on contact
with water makes carbonic acid, so when you burp after drinking a bunch of
Coke and your nose really stings… that is Carbonic Acid turning your
mucus membranes in your nose, your nasal system, acidic. so you can see it’s really really dangerous right? I’ve made these for kids birthday parties about the only danger that I can see is if you could let the kids
get hold of some bottle caps that don’t have holes in them. Also dry ice is very dangerous, right? Don’t ever put in your mouth and chew it up! Only trained physics demonstrators should ever do stuff like that. (UNINTELLIGABLE) The secret is to spit all the little
particles out fast before you get little frostbite bites inside your mouth.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “Dry Ice: is it LETHALLY DANGEROUS?

  1. It seems that way …if dry ice was incredibly dangerous.

    Rub it all over yourself …nuthin happings. Breath the fumes? Same as burping cola. Yes if you squeeze it hard for many seconds, you'll get a cryo-burn. Not dangerous like boiling water though.

    The real danger is explosions of sealed containers.

    That, and getting suffocated in a closed area by CO2 from huge amounts of dry ice, search MAZUKU CO2

  2. Totally intentional.

    Now *large* amounts can be dangerous, because it creates large volumes of CO2 gas which can suffocate people. Keep it in styrofoam containers so it isn't outgassing much. Be careful with sealed airtight rooms, basements, etc.

  3. I'm showing everyone that dry ice ISN'T LETHALLY DANGEROUS

    Dry ice is far less dangerous than boiling some eggs on the stove. You can stick your finger into crushed dry ice without harm (just do it for less than a second or two.) Now try it with boiling water?

    Water drowns people all the time …so we should fear an ice cube or a droplet of water, and "treat it with respect?" No, that's foolish. Similar with dry ice.

    The main hazard with dry ice is explosions of sealed containers.

  4. If you're still alive can you tell me how long a dry ice coke bottle will produce fog for, please? Ta from the UK!

  5. Other safety cautions you may want to add. 
    1 – Coef of thermal expansion differential of dental work may crack things, loosen crowns, etc.

    2 – Oxygen displacement.  While normally unlikely, there are YouTube Vids of large amounts of Dry Ice being dropped into swimming pools.  Since CO2 is more dense thant air, it sinks.  If done on a large sale, by the time you feel light headed you may faint and wind up on the floor in a pool of pure CO2.  Working in a lab with LN2 for rapid temp cycling of electonic equip, we had an oxygen sensor alarm.  Fainting would be fatal in a large leak.  Alarm goes off, you run out! 
    3 – OH!  Just saw your post of 6 mo ago… Yep same as Muzuku :
      Mazuku – Deadly CO2 pockets

    U got Nice stuff, though.

  6. RE: yourreply to mich….0123 9 mo. ago .  I like the saying:
    You can't make anything idiot-proof because idiots are so damn ingenious."

    If they only take themselves out, at least it's culling of the gene pool.
    'gards, Steve N.

  7. @wbeaty okay, So, about 0:25 "sealing dry ice" how would you do that even, just put dry ice into a normal every day glass container say like a .. pickle/jalapeno jar??, the big ones, not sam's club big, the wal-mart Mt.Olive big one's aka just not the small ones for a one-time-use. stuff like that, i put dry ice in there once for holding it between uses,  was using it for transportation within a 20minute distance from eachother BUT it never exploded, Was I lucky or is it just the GLASS jars formerly jalapeno jars aren't prone to it or is it like a 70/30 chance of blowing up??, It was in my backpack so I would be lucky since my backpack is a one-strap mail-mans bag type of thing and the glass would shatter and only damage would be to my already bad back if i'm right or unless the propulsion would cut through the backpack .. anyways, again, was it luck or just they won't blow up in glass jars like fire bombs won't, Fire bombs you have to open the lid or break the glass to release the fire ball into the air, or onto the ground if its just a liquid mixture or even something like Works with aluminum balls if your break the glass, and so if I'm right, glass only explodes when you break it when using fire, it's different for ice I'd presume but I don't think it explodes 80-100% of the time in a glass jar whereas fire it very rarely explodes inside glass jars in my experience, maybe like 10% of the time when I was messing around in the backyard (its a cement back alley of sorts, cement ground but open area with a wall keeping the dirt from progressing down to the back door) a jar would explode but it was always because I didn't do a mixture right or that the gunpowder was put in too late before I could seal on the lid and toss it in the sky and go inside the house and look through the ceiling door (its more or less a fire exit but if you just pull it downwards with a pole-hook you can control when you want to put it back up like right before the glass shards start falling down or if they didn't go far enough in range and could hit the kitchen floor if you don't shut the ceiling door) so yea, "TL;DR" Version, does dry ice always explode in a GLASS jar, or was i lucky or does it take a longer time.

  8. hey you know whats funny, i like how its funny when people tell u specifically NOT to attempt this at home, they attempt it anyway.

  9. Yeah carbon dioxide the stuff we breath out. Makes you wonder why those into so called global warming use it in examples?!

  10. You sick person your demonstrating this and kids can watch this and then think ' dry ice is hold able' let's kill ourselves! And then a small child might get hold of a piece because someone in the house wants to try HOLD dry I've because of your SICK JOKES and a child might hold it for too long and get first bite! Have you any idea how dangerous it is you were saying it like it was a joke! You touch it for like 2 seconds and your finger could turn black and drop off! Yeah kids do this at home! Your a friking adult ( a idiotic one no doubt) and there kids! I could go on all say you make me SICK any one who agrees with me reply saying ' he's an idiot'

  11. ok I want someone to answer me once and foor all. is it dangerous to breath in the smoke it reeases when you put it in hot water

  12. LOL btw did the dry ice taste like chicken or can you not taste taste anymore?
    thats not a bad idea for a home grown halloween party kinda like the smoke machines that were used in clubs. 90's clubs that is… but can the vapors become toxic after a while?

  13. hey wbeaty, i recently watched russian vid with dry ice+water, the short version is he says co2 imrpoves appetite and mood, is it true or is it just a little joke? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSspLH1AWe0
    can you explain storage of dry ice, if i buy it at an industrial shop, do i need special storage box, is it going to melt and evaporate quickly? is i possible to store it so lasts at least 24h?

  14. Saw this video a couple years ago. Its awesome what this guy comes up with. Check out his video where he explodes the bottom of glass bottles.

  15. Mmm yes is dry ice lethally Dangerous? Because “lethal” doesn’t mean dangerous at all 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  16. I accidently inhaled a bit of dry ice playing with it
    and it burned my throat a tiny bit so never happenign again

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